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A beautiful side tattoo with colorful fall leaves gently falling down this girl’s side. Butterflies in gray scale fluttering around with little sparkles around are a great tattoo idea for girls. This dramatic looking tattoo has nicely detailed wings with a zodiac symbol in between them.
This is a very nice looking tribal tattoo of a hummingbird, it has some nice colors splashed in for effect. This nice looking tattoo is a gray scale gypsy lady with wings and flowers falling all around her. An interesting tattoo idea for girls would be a colorful ball of yarn with knitting needles sticking out of it like the one below. Most girls want a butterfly tattoo, but if you are looking for a moth, here is a nice detailed one for you.
A nice looking bow tattoo with good coloration and shading; this makes for a nice tattoo for a girl. TweetQuote tattoos also known as word tattoos range from simplistic fonts to very elaborate cursive fonts.
A new tattoo style has become increasingly popular these days, being heavily promoted online: watercolor tattoos, a combination between watercolor painting and tattooing.

A real concern about watercolor tattoos is whether the ink of the tattoo will last, considering that there is no real pattern to the ink, no defined lines.  The answers coming from the tattoo artists say that it depends on line work, color saturation, design balance, proper anatomy.
With pros and cons, watercolor tattoos are  beautiful, unique and permanent pieces of body art. When it comes to tattoo designs for girls, the more elegant and curly the line, the better. Basically, a watercolor tattoo is just a simulation of watercolor artwork and the style is the only thing different from a “classic” tattoo.
And is true that a traditional tattoo will outlast a watercolor one, but eventually even the traditional tattoo will need a touch up as well. Girl’s tattoos are usually small and dainty on the foot, hand, neck, lower back or shoulder. Below is a list of tattoo designs for gals, take a look and decide which would be best for you.
No matter where they come from, tattoo quotes usually hold a special meaning to the person wearing them. The tattoo process remains the same, same techniques and tools are used but the focus is on simulating the watercolor effect.
Girls usually put more thought into where they want the tattoo to be placed and what kind of symbolism is behind their tattoo.

One can start with very simple flowers and move on to complex flower drawings as they master the technique. There are no defined shapes and no outlines, watercolor tattoos allowing the artist to take on a different approach to the “traditional” tattoo. There are millions of designs available in the internet to hone your drawing skills, but flowers are the easiest patterns. The intricate way they are designed make them very beautiful and unique and add a sense of sexiness to wearer. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
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