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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. On HealthyWomen - the nation's leading health information resource for women that educates, informs and empowers women to make smart health choices for themselves and their families. Well as my grandpa used to say 'You don't stay lost forever' and the compass kind of signifies that well.
There is a mall chain which caters to goth wannabes that has a disproportionate percentage of its sales people decorated thusly. I’ve been leaning heavily towards getting a tattoo on my inner forearm, but close enough to my elbow that it can easily be covered by long sleeves. The first one, a somewhat stylized black linework rose (hence the pseudonym), I got in April 2002, a few months after my father died, as a sort of reminder.
The second one, and still kind of a work-in-progress because the background hasn’t been done, is a phoenix on my right arm, reaching from just above my elbow to the top of my shoulder, with the long tail feathers arcing back up my bicep. I always kinda wanted one on the inside of one wrist, but so far have been too wussy to get one.
I have a large artist-rendition (meaning not true to form but still sweet) quetzal from my upper right buttcheek to lower right ribcage. Having worked with dozens of game designers, sound people, animators, 3-D modelers, artists, QA people, and not a few game programmers who have tattoos in the dark red area … I find this be yet another crass promoter of baseless stereotypes, rather than a joke. Reminds me a lot of the girl who claims that she asked the tattoo artist to give her 3 stars on her face, but ended up with 56 stars instead. I have a tattoo in the dark purple zone and would like to say that buying me a drink is definitely not enough!

I have tattoos in most of the zones, including side of neck, extensive forearm tattoos and others. I currently am working as a TA and intend to go to end up teaching, possibly in a research institution. The guy who did my largest tattoo is an excellent artist (long waiting list), who only tattoos by night because during the day he teaches Latin at a fairly prestigious private school.
Im laughing at the picture that says if you have a tattoo on your forearms that you will never have a job that pays taxes. How did you first get involved with HealthyWomen and why have you continued to stay involved? My so far only unfortunate tattoo gaffe happened in this conjunction as well and, thanks to poor (nonexistent) research, I have a nonsense quasi-kanji on the inside of my left wrist next to the rose.
It’s a big backpiece combining the four celestial animals of Chinese constellation, The Black Tortoise of the North, The Azure Dragon of the East, The Vermilion Bird of the South, and The White Tiger of the West.
When I get enough money, I’m going to take pictures of my birds into the shop and have them inked. I saw one woman with a really beautiful Tree of Life on her back in greens and blacks, and another girl who had the white tree of Gondor and the seven stars of Elendil on the inside of her wrist, which appealed to the geek in me.
I have tattoos on both forearms, and when I put on my long sleeved shirt you can’t tell. Arranged according to the cardinal directions with the Tortoise staying just barely under a t-shirt collar and the Bird beneath it, Tiger and Dragon taking their places naturally on either side of the middle. I probably make twice to three times as much as the person that came up with the picture, and I have tattoos in the areas that they say will keep you from a good job.

You can download this as nice desktop wallpaper by right click and save as into your computer.
The rose itself is about 15 cm long on the inside of my forearm, 10 cm wide across the blossom. I’ve only had one work session on this one, a modest 8,5 hours of inking with 2 20-minute breaks. I tell people that’s so when life gets totally crazy at least I can look at it and remember what my name is.
Don't miss to check all from this kind of lovely popular desktop background by viewing the similar high definition wallpapers design below. The Tortoise is all done (barring any touching-up when the whole piece is done) along with most of the linework for the Bird. I know a CEO that makes around 475,000 a year and has full sleeves on both arms, and is working on his legs. The face, hands, and neck might be a risk depending on your career goals, but my co-workers brother works security at a club and is working on his MMA career and the facial tattoos are a major plus with the intimidation factor becuase of the ones he chose. Some very successful business men have very surprising tattoos that nobody will ever see.TRUST ME.

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