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Men star tattoos have to have a masculine appeal, which is why they are designed as metallic looking or are filled with dark colors and are big in size. Give your eyes a little break from gazing at Justin and just notice his awesome nautical star tattoos.
Two extremely distinguished stars, one with tender hibiscus and the other with the tough leopard print.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Many opt for yin yang tattoos that are typical and have various different colors and meanings attached to it. It is said that before you choose your tattoo design, it is advisable to go through every possible yin yang tattoos and select the one that is of utmost significance to you.
In a classic Yin Yang tattoo design the black and white elements shape into a perfectly balanced circle that symbolizes the circle of life. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Asian Tattoos, Indian Tattoos, Chinese Writing Tattoos and Chinese Tattoos.
The tiger and dragon motifs look well-matched as they face each other across this elegant Yin Yang back tattoo.
A mysterious blue shades one half of this colorful Yin Yang tattoo while the red fire pattern and a sword like shape with a loop makes up the rest of the design.
Serpent like shapes find their place inside this elegant Yin Yang tattoo with graceful arches and curves. An intricately inked dragon in shades of green wraps around this awesome Yin Yang pattern tattoo.
Fire and water are perfectly balanced elements that play as opposites as this fantastic Yin Yang design shows. Styled with spiky patterns and a wing formation this Yin Yang pattern is a great leg tattoo design.
A Yin Yang pattern forms the centerpiece for this intricate tattoo with a ten-pointed star and a curvy flower motif completing the design. With wings of fire and water extending on both sides this Yin Yang design highlights the neat play of opposite forces.
A five point star inked in realistic shades holds a Yin Yang pattern as a symbol of fortune on this man’s chest.
Alternating spikes in blue and green form a cheery sun like pattern around this elegant Yin Yang tattoo. The Yin Yang design is an ideal background for a pair of names making it a great design for lovers’ tattoos. Fresh and styled with cracks this Yin Yang design with 3D hole patterns seems to be inspired by modern life. A colorful wave fills out one side of this Yin Yang tattoo with an inspiring phrase decorating the sides. Ying and Yang are opposed and balanced forces much like this design that balances fire and water motifs in a single tattoo. Styled with metallic spikes and brilliant blue and red this seems to be a rocker’s version of a Yin Yang tattoo. The full form of an open lotus surrounds this beautiful Yin Yang tattoo as a symbol of peace and enlightenment.
With a fence like pattern on both sides this Yin Yang tattoo is designed with a green armor like pattern.
Graceful curves forming a perfect circle with balanced elements of black and white is a key feature of a classic Yin Yang tattoo.
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Star tattoos for men to go distinguished from that of women, usually take the form of rugged nautical stars. Besides, nautical star tattoos, somehow come naturally to guys and they are instant eye-catchers.

You can download and obtain this astonishing digital imagery that we gave by click the download button below to get our high resolution versions. Today, tattoo artists have invented many designs that are incorporated along with other symbolic designs such as a wolf, dragon, or a tiger. Here we have gathered some 50 incredible yin yang tattoo designs for you to choose and use.
Many tattoos play with variations on this basic design adding more meaning and significance.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The symbol is a vital part of Chinese culture that represents male and female unity and balance.
In the pictures below, you will notice that if not always, men mostly like to go for just one or maximum two stars, unlike multiple stars as seen on girls. Either two animal symbols are incorporated into the tattoo or a single animal symbol is represented in both yin and yang forms. You may also include a scenic view of day and night in the shape of a yin yang symbol in lieu of the actual dual nature of the symbol. Drawing on the philosophical traditions of ancient China Yin Yang highlights a perfect balance of opposite forces.
You can see tattoo designs that combine the Yin Yang motif with animal figures, or use contrasting colors like red and blue to create a colorful design. There are lot many other peculiar traits associated with men star tattoos that you can observe in this list of 20 star tattoos for men. Hence, men and women both often times incorporate this elemental symbol into some of their tattoo designs. There are many other such design variations that you can incorporate while getting a yin yang tattoo done. Just like fire and water the Yin and Yang elements are balanced in our bodies in a beautiful harmony.
The Yin and Yang are usually done in black and white color however, it is not uncommon to see them in black and red as well. Many may go for such designs either for the meanings that each of these symbols carry or merely for its visual appeal.
The design is generally incorporated while keeping in mind the meaning of the symbol relevant to the person getting it inked. You are free to choose the brightest of colors or designs that carry importance and meaning for you. You can see designs which highlight the opposing natural forces of fire and water in the shape of wings on either side of the classic Yin Yang motif.
The Yin is in white with a black dot in it and the Yang is done in Black with a white dot in the middle. Many incorporate the part that is dominant for them in their yin yang tattoo, such as yin may be incorporated by women while yang may be incorporated by men.
As an expression of love the Yin Yang design works great to hold the names of the two partners.
Visually both portions are shown to be equal size.This yin and yang symbol is such a classic symbol and tribal behind it is a beautiful touch.
The feminine part, is white with a black dot while the masculine is black with a white dot.
Of course the symbol is always used as a whole, but the design chosen may truly represent the dominant side of the one getting tattooed. Yin Yang patterns are often combined with traditional symbols of peace such as a full lotus or a five-pointed star for a rich effect. If you look closely you can see that the tribal makes up a traditional dragon and that dragon is holding the yin-yang in its claws.
Though its a powerful symbol, the line work and symmetry isn’t as good as it could be. The electric blues on the left side of the body, and the fire reds on the right side are truly a site to see.

This is a very cool idea to split the yin side and yang side to two different sides of the body. Its a very clever and unique idea that though both sides are different, it promotes symmetry and originality. It makes me want to pick up each piece fro this girls back and slide them together to connect thing yin yang right in the center of the back. The Yin Yang is also known as the Tajitu which, means the Yin has a destructive outlook and the Yang is supposed to create.
The detail in both sides I breath taking and really creates a desire in you to stare and analyze this tattoo for hours.
This yin yang tattoo is made up of two images and is portrayed in the classic tribal tattoo style.
The right side of the yin yang is a fierce dragon and the left side is a beautiful and artistic design. Not only is the darker side of the yin yang not completely filled in, but its filled elaborate details.
The symbols around the tattoo are a great addition and the I in the middle of getting yin Yang is very unique. You can go in for a tattoo with the Yin and Yang as part of the design to show a sense of balance and harmony within you and in all the elements around you. It means that even forces that are diametrically opposite can manage to coexist and work together. Each tattoo is a yin yang individually but also if you take a look, one of them is predominantly darker and the other one is mainly lighter. We get to witness the yin yang be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces on the back of this persons legs. The shading on the right leg looks filled in completely and it appears that no spaces were missed.
I’m not sure if this yin yang tattoo is separated onto two different people or just one person on each wrist.
I would assumer it would be on two different people because of the difference in sleeves and the slight color difference in the skin tone.
These qualities are balanced by the ones attributed to Yang that represent solidness, heat, dryness, speed and aggression. One needs all these qualities in the right proportion and available at the right time to be able to have a good and balanced life.16. The red background of the classic yin yang adds a slight pop of color to really make this little piece stand out. The line work of this symbol that stands for good and evil looks super clean and almost flawless. When you are going for a Yin and Yang tattoo make sure that you do some research on what it means and represents before even looking at designs.
This way you will be able to enjoy the tattoo not only with your eyes but also with the mind and the heart. You can go for the Yin and Yang symbol by itself or get it done with something that is equally significant and meaningful to you. You can go in for the design that looks like the sun and moon with the red light and white light blazing out of it. The tattoo starts off as a full yin yang and every step breaks down the tattoo into smaller and smaller pieces.
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