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Currently, only about half of individuals 50 and older get a colonoscopy to check for polyps or colon cancer.
The DNA test involves a patient submitting a full stool for collection, says Gregory Cooper, MD, Medical Director, Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute; and Professor of Medicine, Oncology, and Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. A buffer is added to the stool, and it is shipped off-site for analysis to track five genes that could indicate the presence of polyps or colon cancer. Although colonoscopy is the current standard for polyps and colon cancer screening, it has its limitations, says Dr.
Investigators are examining the potential uses for stool DNA testing through a clinical trial currently recruiting1,600 patients. Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine received funding for the trial from a grant awarded by the National Cancer Institute’s Specialized Program of Research Excellence in Gastrointestinal Cancers.
The trial will monitor advanced adenomas, which are precancerous polyps thought to indicate the greatest risk for development into cancer. Stool DNA testing may have a complementary role in the future along with colonoscopies, Dr. Despite decreases in birth rates in the last 20 years, the latest National Poll on Children's Health shows Americans want a change in how the nation deals with teen pregnancy. A delegation of Japanese mayors and hospital executives will visit the University of Michigan from Nov.
The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a new study showing that the tragedy of drowsy driving is more pervasive than shown in previous estimates. New research from the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center could help physicians develop strategies to prevent repeat strokes in Mexican-Americans.
A youth-oriented exhibit that allows kids to pretend to participate in medical research and test their own knowledge of medicine and dispel myths is opening next week at the Detroit Science Center.
A brief, motivational talk in the emergency room reduced by half the chances that teenagers would experience peer violence or problems due to drinking, according to a study published Aug. Exclusive Brandon Inge giveaways await fans  as the Donate Life Coalition of Michigan partners with the Detroit Tigers at the annual Tiger Donor Awareness Game on Monday, July 19 at Comerica Park. Minority children and teenagers have fewer opportunities than white counterparts to be healthy, obtain a quality education and achieve economic success, according to a national survey of adults whose jobs involvechildren’s education, health and economic well-being. Nick Van Erp’s high school sports career ended prematurely when he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee during a spring lacrosse game his freshman year of high school, leading him to two failed repair surgeries before coming to the University of Michigan for his third. The case for in-hospital rapid response teams (RRTs), which have proliferated across hospitals throughout the U.S. African-American fathers who do not live with their sons and who suffer from depression are less likely to spend time with them, according to a University of Michigan study.
The H1N1 flu virus is spreading misery around the country, but University of Michigan researchers say that implementing and sustaining infection-limiting measures will still be a challenge. During the current flu season, and until further notice, the University of Michigan Health System and Saint Joseph Mercy Health System are now putting in place temporary visitor rules designed to slow the spread of all types of flu. The vaccine to protect against H1N1(swine flu) is trickling into doctors’ offices and health clinics, but just who should get it and what will the flu season be like? U-M is only one of three institutions nationwide to be named a Comprehensive Academic Sleep Program of Distinction by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Public concern about childhood obesity is on the rise and it continues to outrank all other health problems as the No.
The Howell Pediatrics and Teen Clinic at the University of Michigan Health System will offer a safety program, reading programs in English and Spanish and even a new penguin mascot with a specially-picked name to spice up the summer.
As the economy continues to falter, a poll released today shows that parents must make harder choices about how to spend what money they have, and children – especially those who are uninsured or who are among the lowest income bracket - are more at risk because of it. Despite a very challenging economic environment, the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers will end the fiscal year in the black later this month, according to preliminary results presented today at a meeting of the U-M Board of Regents.
