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Although it was not a common practice in the past, you may find more and more people are getting white ink tattoos. One special type of white ink tattoo is called UV glowing tattoo, also known as blacklight tattoos, which is made with a special ink that is visible under ultraviolet (UV) light or blacklight.
If you wanna reveal your love the special person, the rose tattoo is a good idea of representation. It looks weird and not noticeable, the white ink tattoo is loved by people who love subtle details and don’t like their tattoos remarkable to others. The ink is injected under the layer of skin, which is only noticeable against the skin pigmentation. The cost of the tattoo is dependent on the size, complexity of the design as well as the skill of the artist. Although it’s not colorful, there are the same a lot of tattoo ideas for white ink Tattoos. It’s a popular choice for people who works in KTV or night club where UV light is available.

UV ink costs more than other inks, so the price of UV tattoo may be higher than other tattoos. While you can’t usually see these designs, they show up in black ink, so that the wearer has a true secret that they are hiding – awesome! If you are looking for inspirations for your first white ink tattoo, please have a study of them. Phosphorescent ink does not re-emit the visible light it absorbs immediately but re-emitted it very slowly.
While many individuals use dermal piercings to spice up their tattoo designs, white ink tattoos bring new life to the world of ink giving you a completely different looking tattoo while standing in the presence of a black light.
As such, white ink tattoos have become quite the popular request amongst club-goers and entertainers. However, there are questions about the safety and health to inject this type of ink in the skin. The concept of these tattoos takes a special type of colorless ink that looks white under normal light.

You may want to consider a white ink tattoo to add to the individuality of your tattoos – let these ideas help guide you along the way.
Let us be the first to tell you that this is one of the most common ways to make your ink and personality stand out above the rest, especially in the club setting.
However, when caring for these types of tattoos, you may want to ensure that you speak with your artist to ensure there are no special instructions that you should be following as many aftercare products may take the glow out of the ink prematurely. Most white ink tattoo designs are intended to last up to 15 years before needing to be touched up to retain their glow in the black light. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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