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Werewolves are a supernatural species of shape-shifter and are the primary protagonists within the Teen Wolf Universe. They usually appear in human form and can shift to varying degrees into a bipedal wolf-like creature with increased body hair, fangs and glowing eyes. The Alpha Twins could merge into one large creature but, while larger than normal, it retained a mostly human appearance. Memory Transference: Werewolves can transfer (give or take) memories by inserting claws into nape of an individual's neck. Some werewolves have shown the ability to sense illness and, in one case, the onset of an epileptic seizure.
Becoming a werewolf can heal scars and cure chronic illnesses like asthma, epilepsy or even cancer. Camera flashes and some video recording devices cause werewolves eyes to glow making them nearly impossible to photograph. Werewolves are able to control their healing ability to some degree, while they are conscious. While not yet defined on the show, it is apparent that some werewolves have a somewhat altered aging process. In Mexico, during the Dark Moon, Derek was somehow regressed physically from an adult to a teenager. Satomi Ito looks the same now as she did in the World War II era episode The Fox and the Wolf. It is unclear if this change in physical appearance (or lack thereof) is connected to the mastery of their bodies mentioned in the "Unique Abilities" section above or some other, heretofore, unexplained process. When used properly, Mountain Ash can form an impenetrable barrier to keep supernatural creatures in or out.

Hecatolite can block the effects of the moon and disrupt the natural cycle of transformation. Bites, scratches and other wounds inflicted by an Alpha will not heal as quickly as other injuries. Intense pain or steady application of low amperage electricity can keep werewolves weak and in human form. It is likely that something in the way Jennifer Blake used the plant resulted in the various effects seen.
They have all the werewolf abilities mentioned above but are considered weaker than other types because they are not part of a pack. Werewolves can become Omegas by choice or be forced out of a pack by the Alpha or by circumstance.
Betas are members of a pack and, because of this association, they are considered stronger than Omegas. NOTE: Both Betas and Omegas will show various skill levels based on experience therefore a direct comparison of power levels is difficult. It appears a scratch from an Alpha, if it goes deep enough, can sometimes be transformative. Alphas have limited telepathy and mental control over the betas that they create and some other shapeshifters (See Werecoyote). Alphas can heal the extremely ill with their pain transference ability but they give up part of the "spark" that makes them an Alpha. According to Teen Wolf Creator Jeff Davis, his form and transformation comes from how evil he already was when he became a werewolf. The beast does not fit into any of the previously known categories of werewolf and was extremely powerful without the benefit of a pack or Alpha status.
While clearly stated, these rules seem flexible and ill-defined in practice during the early seasons of the show.
For example, the lineup of Scott's Pack has changed on a number of occasions, sometimes twice within the same episode, without any overt decision by Scott or any pack member.

Since there is no clear-cut definition, no ritual involved in becoming a member of the pack, we must judge pack membership based on observing character's actions. This ability can establish mind-to-mind communication and, with practice, allow for memory manipulation or erasure. Even in human form they appear to possess all of these abilities although there is evidence that the abilities are not always active and must be "turned on" to work. This seems to be due to a combination of their "Heightened Senses" working in concert on a subconscious level. Other methods of death such as being cut in half or having one's skull crushed would also be fatal to humans and are therefore not specific "werewolf weaknesses". We're told a True Alpha's status can only be taken by a Beta of his own making but this may not be the case.
The bite usually only has two outcomes - transformation or death although there are exceptions (See Lydia Martin and Kanima).
It is larger than even Peter Hale's monstrous form from Season 1 and, instead of shapeshifting, the Beast creates a body composed of what appears to be black smoke or shadows around itself. While this piece of werewolf lore has been mentioned on the show before, this is the only example of it actually working. It is not until Season 5 that we see Scott become physically stronger by bringing all his pack members back together (See A Credible Threat).
This can be controlled through force of will but bitten werewolves have a more difficult time with remaining in control.
Fire is also mentioned often by fans as a "special weakness" for werewolves but, according to what we've seen on the show, fire harms werewolves significantly less than it does humans.

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