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Ouranophobics fear heaven for different reasons.[1] I feared it because of what it required me to give up. Perhaps the best way to explain what I thought I’d lose in heaven is by explaining what I thought heaven was. When Christians die their bodies go in the ground but their souls go to be with Jesus in heaven forever.
But even so the world also seemed to have goodness in abundance for those with eyes to see. A mountain peak illumined by alpenglow, a seaside visit, and a snow-covered fencepost: just three of the abundant treasures from the vast stock of goodness to be explored down here. 11 Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand.
The streets of gold would still be there, but their primary purpose was to ensure smooth traffic flow between the suburban mansions and the cosmic sanctuary where billions of people and angels would be praising God forever with a never-ending round of hymns, choruses, and more hymns, punctuated by the occasional shout of acclamation or humble prostration.
As you have seen, that singular show is a service of divine worship—a service of praise: praise by hymn, praise by instrumental ecstasies, praise by prostration.
The understanding which Twain so effectively critiqued looked disturbingly like the one I had come to adopt. One could always retort that the concerns about an otherworldly church-based heaven were rooted in a sinful lack of imagination.
Not long after high school I matriculated at a Christian university though I admit that I neglected to mention my ouranophobia on the registration forms.
In university I was an English major so it seems fitting to summarize my view of the afterlife at the time with the aid of the eloquent eighteenth century poet Alexander Pope’s poem “On the Dying Christian to his soul”. Before meeting that Mormon missionary I would have met a reading of this poem with an unqualified Amen for its literary merit and orthodox doctrine.
20 But Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. This passage brought me to recognize that the resurrection of the body was essential to the future Christian hope. Just as in the Alexander Pope poem the Gaither song moves seamlessly from death to victory. While I was initially peeved about having grown up with such a distorted picture of the afterlife, that feeling was soon lost in the overriding relief that I’d be able to keep my body after all.
The cover of Christian heavy metal band Stryper’s debut 1984 album “The Yellow and Black Attack” says it all with the image of a glowing blue divine hand directing four giant missiles toward the earth. Perhaps you can chalk that detail up to the hyperbolic pretensions of hard rock album cover art. While I had assumed for years that the earth was going to be disposed of forthwith, I now began to sense a tension between this assumption and the picture of the resurrection body. When I looked at the passage closely I was relieved to realize that it didn’t support the traditional picture of heaven. But it was Revelation 21 that really brought to that vision into focus with the opening image of the chapter being the vision of the New Jerusalem descending down to earth so that we may be his people and God himself will be with us and be our God (v.
If creation praises God despite the disorder that we have brought into it then it is all the more puzzling to think that God would give up on it.
While this all made good sense, I still found myself held back by the picture of creation being destroyed in 2 Peter 3. Here Paul makes the point that while creation has been subjected to the effects of the fall, it also anticipates its own eventual liberation.
With the promise of a resurrected body and a resurrected world at last I saw the remaining vestiges of my ouranophobia melt away like an ice cube in the parking lot of an Arizona Walmart. Luke 21:32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled. It is no surprise that different biblical authors have different views on the fate of this world. 23:39 And one of the malefactors which were hanged railed on him, saying, If thou be Christ, save thyself and us. 23:40 But the other answering rebuked him, saying, Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation?
23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, to day shalt thou be with me in paradise. The challenge with example 2 is that punctuation doesn’t exist in the original Greek.
And I reckon my first example could be a case of Jesus speaking rhetorically, contrasting the permanence of his word against the temporary things of this world.
Personally, I am hoping to fall in battle so that I may be taken to Valhalla, where I shall prepare to aid All-Father Odin in the glorious final battle of Ragnarok. But I suppose that I will likely have to settle for whatever I get after the curtain goes down on this life. Christians agree that death is bad, and suffering too, but they think it’s a necessary result of sin.
Third, I take the ethical stance that we should try to radically improve the human condition by means of technology, and thus we should be placing resources into the research of defeating death. Agreed, although how we think that is appropriately carried out will be affected by what we think human beings are, whether we have a purpose, in what consists the good life, etc. Randal:Would appreciate it if you would share the details of your conversion experience and what supernaturally changed in your life afterwards.