The chemotherapy medication fluorouracil appears to reduce potentially precancerous skin patches and improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, according to a report by U-M associate professor of dermatology Dana L. The University of Michigan Trauma Burn Center sends children who were treated at the center for burn injuries to Burn Camp. Babies born to depressed moms are likely to suffer from chaotic sleep patterns, which could predispose them to depression later in life, according to a University of Michigan study published in the May issue of the journal SLEEP. From the School of Social Work - Nearly one out of five delinquent youths suffer from traumatic brain injury, which can contribute to wide ranging mental illnesses, a new University of Michigan study shows. The number of Americans living with diabetes has more than doubled in the last 25 years, and will keep growing into the future as today's overweight children, teens and adults face a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. A new U-M study hints that people who have both alcohol problems and sleep problems - which often occur together -- might be helped by an epilepsy drug. Every year, more than 115 million patients enter emergency rooms at hospitals around the nation.
The number of baby boomers opting for knee replacement surgery earlier in life is growing at an exponential rate - in just 10 years, there could be as many as 3.2 million knee replacements each year. One of the world’s first laboratories devoted solely to research on how sleep and biological rhythms influence depression, substance abuse and other aspects of mental well-being has opened at UMHS.
Findings from a new University of Michigan study identified high levels of asthma inhaler misuse among anti-social youths, who displayed higher levels of distress and were more likely to abuse other substances. While spring break trips can be fun for families, they can also be stressful — especially when it comes to dealing with unexpected health issues. Millions of kids today may face heart disease in the future, especially if heart disease runs in the family. For the sixth straight year, the U-M Depression Center will host the nation’s leading conference on college mental health issues on March 18 and 19. For nearly 100 years, the University of Michigan has helped lead the world in diagnosing and treating a broad range of life-threatening conditions that cause the heart to beat irregularly.
As if diabetes weren’t enough, a new study shows that 92 percent of older people with the disease have at least one other major chronic medical condition - and that nearly half have three or more major diseases besides diabetes.
Is a fear of getting fatter partly to blame for the fact that nearly one in five American women still smokes, and many don’t try to quit? Diets high in fat and sugar may not be the only things contributing to American children’s expanding waistlines.
The recall of a wire "lead" from implanted heart-rhythm devices affects about 500 of the 5,000 adults and children who have received such devices as part of their treatment at U-M.
A new generation of implanted heart-assisting pump does very well at helping severely ill heart-failure patients survive, and thrive, until they receive a heart transplant, according to a new study led by U-M Cardiovascular Center experts.
Kids who spend a lot of time playing video games are finding time to socialize with friends too -- though thats not the case when it comes to doing homework. Ongoing research at the University of Michigan is demonstrating that fibromyalgia may affect millions of Americans, and research using sophisticated imaging techniques is helping the medical community better understand this disease. A grand-opening celebration will be held on June 7 for the new U-M Cardiovascular Center building, and it will open to patients on June 11. Smoking, drug abuse and obesity are the nation's top three health concerns for kids, according to a recent poll conducted by the U-M C.S. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) today announced that the Washtenaw Community Health Organization (WCHO) and the University of Michigan (U-M) have been selected to participate in a pioneering national program to reduce the terrible toll of psychotic illnesses on young people and their families through prevention.
Training school social workers to lead talk therapy sessions during the school day can help teens and pre-teens recognize and begin to overcome mild depression, anxiety and anger problems, U-M research is showing. Intestinal obstruction repair - seriesNormal anatomyThe intestine is made up of the small intestine and the large intestine (colon). Use these frequently visited links to find important information, send greetings, and pay bills.
Whether you are a patient in our care - or visiting one - we are committed to making every occasion at St.
This study aims to establish the efficacy and safety of a proposed herbal moisturising cream containing Arctium lappa L.
This study is a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with two parallel groups (proposed herbal moisturising cream vs. This trial will utilise high-quality methodologies in accordance with both consolidated standards for reporting trials guidelines and the guidelines for clinical trials of cosmetics products that are aimed at expressions and advertisement approval in Korea. BackgroundDry skin is usually described as a rough, scaly and flaky surface, which worsens under low humidity conditions and often includes sensations of the loss of elasticity and itch [1]. RecruitmentWe will recruit participants by advertising in local medical centres and on the websites of local medical centres of Gyeonggi province. Calculations were performed using 80% power, a 5% significance level, and a 20% dropout rate. Diagnosed with dry skin by the doctor (Korean medicine) or presenting with itching or a dry skin condition.
