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Scary and gothic subjects, such as zombies, ghosts and vampires, have gained widespread popularity as tattoo subjects. Most of the times, people get the tattoos solely because they like the attractive and colorful pictures. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Zombie tattoos are immensely popular among fans of Gothic literature as well as movies and artwork of the horror genre. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Chinese Writing Tattoos, Johnny Depp Tattoos, Harry Potter Tattoos and Girls With Tattoos. Walk out in style sending shivers down the spine of onlookers with this sexy zombie tattoo. If you want to arouse fear in the onlookers then getting a zombie tattoo would be a cool idea and this image serves as a perfect inspiration.
Lovely and evil at the same time; this sexy zombie girl with tears in her eyes, looks intriguing.
The red roses and the dark zombie girl represent the love life of the guy that went haywire and the girl ditched him. Unique and cute, zombie tattoo, created on the inside of the arm, has got a sweet look that is quite endearing in appearance. Symbol of poison and death, this cool zombie tattoo, sitting on the calf, looks fascinating. This guy got the zombie tattoo, on his leg, as a mark of disgust towards his infidel girlfriend. This man is a fan of bassist and lead singer Kim Nekroman and got a zombie version of his portrait to express his love and adulation. Anyone would get scared at seeing this zombie tattoo that has got a worn out face and looks creepy to the core. This guy, while being admitted in hospital, had a very terrible experience with a nurse and the leg tattoo is a memorial for the same days.

A symbol of relief from a crisis; this zombie tattoo has got a badass, creepy touch that catches quick attention. Roaring female zombie, etched on the back, is a symbol of aggression and anger that the wearer possesses in copious amount and also wants to overcome. The zombies are dead people who have been brought back to life with voo doo and this wearer has great interest in black magic and got the tattoo for the same reason. Cool tattoo, carved on the inside of the arm, is a symbol of the ghastly accident of the wearer’s girlfriend. The good and the evil are two aspects of our lives and the latter is represented with this zombie tattoo. This faceless zombie is a symbol of the wearer’s fear of the unknown and also a way out to do away with the anxiety. This flesh-eating zombie boy looks fearsome as well as sexy, creating an alluring tattoo piece, on the arm. If you are fascinated with the walking dead people then this tattoo would be an excellent tribute to your fascination. Tattoos are popular style statements and this one expresses the saucy attitude of the girl through a zombie tattoo carved along with a quote.
This tattoo takes your breath away with its dead creepy expression, that consists of blood, gore and evil. Flashy and full of life; this zombie tattoo looks fantastic and has got a very catchy look. Realistic and detailed; this zombie tattoo, sitting on the arm, looks fabulous and exudes a cool appeal with its display. The girl got this tattoo as a tool of catharsis to come out of the pain she experiences at seeing his bedridden grandfather. Take inspiration from this forearm tattoo and bring creativity and style in your zombie tattoo. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.

Zombified versions of popular characters from various television shows and films, like The Simpsons, are often sported as fashionable tattoos.
Although zombie movies have been in circle for several decades, the effective combination of interesting stories with superior special effects has made this genre of horror much more popular than ever before. We love to watch horror movies and love to hear scary tales with the ghosts as central characters. As far as the meaning of these tattoos is concerned, it could be an expression of the fear, residing in the heart of the wearer.
Scroll down to check out some of the most horrifying yet attractive zombie tattoos that are sure to draw the attention and admiration of everyone. Our love and interest in fear can be seen in the form of the thousands of horror movies, dramas and mythical accounts that are found in various parts of the world, in different forms.
At times, people also get a zombie tattoo as a mark of relief after coming out from a crisis. For some, these tattoos look quite unique and different, thus allowing them to stand out in a crowd. If you are curious to know more about these tattoos, then take a look at this post that features 25 images with different types of zombie tattoos as backdrop.
Others may have a penchant for all things ghoulish and sporting a zombie tattoo allows them to express themselves creatively.
Zombie tattoos can come in a wide variety of styles and a person getting them can experiment with a wide variety of colors. Zombie tattoos are a good example of how the art form has been influenced by the fear factor. Sometimes popular cultural icons such as Elvis Presley, the Simpsons and characters from Pride and Prejudice are chosen to be portrayed as zombies.

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