When I was growing up I was taught that I had to make a personal decision to follow Jesus or I’d be lost forever. So in other words, would I have been lost if I’d died an hour or a day before praying that sinner’s prayer in my backyard? How does a person know that he is a Christian if he doesn’t have a point in time where he can say that God dealt with his heart that he is a sinner, in need of a Savior and that Savior is Jesus Christ and he responded by turning to God in prayer and asking Jesus to forgive him of his sins, come live in his heart and be the Lord of his life? Your comments assume a particular believer’s church tradition in which we choose to opt into the church.
You can’t experience a supernaturally changed life (regeneration) and consequently salvation unless God has first dealt with your heart about what He wants you to know regarding sin, Jesus Christ, and what your deepest need is.
Suppose we figure out how to scan and assemble matter from the atomic scale on up, and we develop something like the Star Trek transporter device, except for medical use. As for the replicator personal identity question, I identify personhood with the soul that inheres in the body.
I don’t know what a soul is, but I gather it supposedly is not lost or injured by any amputation or transplant procedure, nor even severe brain damage.
So far as I can tell, belief in souls is outside of science, and thus not constrained by science, so, it’s your notion, I think you should get to give it whatever properties you like. 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 should give your the orthodox Christian view of the resurrection of the body. For God choosing to save both would be no more taxing on his abilities than choosing to save neither.
Scientists claim that about one half of all pregnancies spontaneously abort, often without the mother even knowing that she was pregnant.
What overwhelming evidence can be produced that another human beings speaks infallibly for God? I noticed that you still do not deal with my question about resurrected zygotes, fetuses, and infants. I thought I dealt with your question by referring you to Paul’s teaching on the resurrection body in 1 Corinthians 15. What I think is reasonable to take out of this, both Christian and non-Christian, is that humans and human life are somehow more valuable than animals. Instead of going back and forth on this point, one would do well to seek peer reviewed historical study on this topic. The Gospel of Thomas is not a Christian, but gnostic text, considered heresy by the early and contemporay church (cf. Before I go into why folks reading too much into astrological signs annoy me, I want to talk a little bit about their history. There is no concrete, definitive answer on when humans first began grouping stars into constellations and then using earthly allusions to describe those constellations. Lastly, and most importantly, we know there shouldn’t be any real personality associations with the Zodiac because … brace yourself … the constellations themselves are completely made up!  Basically, some ancient Babylonian farmer looked up in the sky and decided to play connect the dots. I don’t know if I am a Zodiac enthusiast but I definitely am one of those people that let the zodiac influence how I date (notice I said influence not dictate). Sidenote: I am a little disturbed that I saw Aries mistyped as Ares, and thought immediately of the Greek god of war instead of the ram.
I love having a conversation with someone and they tell me all this stuff about myself that makes sense to them but I tell them real reasons. I finally moved out of the house we shared 6 months ago but she promptly packed up her stuff up and tracked me down by coming to my job. She recently convinced me to let her back into my home, but after living together for a month, I now know for sure that we just are not meant to be together as a couple.
I don't want to get the cops involved because these things will haunt our reputation for years to come (everything gets posted online nowadays). When most people think of fairies they imagine the famous Tinkerbell, but fairies as such have been a part of western religions and folklore long before Tinkerbell came around. The symbolism or the real meaning of the tattoo is truly an idea based individual preferences of every person.
Because of the many styles of fairy tattoos there is a variety of ideas and values they can portray. Most of the time these tattoos are depicted in a way that allows a person to express their individual emotions or attitudes. Youthfulness and a strong connection with one’s inner child can also be well expressed by a fairy tattoo and can remind you of childhood innocence and happiness.
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Deriving from the Greek words “ouranos” (heaven) and “phobia” (fear) the condition is characterized by a deep fear of heaven and the prospect of going there. But don’t get the wrong idea: I’m not referring to some deeply-seated unconfessed sin that I was loathe to surrender.
I know that at times the world seems like a doughy slab all its own, broken and disordered with suffering in abundance. But by this time one central image of heaven emerged as dominant and took precedence over the others. The picture of heaven as worship was very helpful as a means of pulling in all the disparate images that were jumbled in my mind into one more biblical whole.