The use of a topical medication containing steroids to treat skin disease more than once a month. Use of the same or similar cosmetics (or pharmaceuticals) at the test site within three months of the interview. Having undergone a skin peeling or wrinkle removal procedure during the six months prior to the interview. Any other reasons of unsuitability for the clinical trial at the discretion of the investigator.
AcknowledgementsThis work was supported by a National Research Foundation of Korea Grant, funded by the Korean Government (NRF-2011-013-E00059). Competing interestsThe authors disclose the following: GTL, YKY, and KKL are employees of Coreana Songpa Research and Development Center in Coreana Cosmetics Co. In the past, people didn’t really think that it is important to take care of their colon, but in our days, this matter becomes more and more important.
These have been picked because they are able to absorb the toxins and they have no side effects.
This product is best known for the fact that (according to its manufacturers) it can help the users lose up to 15 pounds in only a week or two.
You could be thinking about this product as just another nutritional supplement that you have to take with your meals.
About a day after you take it, the product start working, cleaning up all the waste that hasn’t been digested until that moment. This product is actually a cleanser that is meant to clean out all the animal fat that has been built up on your intestines during the decades. We can’t really say that it is a pharmaceutical product, since it is using numerous natural ingredients.
Just like the majority of the colon cleanse products, this one also requires different phases of cleansing. Just as the name suggests, the main point of the product is to oxidize the waste that has built up in the colon.

It is very likely that the users will be experiencing some weight loss, because they get rid of all the unnecessary substances. The best thing about Perfect Cleanse is that it has a gentle way of cleansing the liver, gastrointestinal tract and the bloodstream of all the toxins and the waist that has been accumulated over the years.
This means that there are no foreign substances working in your body; it does all the work on its own. Stool DNA testing, a noninvasive screening in development at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, may help to boost colon cancer screenings. Hardacre, MD, FACS, Surgical Director, Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, UH Digestive Health Institute; and Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Surgical Oncology, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. The trial will take place over four years at University Hospitals Case Medical Center and its satellite facilities, Dr. The grant focuses on translational research that will help decrease the incidence of and deaths from colon cancers and cancers of the esophagus.
Programs may inlcude community service child care, paternity testing and other programs aimed at increasing the responsibility of teen fathers.
16-18 as part of a partnership that will help revamp how family medicine is practiced in Japan.
Their study shows that drowsy driving involves about one in six deadly crashes; one in eight crashes resulting in occupant hospitalization, and one in fourteen crashes in which a vehicle was towed. Landmark work by the U-M Stroke Program shows Mexican-American stroke survivors with a heart rhythm disorder have more than twice the risk for another stroke compared to whites. The exhibit is the second installment of an effort by University of Michigan researchers to help increase participation in medical and behavioral research studies. The game will feature 14-year-old Juan Lopez, an organ transplant patient at the University of Michigan, throwing the first pitch and exclusive giveaways to registered organ donors.
His story is not unique-18,000 to 35,000 ACL repairs will fail a year, requiring additional surgery which is more complicated, less successful and requires a longer rehabilitation period. Treating their depression could help them play a more active and positive role in their lives, says U-M pediatrician R. The research and development facilities currently are vacant as U-M plans to turn it into a center for innovative research and education. A University of Michigan Health System infectious disease expert offers advice for managing what could be a rough flu season.
This special week is designed for children between the ages of seven to 17 who have survived devastating burn injuries. Surgeon General, will give the keynote address during the Medical School commencement exercises 5 p.m. Whether it’s with toys or food, that inability to wait can lead to weight gain as they reach their pre-teen years.
