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There is more ink delivered in the technique of solid coloring than that of color shading.So if you have a tattoo that is almost all shaded coloring with very little black then you have tattoo that could fade a little quicker. However they may have been tattooed at a depth that interacted with the fatty tissue layers that causes the ink to halo or spread.

I have some returning customers with watercolor tattoos from 5 years ago with no signs of needed a touch up. Nothing lasts forever but if you need a touch up I can help you.What makes a watercolor tattoo different than a normal tattoo?This is what confuses people about watercolor tattoos the most. It appears to have a watercolor background and no black outline around the flower.The truth is that the style is the only thing different here.
The same ingredients, tools and techniques are used but I focus on simulating a watercolor style effect.Blurs, bleeds, splatters, runs, fades, shades, are all created on purpose from using a watercolor reference.

I enjoy sharing it and if you'd like you can add me on any social media you prefer.The Creative Process EbookGrab my free ebook and learn more about how I will turn your idea into artwork.

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