It takes the place of “church.” Now then, in the earth these people cannot stand much church—an hour and a quarter is the limit, and they draw the line at once a week. In short, it is our fault that we can’t get excited about a never-ending church service in the clouds in the same way that it is the meat lover’s fault that he is unable to imagine the culinary delights of a gourmet vegetarian meal. The catalyst that ultimately led to the revolution in my understanding did not come (as you might expect) from a campus pastor, senior student, or one of my Christian professors. In fact, in the midst of our abortive attempt at apologetic debate one of those missionaries scored a major point that shook my Christian faith. The poem begins with the soul, a “Vital, spark of heav’nly flame”, longing to leave “this mortal frame!” The poem then narrates the process of dying as the angels call to the soul “Sister Spirit, come away.” As death takes the body, heaven opens to the eyes and ears of the soul. And as the angels sing the soul cries out “Lend, lend your wings! Certainly its literary credentials are unimpeachable as Pope provided hauntingly beautiful account of the soul’s release from the decaying body. 21 For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man. We don’t become transformed into hybrid angels at death so that we can flitter off to be with Jesus in heaven forever.
It was not that the doctrine was explicitly denied so much as that it remained hidden, obscured by incautious confessions that moved seamlessly from death to victory with no mention of resurrection. If there is a resurrection in this stanza, you’ve got to look very carefully to find it because it is under cover.

I felt like the one-time bachelor who got married with the assumption that he’d have to sell his favorite motorcycle, only to learn that his new spouse had every intention of letting him keep it. My discovery of my own resurrection body was tempered by the fact that it would still be placed in that otherworldly locale known as heaven. To begin with, a non-physical heaven didn’t mesh with the physicality of the resurrection body.
Birds live in aviaries, fish live in aquariums, and human beings lived in a physical world, not an ethereal heaven.
In verse 13 of the same chapter Peter explains that “we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness dwells.” In other words his alternative to an earth destroyed was not a picture of being whisked off to heaven. It just seemed inconsistent that God would redeem every atom of my body and yet consign his own good creation to destruction. But all that changed when I came across an amazing section in Romans chapter 8, a passage where Paul explicitly discusses the redemption of creation in the same terms that he describes the future resurrection of our bodies.
But this would make no sense if the present creation were to be destroyed and replaced by another. If not then why do most or all English translations have the comma where it is unless there is some kind of clue in the original Greek that one should be there when this passage is translated into English?
But Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Reformed, Anglican and Lutheran Christians all have a very different view of salvation in which one is infant baptized in faith and has to opt out rather than opt in. There is no way to verify that Paul’s letters to his churches actually constitute an inerrant revelation from a deity.
The conversation is going well and you’re both getting more and more comfortable sharing your lives’ most elucidating tidbits. I think astrology is cool and fun the same way fortune cookies and going to get your palm read are cool and fun.
Some say it was the Ancient Greeks (because of course, ancient Greeks created like everything – supposedly).
First and foremost, the zodiac is based on a geocentric view of the earths relationship to the universe.
He saw some stars bunched together and started relating them to things he encountered in his everyday life like lions and crabs and bulls and rams. However, I was fortunate enough to be born a Scorpio and well, this has rarely been frowned upon.
Astrology can be a HOBBY to gain greater knowledge into your motivations and negative traits.
It's something fun to do and consider, but shouldnt influence the way you look at a person. I'm a Gemini, and although I know her birthday, I never once even thought about what her Zodiac sign was, and had to look it up. Then again, maybe Aries are warlike and belligerent, I don't know what their characteristics are supposed to be. Like if we had waited to make a decision about hanging out with those white people, we might have been in Africa right now.
It took me back to childhood when I was into Greek Mythology and Astrology and Global Studies and Archaeology. I've had my natal chart done and I read my horoscope in any entity that has horoscopes. Unless living in a toxic relationship with a clingy, insecure, controlling, disrespectful person isn't one of your dealbreakers in a woman, you have to cut it off completely.
Their reasons are understandable – this design is flexible and allows them to show their inner feelings through a personal depiction of a fairy.
Some of the first depictions of fairies describe them as creatures with free spirits that do nice things for those who are good-willed and play unpleasant tricks on those who are mean and spiteful.