For this reason and more, UMHS will spend $4.5 million over the next nine months to move, consolidate and expand its outpatient space for diabetes care and most other adult endocrinology services. But in fact, those first six months of life are crucial to developing the regular sleeping and waking patterns, known as circadian rhythms, that a child will need for a healthy future. The study, which is small but was placebo-controlled, opens the door for further research on how to help alcohol-dependent people escape the Catch-22 of insomnia and drinking that often stands in the way of their recovery.
So as you make a list of school supplies to buy for the upcoming school year, a U-M dietitian says to consider the items at your local supermarket that can also help prepare your child for the classroom.
Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, childhood obesity is now the No. While knee replacements do have a positive impact on a patient’s quality of life, U-M experts worry that the demand for new knees could outpace the availability of surgeons. Based at the U-M Depression Center, it welcomed the first research volunteers to its new eight-bed facility this month, and is seeking many more participants for a number of research studies. To help alleviate some stress, a U-M pediatrician encourages parents to prepare for health situations before they take off on their next family getaway, and offers tips for what to pack should your child get sick while traveling. But University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center experts say parents can act now to change their children’s diet and exercise regime to put them on a better path to a healthy heart.
But in the wake of the tragedy on the campus of Virginia Tech, the conference has taken on a heightened significance.
And each year, thousands of children and adults from Michigan and across the country come to U-M’s Cardiovascular Center and Congenital Heart Center for treatment for such conditions, called arrhythmias. The sheer number, severity, and type of these other conditions all appear to decrease patients’ ability to manage their diabetes. According to U-M researchers, smokers are more likely to have unrealistic body image and eating problems, and women who had weight problems as girls are more likely to start smoking early.
This announcement can help patients understand if they might be affected by the recall, and what to do if they are. The device, called HeartMate II, also helped patients’ original hearts regain function and allowed their other organs to heal by restoring blood flow. To help you stay safe this summer, a U-M expert offers tips avoid some of the more common summer burns, including those from the sun and fireworks. But for a growing number of people, the story behind their tattoo is something theyd like to erase like the tattoo itself.
The new building will provide one-stop access to most of the Universitys adult heart and vascular care and allow U-M specialists from different disciplines to work together as never before.
Still, studies have shown that Americans don't know enough about why strokes happen, what to do when they happen or how to prevent strokes from happening. Vorvick, MD, Medical Director and Director of Didactic Curriculum, MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies, Department of Family Medicine, UW Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Washington.
They can also protect sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections.
It will evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of a proposed herbal moisturising cream containing Arctium lappa L. The causes of dry skin are still not fully understood, and a characterisation and definition of this skin disorder have only recently been completed [2, 3]. Respondents will be contacted by clinical trial coordinators (CRC) to determine eligibility via a telephone pre-screen.
It is more prevalent in geriatric populations than in younger patients and could be affected by environmental factors, such as frequent washing, the use of harsh detergents and exposure to low-humidity air [4].
It is produced by Ultra Herbals LLC and the advantage is that it is made only using natural ingredients.
The users state that the product helped them regarding irritable bowel syndrome and constipation, bloating and they even managed to lose weight. It offers therapy for the digestive system and is said to offer great results when it comes to improving the quality of life of the users. During the first part, you have to use the Colon Clear Formula that consists of natural fibers that clean the system of toxins and waste. This is made of natural herbs that also fight the toxins and restore the normal functioning of the colon.
It has 2 steps that the users have to go through and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t cause the majority of the problems that are usually associated with detox. The main point is that it will ‘blow’ your colon in a good way to help you get rid of all the waste and toxins that have built up during the last years.
In case you are using the product regularly, you will be able to get free of all the extra baggage that you have been carrying until now. The advantages that it comes with include the fact that it is gentle, so it is just perfect for the people who are opting for cleansing for the first time. The website of the product offers a lot of information to the users and the instructions are easy to understand too. The best thing about it is that it offers the body a certain period of time to get used to the new flora balance of the intestines. The ingredients that it has are botanical, and so it is able to support the auto-cleansing function of the body. One of these ingredients is wall-crack chlorella that cleanses the walls of the intestines.
