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Announcements and news came during keynote by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki at VidCon, event attended by thousands of video creators and fans. Wojcicki was speaking at the Vidcon event in Anaheim, California today, where thousands of video content creators and fans have come together for the sixth annual year. More about the announcements and stats are below, all of which came out of the formal part of Wojcicki’s keynote.
Rafati asked about YouTube creators that are wooed by or attracted to other platforms and traditional video outlets.
During her talk, Wojcicki announced YouTube has gained a new look available now to those using its Android app, accessing the site through a mobile web browser and promises the iOS app will be updated soon. About 35 accounts are currently eligible for the new buttons, and several of them were presented with real-world version in an awards ceremony following the keynote.
I want to leave you all with one final message: YouTube succeeds only if you, our creators, succeed. We’re finally in an era where diversity on the screen reflects the diversity of our society.
YouTube watch time is now up over 60% year over year, the fastest growth rate seen in two years.
People watching YouTube per day is up 40% since last year, as measured comparing March 2014 to March 2015.
The top 100 channels in Google Preferred saw an over 70% increase in revenue over last year versus regular partners, which had a 50% rise. The top 100 advertisers (those with highest media spend on video ads) spending 60% more than last year.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. The days of aiming to create a one-hit ‘viral’ on YouTube as a marketing strategy are long gone.
It’s essential to create a programming schedule and produce regular content to drive subscribers, repeat views and watch time, and to give subscribers a reason to return to your channel. Jeremy Rosen, The Orchard’s Director of Audience Development, advises: “At a minimum, there should be one piece of video content posted to your channel each month.
It’s not just about what kind of content you create or how often you upload it; if you don’t optimise your content properly, it won’t get the views or subscribers that you’re aiming for. Keywords are the most important factor in making your content easily searchable, so always ensure that your video titles, descriptions, links, annotations, tags and thumbnails are optimized.
Laura Bruneau points out that monetisztion is another key factor: “Other people will be exploiting your catalogue so it’s essential that you are too! Collaborate with your fans: YouTube is one of the most powerful social networks in the world, so focus on building up and engaging your community on YouTube. And as a final note, the YouTube Music Playbook is one of the best guides to the platform that there is, so use it to your advantage. I’ve been working on getting videos with my iPhone, getting my channel set up, and getting a plan together. 1) the camera has a nice built in mic that can, in times of laziness, work well without added mic.
3) I could figure out the simplest and quickest way to record audio on a seperate device then mix it and add it to the video.

Grassrootsy’s Top 10 Posts of 2015January 4, 2016Nailing down the top 10 posts of the year was no easy feat.
Google mochte mit dem Projekt des Redesigns von Youtube mobile naturlich an die mobile Zeitwende anknupfen. Watching YouTube videos on your iPod is easy, just follow the simple steps presented below. Home Section - This is the first screen you see when you start up our iPod video converter. If this is the second plus time you have run YouTube Downloader App, you will see the next screenshot.
YouTube Downloader App - This is the first screen you see when you start up YouTube Downloader App. YouTube - Now that you are on the YouTube website, you should find the video you want to download and convert.
Once you have found the video you want to get and you are on the video's YouTube Watch Page, click the "Select Stream" button [Purple Box]. From this page you can go back to YouTube and find another video to download following the steps above. If you would like to view the progress of your download, click the "Downloads" main menu button [Purple Box]. But after her talk, she was interviewed by Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of BroadbandTV. She also said that when creators expand off the YouTube platform into thing like books or TV, that can be complementary rather than pulling away from YouTube.
You’re the reason that we’re all here today; you’re the reason that VidCon exists in the first place. I’ve gone with that rather than from my live blog the written quotes captured much more than I could type. He’s a widely cited authority on search engines and search marketing issues who has covered the space since 1996. In today’s post they focus on how to monetize your YouTube videos, ways to collaborate with other arts and content creators, and the importance of generating regular content.
Try to keep it a consistent day of the month, like every third Thursday, and publicize that fact. Remember that YouTube is one giant search engine and you never want to underestimate the power of good data.
In addition, use tools like playlisting and in-video programming in order to link your viewers to related content and keep them viewing videos within your channel.
There may be a vlogger or episodic series on YouTube which fits your fans, your style, or are simply fans themselves. Google arbeitete daran, die mobile Version ubersichtlicher zu gestalten und mehr Funktionen auf engen Raum unterzubringen. Andrey Doronichev, Produktmanager fur Youtube Mobile, schreibt in seinem Blog, dass Youtube bald eine Zeitwende bevorsteht. You must be connected to the internet for this feature to work as you need to access YouTube to find and download videos.
Click the Downloader App Icon [Purple Box] in the Home Section Browser to run the YouTube Downloader App.
If this is the first time you are running YouTube Downloader App, you will see another page explaining what YouTube Downloader App does.

In this example we are looking for the "Big Underground Explosion 4" video, so we preform a search for it which takes us to the next screen. You will not be able to download videos from other pages like the YouTube homepage or search results. It be automatically added to iTunes if you chose the "MP4" and "Add MP4 to iTunes" options. All of you have invested in building your channels, building your businesses, listening viewer feedback, pored over your analytics and as a result, made great content and built strong communities. Danny also serves as Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media, which publishes Marketing Land and produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series. We write posts and publish contributed articles specifically with the Independent Artists in mind. Much of the post includes commentary from Industry professionals who specialize in YouTube Marketing. Some of the best videos on YouTube have been collaborations between channels and the value in cross-promotion is a no-brainer. YouTube Analytics gives you a detailed insight into what content is and isn’t helping you achieve your YouTube objectives. To view a larger version of any of the screenshots, simply click on the screenshot desired.
Simply click the "Click Here to Start" link and you will be taken to the page seen in the next screenshot.
The Stream URL textbox will change color to green when you are on a page where you can download a video.
If you selected the "FLV" format, you will need to convert the FLV file manually in Videora iPod Converter like any other video file. An individual artist would probably have a short monthly update or Hangout on Air scheduled. Check Analytics regularly and keep an eye on not just numbers of views, but also subscribers, watch time, engagement and so on. I’d just like to do something to slightly improve the quality so that my videos are a tier higher than a complete amatuer.
Damit werden naturlich zahlreiche Applikationen (auf vielen Smartphones auch vorinstalliert) komplett uberflussig. Studien zeigen, dass in den kommenden funf Jahren mehr Nutzer per Mobiltelefon das Internet nutzen werden als per PC oder Notebook. If you get a dialog box saying that the Downloader App could not be found, you will have to reinstall Videora iPod Converter and make sure the "YouTube Downloader" box is checked during the setup process. Whether you’re new to music-making, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in the middle, there’s something for everyone here. An diesen Trend mochte Google nun anknupfen – auf Youtube werden heute schon 100 Millionen Videos pro Tag per Handy abgerufen.

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