Nevertheless, even this sweet creature has its darker counterpart which gives way for portraying the naughtier and sexier part of life.
It is an autobiographical excerpt which I originally wrote for a book I am currently writing on the concept of heaven.
You climb out of your warm sleeping bag and emerge from the tent into the chill morning air. Well since heaven was in the sky I presumed the dominant motif would be clouds: soft, blurry, puffy, cottony clouds.
Mark Twain was a frequent critic of Christianity and the Christian conception of heaven was one of his most prized targets. There is a tension, if not a downright inconsistency, between the Christian’s attitude toward church services and the picture of heaven as a never-ending church service. That may be, but I still didn’t find the “your problem is your lack of imagination” response particularly satisfying. Indeed if anything it was squeezed out by the pressing concerns of new classes, dorm life, assignments, tests, talent shows, banquets, and a thousand other things.
However, the real irony was that after the shaking, the faith that emerged was much more thoroughly biblical and Christian. Upon reflection I thought that maybe I’d heard something about the resurrection at some point.
Rather, God will disinter our dry bones, attach new tendons, add flesh, cover the grisly assemblage with skin, put breath within us, and through it all bring our very bodies back to life. For an excellent example consider the Bill Gaither hymn I often sang in my youth: “Because He Lives”. With such a distorted picture it is not surprising that Christians like myself drew erroneous conclusions about the afterlife such as my theology of hybrid angels. In my case I had learned that I’d be able to keep the body I thought I’d have to give up forever.
Stryper’s cover vividly illustrates a “MAD” theology with four missiles pointed at earth about to destroy the planet. Make no mistake, while Paul referred to our resurrection bodies as spiritual that did not mean not-physical. But if I accepted this reasoning then I had to consider a second problem: if God was going to restore every atom of my body why wouldn’t he likewise restore every atom of creation?
Maybe the Stryper album was correct after all (sans the four initialed missiles of course).
Why wouldn’t God resurrect the very same creation as surely as he will resurrect our bodies? If you don’t believe me, imagine how you’d feel if you discovered that the Christian “hope” of resurrection consisted of the promise that after you died somebody else would be resurrected in your name. On the contrary, heaven now represented the embrace of all the best I had known infinitely quantified into unfathomable perfection. You see, it is easy to imagine a 90 year old man resurrected to a youthful state, but when we extrapolate in the opposite direction things get weird.
You’re winding down one particularly enlightening story and looking to them to see if they appreciate the insight into your life you’ve just anecdotally given them, when with a deep and abiding seriousness they say:  “Hmmmm… What’s Your Sign?”  This, for me, is one of the most disappointing responses anyone can ever give. The zodiac is a series of constellations that are viewable in the night’s sky along the thin band of space our sun appears to pass through as it revolves around the Earth (I know, the Sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth – just stay with me). Some say it predates Ancient Greece and goes all the way back to Babylon where Babylonian astronomers divided the constellations in the ecliptic into 12 equal parts to help determine the seasons.
In a geocentric view, the Earth is at the center of the universe and the sun, moon and all of the stars in the sky all revolve around us. That’s really all it is.  If we were to do the same thing today our signs would be based on the Apple logo, the Nike swoosh and Alberto Korda’s portrait of Che Guevera.
There are some commonalities, but it's hard to decipher the root of them and why they are.
Perhaps I know a little too much about Greek mythology, so seeing Ares made me think of Ares instead of Aries. Christians believe in a whole bunch of stuff that really don't make all that much sense or lost their relevance 2,000 years ago. Or I can say, well I got this job because I went to a great school and have excellent experience. For example that whole Libra convo upthread and how all Libras take forever to make a decision….so, are they suggesting that no other person that is of a different sign takes forever? It brought up some good memories and old dreams, lots of little projects that I scrapped as I grew up. We live together and breaking up has been very hard simply because she just wouldn't let go.
Her friends advised her to move out of state to get over me, which she did and moved from PA to TX. People have difficulty moving forward because they are standing in place looking backwards.
Different realizations of this concept can nicely portray a wide range of personality traits and emotions such as naughtiness, sexiness or femininity.