All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. The test might be a reasonable screening option in younger patients or to help determine which patients should return for further evaluation, Dr. These second strokes among Hispanics are also more likely to be severe, though they don't have a greater risk for death. While childhood obesity, drug abuse and smoking top this year's list, most adults who rate childhood obesity, stress and teen pregnancy as big health problems also think these problems are getting worse.
Fans can visit the Donate Life Coalition near gates A and B to register to save lives as organ donors and get a chance to receive special-edition Brandon Inge baseball cards and two Tigers jerseys signed by Detroit Tigers third baseman Brandon Inge.
Physicians at the University of Michigan say multiple factors attribute to a failed repair and they caution patients to inquire about their surgeons’ previous experience with the procedure.
The group’s work reveals several issues that will require national attention now to ensure current and future recommended adolescent immunizations will be used to their potential. Mott Children’s Hospital, kids who aren’t getting enough sleep also may be at an increased risk for being overweight. To help answer those questions, a U-M Health System expert offers parents a seven-step guide to better understand tonsils, tonsillitis, strep and tonsillectomies before the start of the school year.
While laser technology is making it easier to remove most tattoos, it can still be a painful and costly process. So, the U-M Stroke Program is offering a test that can check anyones stroke IQ, and maybe bump it up a few points. The poll also revealed that driving accidents, Internet safety, school violence, sexually transmitted infections, and abuse and neglect rank among the top 10 overall health concerns for U.S. Herbal medicines or their extracts have been available as topical formulations and cosmetics.
We will recruit 66 healthy male and female participants, aged 20 to 65 years, who have been diagnosed with dry skin conditions.
It is also known as a skin-barrier defect and is mainly attributed to a reduction in sebum secretion and consequent loss of water from the stratum corneum (SC).
Enrolled participants will be randomly allocated to one of two parallel groups: the proposed herbal moisturising cream or the placebo cream. If an applicant meets the study criteria, he or she will be invited to the clinical research centres to be further examined for eligibility. We plan to enrol 33 participants in each of the two groups to allow for a 20% withdrawal rate, which will ensure that the sample size is in excess of 20, in accordance with the clinical research guidelines of the KMFDS.Randomisation and allocationThe randomisation procedure will be guaranteed by Coreana, a consignment organisation.
These tests help identify and exclude patients with serious liver and kidney disease or other severe illness.

These factors can influence moisturiser studies, and so in this study, certain clinical and habitual factors, such as the menopausal state, bathing habits and the treatment experiences of other skin diseases will be included in the baseline assessments.Prior studies of moisturisers have mainly focused on short-term results using measurement devices, as it is possible to attain an improvement in the skin moisture shortly after a single application. Authors confirm that an earlier draft of the protocol was reviewed by the Committee of National Coordinating Center for Global Cosmetics R&D project prior to funding being granted.
The company has been participating in Korean Healthcare Technology R&D Project mentioned in acknowledgements as a collaborative partner for developing cosmetic ingredients and designs. This product is offered by Digestive Science and it is one of the most popular products of the company. The ingredients that make all this possible include fennel, ginger, flax, cloves, garlic and psylium husk. Although the human body has been created to dispose of the waste, it looks like it cannot get rid of animal fat and animal protein so it needs some help from our part. Besides the detoxification benefits, there are also some other health benefits as well that the users can benefit from.
In case you have been dealing with constipation, the product will take care of that matter too.
The poll also reveals that bullying, Internet safety and teen pregnancy rank among the nation’s top health concerns for kids.
The intestine absorbs nutrients and water from the diet.Indication, part 1Obstruction of the intestine occurs when food and water cannot pass through the intestine.
Participants will be randomly allocated to receive either the proposed herbal moisturising cream or a placebo cream for four weeks. Moreover, we will also employ health-related quality of life questionnaires to assess changes in the quality of life.
