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Planting flowers by color to create a pattern will definitely make the conventional flower bed look unusual. Subscribe to our free newsletter to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, photo shoots, and more. Such baskets made of sea-grass, cane, wicker, and similar natural materials, may well suit both the modern home and the country house where antiques predominate.
White or green plastic-covered wire letter baskets, meant for fixing behind the front door to catch the mail, can be used as wall baskets if provided with a back made from half-inch mesh chicken wire.
Some other container gardening ideas include a macrame string plant holder, which will hold a half or three-quarters coconut shell just as easily as an expensive small bowl. This reminds me that some friends have a large real shell hanging in their bathroom window, planted up with blue-grey succulents. It was once thought vital that all growing plants must be in containers with drainage holes. I was amused recently when I saw a kettle hanging in a cottage tea-room, filled with a mass of orange nasturtiums which were growing in a pot hidden inside the kettle. Some of my own very best effects with container gardening have been won with the help of some chunky white plastic buckets sold at our local fishmonger’s very cheaply. In recent years there has been a fashion for growing woody-stemmed plants such as fuchsias ivies, geraniums, and even mint, in upturned wine bottles, and you might wonder how this is done.
Flat-backed and other containers of all kinds to hang on walls can be attractive and are, of course, like hanging baskets, space-saving.
A visit to an equestrian shop that sells bridles, stirrups, etc., can be interesting, for they will have (or will be able to get) those marvellous old-fashioned black metal hay racks. While you are in the equestrian shop you may see that they sometimes stock deep green or white plastic feed and water containers designed to hook over the bottom half of a stable door.
Many different kinds of container are available and better things are offered each year – particularly for indoor sunrooms, conservatories, covered balconies and so on, or where some cover such as a porch is available. From Italy and Spain, pottery hanging containers come in all sorts of shapes, including tub and butter churn shapes, updated versions of a Victorian idea though on the whole far better, being deeper and roomier so that less watering is needed and more plants can be accommodated. They are generally hand-painted underneath and round the sides, with somewhat brightly coloured flowers and leaves and this is a point to watch when choosing them, as it might be difficult to find real plants to tone in colour with the painted ones. There are real baskets of various sizes to take pot plants indoors or in porches or similar situations.
Out of doors, real baskets of suitable shape, as well as wire ones, make romantic-looking hangings for garden archways, pergolas, or the bough of a tree. Imagine a stone archway or porch overhung with pale pink roses and underneath it, a real basket holding warm pink begonias.
A point worth remembering always is that a basket should never be hung so high that it cannot be reached easily for either watering, tending, or taking up or down. If a hanging flower basket is to be hung out from a wall an arm or bracket support, in wood or metal, is required and this must be attached to the wall very firmly by means of screws and wall plugs (such as Rawlplugs and similar makes). There are many ways of creating an unusual interior design with help of colors, materials and mix of styles but there is also architecture.
Such elemetns as stairs, columns, and molding are also getting reinvented offering amazing shapes and forms that create an unusual interior design. This small light colored Adobe house is nestled into a simple grass yard with a couple of trees. Think about a pattern you want to create and use a string or outline to plant the flowers exactly as you need them. No larger image or mention of the VW flower bed that was shown in the picture link that I clicked on to get to this page?