People in the past were convinced that these creatures had free spirits and would always be kind to those who did good and played unpleasant tricks on those who were mean to others. Another very common depiction of fairies describes them as an important part of our destiny. Once I decided that the passage would not be included in the book, I opted instead to post it on the blog. Indeed, I always thought the devil’s infamous line in “Paradise Lost”, “Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven”, had to be one of the dumbest declarations in all literature. But beyond that the basic picture I held throughout my youth remained static and terribly unsettling. And whatever went with those clouds would be equally soft and blurry, with the hard edges hewn off and bright colors softened to a palette of warm pastels. In one of his writings he critiqued the description of heaven as a never-ending church service. With so much to worry about in the present I hardly had any time to be concerned with the heavenly future.
My college roommate and I had both just completed a course in apologetics and were looking for some intellectual debate with a person from another faith, so when the Mormon missionaries came knocking on our door it was just too good to pass up. The challenge to my faith was so subtle that had you been there you probably would not even have noticed it.
When I followed up on reading 1 Corinthians 15 I immediately discovered a serious problem with the poem. The song begins with a triumphant declaration of hope based on the resurrection of Jesus thereby establishing that resurrection is a fundamental theme in the song.
He’s excited by the news until he remembers that he and his wife are moving to the North Pole.
Most striking is the extraordinary presumption of the band members in allowing their initials to be emblazoned on the four missiles (OF, TG, RS, MS), as if they had been commissioned to fulfill the role of the four horsemen of the apocalypse!
After all, Jesus’ spiritual resurrection body, the first fruits of ours, could eat food and could be touched. It seemed perplexing that he who restores us to fullness would crumple up creation and throw it in the cosmic wastebasket. As I looked through the witness of scripture I realized that Peter was picking up on a familiar vision (see Isaiah 65:17) of a new heaven and earth.
If there was going to be a new heaven and earth, then I had absolutely no reason to think my eternal home would be a puffy environment of cottony clouds. While that made sense to me, I could anticipate the following rejoinder: “If your car was damaged in an accident you’d prefer to the insurance company to provide a brand new car. My body would not only exist, but it would be multiple orders more real and more mine than it is in this present mortal coil.
Something like this view that physical death is simply part of the natural world and thus must be distinguished from spiritual death is very common among theologians today. The question of when the man crossed the border between France and Germany is of secondary importance.
And when one reads the whole Bible the theology that is presented is unequivocally one of the redemption of the world, not our liberation from it. Most of us know our signs and most of us have a general idea of the characteristics associated with our signs.
Regardless of where it began, the idea of associating particular personal character traits to individuals born during particular months, was most definitely born in Ancient Greece.

Folks born under the Apple logo would be “Jobs,” under Jordan would be “Jumpmen” and under Guevera would be “Guerrilleros.” And in terms of personality traits, Jobs’ would be techies, Jumpmen would be athletic and Guerrilleros would be anti-authority, revolutionary types. But when I go back and reflect on the relationship I had with certain people and then I look up our compatibilty zodiac wise and I find that the zodiac lines up with what I’ve experienced already, it seems to hold a bit of truth in it. I've mentioned on this site before that I struck out with not one, not two, but THREE Tauruses.
I really don't care to step that far back into my psyche to hold a full blown discussion on it but it was really cool to have a memory bubble of young me float up into the cloudspace of my daydreams. You really couldn't glean my mentality from this extensive excerpt of the highs and lows of my life?
She is a beautiful woman but is very clingy, insecure, controlling, disrespectful, and has enormous trust issues. Versatility of fairy tattoos is also in their easy adjustment to fit any place on your body making it the ideal design. Naughtiness and sexiness are other qualities that someone might choose they want others to notice. Whenever a person stood before a decision the fairy would aid them in choosing the right path and doing the right thing. Some risks, such as the spread of infections through the use of unsterilized needles, have long been known. But I will say that while my church friends growing up spent a lot of energy in fear of going to hell, I found myself surprisingly fearful of going to that other place. Indeed, as a kid I was particularly attached to my guardian angel, who I envisioned as being 6’6’’ with a flaming sword, rippling angel muscles, and a shock of blond hair. And as you look up far above, you can see the first rays of the sun hitting the snowcapped peaks, illuminating them in a pink alpenglow.
