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It is difficult to understand why people are continually trying to make themselves look weird, unusual and abnormal. Here there are all kinds of tattoos from purple dragon to Pac man which normally elaborates tribal designs. These bad tattoos are proof that some tattooists shouldn’t be allowed opening a shop!
Tattoos are one of the things that make many people to look the way they are as these are permanent marks that are there for the rest of your life.
It does not sound to be a weird spot though, but the design people use a weird approach in putting a tattoo to that spot.
Tattooing in these spots take a lot of time to heal and there is the constant wear and tear that is characterized by these spots.

The bottom of the feet is not only a weird spot for a tattoo; it is also difficult to hold a design there.
The scalp is characterized by hair which requires shaving of the hair for your tattoo to be seen. In several occasions, names are tattooed to the inner lip making it the weirdest spot of all.
A tattoo on the palm of hand does not last long because of the nature of wear and tear the palm is subjected to. A tattoo that is in the bottom may not last considerably long because of the wear and tear that the feet are constantly subjected to. Palm of hand tattoo is easy to spot as it is the hand that stretches when you want to shake hands with someone.

The tattoo will not hold for long and thus require putting on a new one every time it comes out.
Having a tattoo on the scalp require that you shave all your hair otherwise the tattoo will not show. Unless you dona€™t want a physical tattoo then choose a different spot other than the palm of hand as it is easy to spot.

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