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And not just the heavy machinery: the lightweight racing ‘Pea Shooters’ had an elegant style that has worn well over the years. The easy way is to ride a modern, cushy dual-sport machine, where the toughest decision is what to pack. These very rapid singles came into being after the AMA launched a ‘21 cubic inch’ racing class in 1925; Indian was ready, with its Prince model, but Harley was not.
The hard way is the Motorcycle Cannonball, an endurance run for pre-1916 motorcycles that starts next month.
The vintage Harley shown here is one of the machines that will be doing the trip—and I don’t know about you, but that seat makes me wince. The ‘S’ was the racing version of the OHV, with an innovative detachable cylinder head, and that’s what you’re looking at above. Buzz bought the bike as a rough runner in January, with a plan to rebuild it for the Cannonball.

The bikes were known as ‘pea shooters’ on account of their distinctive popping exhaust note, and they cleaned up on the flat tracks of the day—both in the US and abroad.
Our pictures show what the bike looked like the day Buzz and Dave Fusiak finally got it running, after a total mechanical rebuild of the engine and chassis.
Weighing a mere 98 kg (215 lbs), the highly tuned engines nudged the S models towards the magic ‘ton’. Many of these supposed race bikes ended up as road machines; they became a popular choice for enthusiasts in Europe, and some were even used as everyday bikes. This particular example, a 28S in excellent condition and with a lovely patina of age, lives in Holland. At sustained speeds above 45 mph or when there’s greater strain on the engine, I need to hand-pump extra oil.”Buzz has had his Harley up to 60 mph since the rebuild, but says, “It can easily go faster once we break in the engine properly. It’s for sale for €45,000 (US$60,000) at the dealer Yesterdays, which is a veritable treasure trove of vintage motorcycles and worth a browse if you have a few minutes to spare.
For the actual ride I plan on adding a small front drum brake, modern wheel rims and tires, and some lights. Also a set of old saddlebags for my tools, oil and supplies.” In this era of electronically adjustable suspension, multiple engine maps and heated grips, it’s good to see some guys doing it the old-fashioned way.

It’s not as convenient as electric light, but properly set up it will burn holes in the back door of a semi.
Never been on a board track racer or board track course, but I’m assuming it’s either really smooth, or the rider has balls of steel! This bike looks to me like it means business and THIS is the look the chopper guys need to emulate, not Arlen Ness’ vechopper version of a boardtracker.I would sell my soul to have this bike in my living room! His lovely 1200 U caught our attention six months ago, and has just picked up a trophy at the Scandinavian Custom Show for Best Old School.But this one is just as sweet. The ‘C’ means that it was built for the Canadian army, and you’d be right in thinking it’s a close cousin of the US army WLA.The Canadians specified different wheels, brakes and lighting, and apparently the throttle is on the left—but otherwise it’s basically the same bike, with the same 45 cubic inch (740 cc) motor.

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