Everything would smell like baby powder and every solid surface would be covered with crib-like bumper pads.
And so—consider what their heaven provides for them: “church” that lasts forever, and a Sabbath that has no end! In my confusion I did know one thing: whatever this “resurrection” thing was, it didn’t accord very comfortably with my hybrid angel theology.
In a moment his relief at getting to keep his motorcycle is replaced by the realization that it will be nothing more than a burden in the environment to which they’re moving. My view of the earth’s faith can be summarized with the phrase “massive apocalyptic destruction” (MAD for short). If the biblical writers could speak in hope of a new earth why couldn’t I speak about the towering peaks, rolling surf and snowcapped fence posts as part of the new earth? That’d be much better than repairing a damaged vehicle.” I agree that this rejoinder made sense for objects like cars. By the same token, if creation was awaiting its own redemption then the conclusion was inescapable: creation would be redeemed just like our bodies. What is important is to know that you’re a Christian now, not how or when you became one (though knowing how and when is a good thing too). Wondering whether or not I’ve somehow misjudged this person, I’ll say, “Uh, I think I’m a Cancer … my birthday is July 21st.” Then the conversation goes south.
To make it more simple, imagine our sun as one of those highlighting markers that we all used as a study tool in college. Bottom-line is that the people who look to astrology do so because it has worked for them in the past. But in astrology there is also where your planets line up, the houses they line up in, and the planets in relation to eachother. I’m a product of my environment, my mother was compassionate my father has a Bruce Banner temper I have both. On the flip side, this is how I feel about Christianity…completely arbitrary and made up.
I always thought it wasn't so much the Zodiac as it was the time of year the person was born which factors into how they develop character traits etc.
Our lot would be to exist as flittering disembodied spirits resembling a collection of Precious Moments knick knacks come to life.
But behind our friendly smiles our minds were working overtime, planning the various ways we intended to lampoon their beliefs.
Rather, according to 1 Corinthians 15:42-44, that doughy slab would be thoroughly refurbished from head to toe and then returned as a “spiritual body”. In short, I had long assumed that while the soul was redeemed for heaven, the body’s earthly home would be consigned to a fiery end. Indeed, Paul drives this point home by drawing a direct comparison between the restoration of creation and the resurrection of the body. I didn’t have to say goodbye to the mountains and ocean and even the snow covered fencepost. They’ll usually proceed to talk about how everything that’d been said previously makes more sense now that they know I’m a Cancer, and how even if I hadn’t told them, if they had to guess, they probably would have guessed that I am a Cancer. The first sign that someone may have a bit of an unhealthy relationship with astrology is when they know the start and end date for, not only their sign, but for every sign there is. As it appears to travel across our sky throughout the year, imagine the sun highlighted the path that it traveled on. They believed that certain truths were held on all levels of human perception, all levels of the cosmos. You know when you meet someone you think is cool and normal and then suddenly they start telling you about Big Foot. When you ask me something stupid after I've said something extraordinary it makes you look like a waste of time who needs coddling. Abraham, Moses, and of course Jesus would be all there, ethereal angelic beings, their blurry spectral bodies dressed in ankle length spectral robes with sandals and blue or red sashes in accord with the familiar flannelgraphic images of Sunday school.
Again, I didn’t want to disrespect heaven, but neither did I want to give up all the good things that God created on those six days. The Mormons settled themselves into a couple chairs and pulled out their handy flip chart as they smoothly transitioned into the story of how the angel Moroni had visited young Joseph Smith in upstate New York to inform him that all the churches on earth were false.
Here was the most glaring one: if this was really what Paul and the early Christians believed then why hadn’t I heard about it before? That’s like the bride returning the bike the groom thought he’d given up with new chrome, paint and tires.
I viewed human beings as mere sojourners on earth, a view captured in the title of Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman’s magisterial 1972 album “Only Visiting this Planet”. And with that the final vestiges of my ouranophobia finally began to dissolve into an unqualified liberating anticipation for the future.
Following the interpretive principle that scripture interprets scripture, I took my insights from Romans and reread 2 Peter 3 in light of them.
