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The Chain tattoos from Bioshock: I would get the chains on both my wrists and on one wrist have the first line of the quote, and on the other, the second line.
The logo for the band Death: Death is another of my favorite bands, and I have a massive amount of respect for the both the band and its deceased founder Chuck Schuldiner for pretty much creating Death Metal. Religious ones, well - all I can say is that I have one, but I would not recommend that to people still in school.

But i think get the bioshock links, but without the quote - makes it more meaningful to you and less obvious. I am planning on getting a tattoo this summer, so I thought I would ask the bit-tech community what image they think I should get imprinted onto my flesh for the rest of my life. You are the one that is going to have it forever, only you can decide what you will be happy with.

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