A healthy SC forms an effective permeability barrier that restricts water loss from the body and blocks the penetration of harmful irritants and allergens [4].Moisturisers are commonly used by both patients with dry skin conditions and people with healthy skin.
Each participant will be examined for signs and symptoms of skin conditions before and after taking the medication.
Korean medicine doctors and internal medicine doctors will conduct the screening together to improve the quality of the eligibility assessment.
A statistics expert who will have no contact with the study participants will conduct the randomisation of the participants.
Investigators will assess a significant result in these tests according to explicit criteria defining the incidence and intensity of adverse events. The protocol was also reviewed by the IRB members of Wonkwang University Sanbon Oriental Medical Center. The remaining authors declare that they have no competing interests.Authorsa€™ contributionsAll authors participated in the conception and design of the trial.
The ingredients that it is made of include bentonite clay, activated charcoal and flaxseed. It has been proven with the help of clinical trials that the product helps the digestive system and that it offers a pleasant experience. During this time the intestinal passages are cleaned to free you of all the accumulated waste. However, a lack of knowledge persists regarding the effects of moisturisers on skin barrier function [5]. A follow-up to evaluate the long-term safety will be performed via a phone call (Figure 1).
Participants will be assigned random numbers using a random number generator program (Microsoft Office Excel 2007). Therefore, in addition to the primary outcome and secondary outcomes that were measured using instruments, the EQ-5D, HUI-III, DLQI self-reported measures were also included to examine changes in the general and disease-specific quality of life.Herbal products have gained increasing popularity and are now used by approximately 20% of the population in the United States [16].
The product offers relief in case of constipation, constant tiredness, diarrhea and the inability to focus, among other symptoms. If the obstruction is not relieved, it can lead to intestinal gangrene and perforation.Indication, part 2The most common causes of intestinal obstruction in adults are adhesions, hernias, and colon cancer. Skin hydration, sebum (oily secretion) levels and transepidermal water loss (TEWL; constitutive loss of water from the skin surface) will be assessed. Internal medicine doctors will assess the complete blood cell count (CBC), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), blood chemistry, urine analysis, and vital signs to exclude patients with serious liver and kidney diseases.
These random numbers will be sent to the clinical centre, and the randomisation table will be kept blind by the consignment organisation during the research period.
Similar usage patterns can be observed for cosmetics, and due to the harmful effects of chemicals, studies and markets have focused on herbal cosmetics [17]. Adhesions are scars that form between loops of intestine, usually caused by prior surgery, which causes such scar formation. Participants will also be asked to fill out a health-related quality of life questionnaire. A 2009 national survey study found that 49.4% of patients with a skin problem in the United States had used a CAM treatment within the previous year, and 6% had used one of these treatments specifically for their skin disease [6].
All of the main analyses will be based on the intention-to-treat population and conducted using the LOCF (last observation carried forward) imputation method.
Hernias are areas of weakness in the abdominal wall, through which loops of intestine can slip and become trapped. Safety will be assessed using blood tests, urine analysis, a pregnancy test, and the assessment of vital signs.
Several herbal medicines have been promoted for ameliorating various dermatological conditions, and some of them, such as propolis, rosemary, sage, sumac and other extracts, are available in topical formulations and cosmetics [7].Arctium lappa L.
Opaque-sealed envelopes containing serial numbers will be delivered to the clinical centre. ESS, JTH, GTL, YKY, and KKL contributed to the research design and made critical revisions.
An opaque-sealed randomisation table kept by the consignment organisation should be opened as part of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Paired t-tests or non-centrality Wilcoxon rank sum tests will be used to compare the safety variables. While each reason for intestinal obstruction requires a different treatment, all intestinal obstructions are potentially life-threatening.IncisionIn most cases, surgery is necessary.
