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As a source of vitamin B17 you can use seeds of apples, blackberries, bitter almonds, cashew nut, brazil nuts, cherries, currant, pear, plum, and in smaller amounts found in strawberries, raspberries, quince, red beans, barley, millet, and etc… However, the most abundant vitamin is in apricot seeds. Depending on the stage of the cancer and its scope, doctors will help their patients to make a decision about what is most wise for their case. One of the most well-known breast cancer treatment options, chemotherapy can either be administered intravenously or via a pill. This form of cancer treatment involves the use of high-energy radioactive waves to kill cancer cells. Also called anti-hormone treatment, this therapy may be utilized if the tumor has hormone receptors.

Some women with breast cancer are given drugs that are intended to block the growth of breast cancer cells. When you are interested in learning more about your options, or how to treat cancer naturally, take a look at Cancer Fighting Strategies. In some cases, a combination of the following options may be needed for effective treatment of breast cancer.
In either form, the medication is used to kill cancer cells.While taking chemotherapy some patients must remain in the hospital. The treatment involves stopping the flow of estrogen and progesterone hormones that the tumor needs to grow.

This form of treatment is known as targeted therapy.The type of medication used will depend upon the source of the tumor's growth. If, for example, an abnormal protein is causing the growth, medication can be given to target and block the protein's interaction with the tumor.While none of these breast cancer treatment options may sound particularly pleasant, they all have a history of success in treating breast cancer. Otherwise they will be using this medicine illegally. In all this, we also need to mention that the food that we use in daily diet also contains many natural toxins and are healthy thanks to the fact that they are in such small quantities they do not harm our body.

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