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Tale after tale whenever there is a mention of time flying you will usually get to hear about dandelions.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Hand Tattoos, Tattoo Ideas, Free Tattoo Pictures and Awesome Tattoos. Done in delicate blue with a strong contrast in black ink, this is a colorful dandelion foot tattoo. The petals in this dandelion tattoo are done with brief straight lines, adding to the geometric look of the design.
With the petals flying off in one direction a dandelion makes for a great tattoo across the back. Dandelion petals flying off are a sign of time flying, like you see in this delicately shaded arm tattoo.
Wishing on a dandelion is a common theme when you want to fly away, much like those tiny petals. Every tiny dandelion petal inked in detail with the small tufts showing, this is a pretty woman’s perfect tattoo. Pretty pink and blue swallows arise from this dandelion tattoo, expressing their love of freedom.
With a dandelion showing its head above a mass of green leaves, this is a perfect leg tattoo for the wild at heart. This tattoo expresses the joy of freedom in every line.Note the perfect soaring motion of the petals and the flying birds that complete the dandelion tattoo. A touch of pink color is all that’s needed to bring out the rich details of this dandelion tattoo. Passionate red colors this dandelion while its petals fly gracefully right up to the neck in this brilliant back tattoo.
A beautifully outlined anime character and a dandelion come together to make this distinctive single color tattoo.
Inked in bright orange, green, and blue, this dandelion tattoo brings a splash of color to the back.

Inked a little below the armpit and rising all the way round the back this is a stylish dandelion tattoo in black ink. In this intricate back tattoo made of two dandelions, the petals fly off to the other side, balancing the flower forms on one side of the design.
This is an intricately shaded dandelion back tattoo where the birds with wings outstretched fly among the petals.
With dandelion petals winging across the back in this design, a quote expresses the perfect desire to fly without wings.
The strong black shades make way for delicate mauve and blue bursts of color in this arty dandelion tattoo.
The bold circular form of a dandelion looks beautiful and unique when it is inked in white, thus highlighting a pretty back. A bold adventure quote inked in an arty font arches beside the dandelion in this arm tattoo.
The powerful petal patterns inked in black come to life with intricate white highlights in this gorgeous foot tattoo.
Inked in black with a pinkish hue, this small dandelion tattoo works like a charm above the waistline. Pink and blue split-tailed birds go well with the shaded single color dandelion in this back tattoo. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. For ages, woman has traveled a long way to achieve her own space and identity as a human being in this relentless society where her voice is hardly heard. The full flower and the one with petals flying contrast each other in the single color design. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Now, tattoo culture is spreading all over the world and it is a woman who has got adapted more into it as tattoos are cool and attractive to carry on as a latest fashion .

They express a love of freedom and the wish to rise above the odds of life in a shining, positive manner. You can also go for a touch of color like pink, or a white highlight to make the flower design stand out. Tattoo Designs for women which are mostly in vogue are thigh tattoo, eyes, lower back, neck, belly and arm tattoos. When you look at the petals flying away from a dandelion on the breeze your mind would also want to soar, much like birds. You can get the petals to make a fine horizontal design on your back, or have the design inked vertically on your leg or arm. Tattoo designs for women don’t mean only fashion to them however are expressions of themselves.
Combine the Dandelion Tattoo with your favorite quote on flying, adventure, or freedom, and you have got yourself a really cool piece of body art.
When choosing a tattoo design, seductively sexy tattoo designs are on the top of their list.
The shoulder is a body part which is considered as a sexiest location for feminine tattoos.
Not only designer tattoos but, quotation tattoos are also and always been in demands by women across the world. Normally, three things are considered by anyone before they get the tattoo done on their body i.e.
Some classic small and feminine tattoos designs include, Heart shape, Star, Dove, Dragonfly, Dolphin, Celtic cross, Cherry, Angel and Butterfly.
Here, we have collected ample of tattoo designs for women so that they make themselves attractive, sexy and more fashionable.

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