Healthy volunteers without skin diseases or any other diseases (acute or chronic) will be enrolled. If it has to be opened during an urgent situation involving serious adverse events, the primary investigator must report the incident to the Ethics Committee and the consignment organisation. Repeated measures ANOVA (analysis of variance) or repeated measures ANCOVA (analysis of covariance) tests will also be performed as within-group and between-group analyses. While the patient is deep asleep and pain-free (general anesthesia), an incision is made in the midline of the abdomen. Participants will be instructed regarding their participation during the run-in, treatment, and follow-up periods.
Before the random assignment, all participants will be informed that they will be assigned to one of two groups.
Baseline data will be collected on each participant during the randomisation and can be used to describe the population of patients, to compare the treatment groups, to achieve balance in the randomisation, to adjust for possible confounding of the prognostic factors, and to undertake subgroup analyses.
Written informed consent will be obtained from each participant.Exclusion criteriaParticipants will be excluded if they suffer from any serious medical conditions, such as uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes mellitus requiring insulin injection, past or current malignancy, liver or kidney dysfunction, anaemia, active pulmonary tuberculosis, other severe dermatitis, or any infectious or systemic diseases.
We will exercise caution when drawing conclusions from the subgroup findings.Statistical analyses will be performed using the STATA statistical package program (ver. Especially in terms of advertising, only cosmetics products that have established evidence using clinical trials are allowed to mark and announce their efficacy. Random numbers will be matched to their corresponding participants according to the order of the time of second visit. If colon cancer is present, cancerous areas are removed, which also relieves the obstruction. Moreover, according to legislation by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KMFDS), moisturisers cannot be recommended for the treatment of skin diseases [10].The purpose of this study is to establish the basic clinical efficacy and safety of a proposed herbal moisturiser cream containing Arctium lappa L. The group assignment results will not be announced to the participants until the last visit of the last participant.BlindingDuring the trial, investigators will not be in contact with the consignment organisation, the clinical pharmacist, or the statistician. Investigators can also convene to discuss practical issues that they might encounter, such as dealing with serious adverse events, revising the protocol, and addressing certain important issues that might be raised by investigators and participants. Therefore, the potential for rare but dangerous side effects indicate that safety issues should also be examined during clinical trials. We define adverse events as unintended signs, symptoms, or diseases occurring after treatment that may or may not be related to the intervention.
In this study, we will perform blood tests, urine analysis and adverse event case reports to confirm the safety of the proposed herbal moisturiser.In conclusion, the present trial includes two unique features. If any parts of the intestine look unhealthy from lack of blood flow during the period of obstruction, they are removed and the healthy ends are reconnected. This trial was designed in accordance with the consolidated standards of reporting trials guidelines (CONSORT) and the guidelines for clinical trials of cosmetics products that are aimed at expression and advertisement approval in Korea [11] and will be conducted as a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Researchers who are blinded to the group assignment results will perform the outcome assessment. The safety assessment is based primarily on the frequency of adverse events, including all serious adverse events. First, we developed a protocol in conjunction with the recommendations of the consolidated standards of reporting trials (CONSORT) checklists for herbal interventions and the clinical trial guidelines of the KMFDS for cosmetics products. A patient's recovery depends on several factors, including the cause of the intestinal obstruction and the length of time prior to relief of the obstruction. The blinding procedure will also be verified by the consignment organisation.Treatment protocolParticipants will receive the proposed herbal moisturising cream or a placebo cream for four weeks.
Information on the adverse events will be summarised by presenting the number and percentage of participants experiencing any adverse events. Second, we conducted a systematic review before developing the study design and adopted outcome measurements following the results [22].This study will demonstrate the efficacy and safety of the proposed herbal moisturiser in healthy people with dry skin conditions. During the trial, all adverse events will be observed in detail and documented using case report forms (CRFs).EthicsWritten consent will be obtained from each participant. This study protocol was approved by the institutional review board (IRB) of the Wonkwang University Oriental Medical Centre.
However, no pilot study has previously been reported.Experimental creamCoreana Cosmetics Co.

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