Rather, I could trust them all in the hands of their loving creator and master builder, knowing he would restore his creation in a form more real, more there, than I could imagine. Those of you reading this right now, who are really into astrology, are probably thinking that everything I’m saying is very much something a Cancer would say. In the night time, if you could still view that highlighted path, the constellations of stars that would rest in that path are what make up the zodiac.
People are always going to look for ways to explain their worlds and to explain human behavior. According to this picture of our souls going to heaven I’d have to surrender both my body and the world. You’re standing on the beach, the wet gritty sand between your toes as the cool water rolls in, curling around your ankles. Beyond that my childish image of heaven devolved into a mishmash of biblical themes and pop cultural images – a giant cube shaped city, a vast, meticulously landscaped subdivision of grand mansions, towering gates, and sparkling streets of gold. Every few minutes they’d flip the booklet to a new picture, pause, and then ask us about our feelings.
Rather, his victory was located in this notion that we would be resurrected in the future just like Jesus.
Seriously, how could I have been raised in a Christian home, attending church, Sunday school, youth group, Christian summer camp, and even a Christian university, and yet have heard nothing (or next to nothing) of this doctrine of the resurrection? What good was a newly refurbished, remodeled, refashioned, redesigned resurrection body if I was still consigned to live in an ethereal heaven of clouds and angels? For all its musical brilliance, the album conveyed a very unfortunate picture that I came to call “parachute theology”. Could it be that when Peter spoke of the fire that would engulf creation in verses 7 and 10, the focus was not on a fire of destruction but rather one of refinement? Knowing the start and end dates is one thing, but knowing the start and end dates, and knowing all of the subsequent characteristics of each sign is a sure sign that you probably take astrology way to seriously.
In order, those constellations are Ares, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
If the physical size of the constellations directly correlated to Earth time (as it should), then based on the size of its associated constellation, Sagittarius would make up something like 4 or 5 months.
On top of that, according to most things I read, the hubmeister and I would not be considered good mates.
With growing surprise I discovered in this letter a picture of future hope which had little to do with the immortal soul going to heaven and everything to do with the body one day being resurrected. According to parachute theology God dropped us onto the earth for a brief sojourn and that he will pull us back out when the mission is complete. And thus could it be that the reference to a new heaven and earth in verse 13 was in fact another way of saying a renewed heaven and earth? I would've missed out on something great if I would have put a lot of stock into that. Paul’s understanding of our future hope was bound to the down payment of hope that had come in the resurrection of Christ. But donning a physical body in ethereal heaven seemed to make about as much sense as strapping a fat suit on a mountain goat.
If Norman’s “Only Visiting This Planet” drove home the view that human beings were mere visitors on the earth, another album from my old Christian rock collection vividly highlighted the sobering implications for the earth. Exegetically this was possible, and in light of the promise of Romans 8 this interpretation now seemed all but necessary. After looking at my natal chart – I have a lot of planets lined up in Capricorn which overshadows those characteristics. But pardon me, I don’t want to become one.” That would pretty much sum up my response to angels. And don’t forget that time standing still in a field and watching the snowflakes tumble down, each one a latticed work of art deserving of public display at the National Gallery.
Finally one of them put her hands on her hips and said, with a distinct note of irritation, “What is your real purpose in inviting us in today?!” At that point things began to degenerate until they pulled down their flip chart and left a short while later, having concluded that ours was a soil too hardened for the Mormon gospel.
I do, however, enjoy reading about what my characteristics are supposed to be like and finding any inklings of truth there. One by one they silently pile up on a weathered fencepost as the landscape is put to sleep for another winter under a quilted, sparkling blanket of white. I consider myself a scholar of life and I’ll learn from any ancient spiritual wisdom trying to teach me, whether thats God or the stars that He made.
At the end of the day, I think it's a good learning tool for self-discovery as well as in relationships. NCTR studies show that a common pigment used in yellow tattoo inks, Pigment Yellow 74, may be broken down by enzymes, or metabolized. NCTR researchers have found that Pigment Yellow 74 decomposes in sunlight, breaking down into components that are colorless. The pigment components may still be there, says Howard, and we don't know if these are potentially toxic.
The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery can help you find a doctor experienced in tattoo removal.

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