While we have no reason to believe that any information contained on this website is inaccurate, we do not warrant the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of such information, nor do we undertake to keep this website updated. They can be of wickerwork and it is quite possible that the first ones were of plaited or woven rush or cane. Fishing, shopping, and bicycle baskets are often seen used cascading flowers from a wall or ceiling, depending on their shape and style. Of course, they display plants very sympathetically, and they do not mind getting the occasional soaking so long as they are allowed to dry out in between. The proprietor told me she had different potted plants coming along all the time, to keep the display in the kettle fresh and attractive. They originally held deliveries of cockles, but hanging from a beam in my conservatory their depth allows me to grow many things from schizanthus (a half-hardy annual, which I allow to trail over the sides) to runner beans (which make a handsome jungly trailing plant), golden hop (another trailer for summer), strawberries, and so on. You need a large bottle with a dimple in the bottom, then with a glass cutter or a special bottle cutter you make a round hole in the dimple of about an inch in diameter. They can be filled with plants to stand in an alcove out of doors or on a deep window ledge. They can be arranged together in a row or group, or singly, along a wall or trellis, round a door or window, or in a porch. Certainly they can look great with matching or toning flowers, but are easiest to use with foliage plants. Like many available today, they have holes in the top to take wire, ribbon, or cord hangers.
Though real baskets possibly work best when used to hold potted plants than actually being planted up themselves.
Or think of a white clematis over a trellis arch supporting a white wire hanging basket spilling with yellow double calendulas.
One spring, for example, I hung a staggered row of wire mesh baskets the whole length of a very large wedding reception marquee which was lined with blue and white.  The moss-lined baskets held pale blue and deeper blue hyacinths, and were caught up with ribbons of darker blue and white.
However, if for some reason you find you must hang a basket sky-high a stepladder or a handy bedroom window can come in useful although now baskets on adjustable chains or pullies are available. Special hanging brackets are available to buy; the metal ones not only look decorative but are strong and long-lasting and usually have a hook on which the basket can be hung. The relief surfaces can create an unusual atmosphere in the house and add a special touch to the interior design. Staircase designs vary greatly adding curved lines, unusual shapes and angles to the interior.
Deepish baskets with carrying handles, woven from natural materials, can make original and useful containers for use under the cover of a porch, sunroom, etc., hanging from either a beam or a wall. Brightly-coloured plastic cutlery drainers, with a hole made in the back for a hook or nail, can look effective if chosen in a colour to match the house. They have no drainage holes, so care must be taken with watering and to ensure that they do not become waterlogged with rain.
See-through plastic or coloured glass looks sparkling in a window, and I  have seen a great green plastic ice bucket with a handle showing off dark-foliaged dwarf pink begonias. You do not have to spend a great amount of money on containers — any dish, pot, or vase with handles can be hung just as well as stood, and I have seen keen flower arrangers display pot plants in a hanging piece of suitably-shaped driftwood!
Next cut a strong piece of galvanised wire about 9 inches longer than the bottle and push it right through, hooking one end over the base to secure it and making a hook at the neck end for hanging it up.
They come in pottery, plastic, metal, basketware, and terracotta, some with holes in the back for hanging, others with built-in baskets, and some with a saucer as part of the hanger. They require an extra liner of fine mesh wire netting, and hold lots of moss and plenty of compost.

I have a matching pair of these cottage window pots; they are a strange pink-red decorated with an embossed acorn design. The chains are designed for indoor hanging but as a temporary decoration for a party, a number along a verandah or below a balcony, each holding a plant, can be most eye-catching on a still summer evening. A rafter or beam is best for hanging a basket from a ceiling or in a porch or conservatory, and this is simply a matter of a strong hook screwed into firm wood. Types in which basket and bracket are permanently fastened together have the disadvantage that, once fixed to the wall, the basket cannot be easily removed for replanting or other attention. Round, oval, triangle and other unusually shaped windows instantly add a special touch to the interior design.
Rounded walls that smoothly interflow with the ceiling are getting more popular in the interior design as well as 3D textures and surfaces that create futuristic or simply decorated look. Room dividers are also offered in many shapes and forms providing the house with different zones as well as some very cool designs. Most of these adobe houses are small, and they tend to be very energy efficient because adobe is an excellent thermal mass material.
I love the wicker hanging birdcages for displaying a plant in a pot, in a conservatory or sun room. Slightly better, modern gardening containers do have drainage holes and are supplied with a useful built-in saucer which catches excess water underneath. Holding the bottle upside-down, half fill it with compost, pass a well-rooted cutting through the opening at the base, and you will see that when the bottle is turned the right way up the compost settles down, securing the cutting, which should grow into a fine plant, covering the bottle as it develops up around the sides. Or an ordinary plant pot can be used by twisting a length of strong wire around it, under the rim, with the ends of the wire formed into a loop for hanging. They make handsome decorations for terraces, patios, yards, wide passageways, balconies, sides of garages, or the entrance to a house or flat, and are excellent for places which have no garden at the front other than a paved sunken area.
If the painted leaves are a blue-green, try planting up with grey-green ivies, sedums, and such, but if they are yellow-green then lime-green ferns, or the acid-coloured helxine (Mind Your Own Business) will be pleasing and effective.
The effect was very novel and much admired, and afterwards the bride enjoyed the plants in patio pots at her new home. Swivel hooks are available which allow hanging flower baskets to be swivelled round so that all plants can get the light. The same goes for skylights that not only bring in more natural light to the house but can also enhance the interior design of the room. That means it slowly collects heat throughout the day, and releases that heat slowly through the night. The round ones in particular are prettier even than the conventional hanging flower baskets.
There are also containers which are completely covered except for holes in the top to take the plants. I have also found similar planters on sale at a flower and plant shop and I understand they are available throughout the country. So during the better part of a warm day the adobe house is cool inside, and during the colder parts of night time the house is comfortably warm.

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