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People usually ignore minor earaches but when it becomes severe, it can no more be ignored. The antibiotic and analgesic properties of garlic make it a beneficial spice to provide relief from pain, resulting from an ear infection. The other remedy is making a mixture of mustard oil and garlic and warming it up over a flame till the garlic get brown and releases its oil. Crush an onion and wrap it tightly in a clean piece of cloth and then hold the cloth over the hurting ear for 5 to 10 minutes. Olive oil serves as a lubricant that helps to get off the ear infection and offers instant relief from an earache. Bishop’s weed oil is considered to be the most effective of all natural cures for curing earaches.
Ginger is a natural painkiller and as anti-inflammatory spice that is useful in treating different kinds of ear infections. Alternatively, mix one teaspoon of fresh root of ginger in ? a cup of sesame oil and warm it. Instead of hair dryer, even a hot water bottle can also be made use of. Wrap the hot bottle in a clean towel and press it against the affected ear for several minutes. Then apply some drops of peppermint oil on the exterior portion of the ear, without letting it enter the ear.
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It can be caused due to various reasons like formation of wax in the ear, bacterial infection, due to severe cold or due to some kind of injury caused in the ear. Rarely may it become life threatening and can be potentially harmful, especially when caused by an infection. Earaches are a common occurrence in children as well as adults, but these can be easily managed with natural remedies that are easily available in kitchen itself.
One of the remedy is using the juice from a few garlic cloves and putting it in the affected ear. Repeat this process for a number of times in a day and get relieved from shooting pain or earache. Prepare a mixture using three teaspoons of sesame oil and one teaspoon of Bishop’s weed oil and warm it a little. Extract ginger juice and put it inside the affected ear to get rid of inflammation and pain.
Once it gets cooled, apply the mixture on the external portion of the infected ear and experience the relief in matter of a few minutes.
It will offer tremendous relief from ear ache. In case, earache occurs due to flying, let your mouth swallow a chewing gum or candy, while the plane is landing. Alternatively, yawning during the landing is another excellent way to keep the Eustachian open.
Extract the juice from peppermint leaves and with help of dropper, put a few drops inside the aching ear.

In case of doubt, it is better to dilute peppermint oil with olive oil, before applying it externally. Then after it gets cooled, strain the oil into glass container and pour it gently into the aching ear. After a bath, use a blow dryer to dry the ears. Hold the dryer a little away from the ear and set it on warm setting, allowing the warm air to enter the ear and dries away all moisture.
Some people can even have earaches if excess water gets into the ear while taking a bath or while swimming. Earaches are usually caused by buildup of fluids in middle portion of the ear that is the result of common cold, wax deposition in ear, loud sounds, nasal blockage, altered ear pressure, physical damage to inner portion of ear or an ear infection. Apply this thick paste on the exterior portion of the ear and continue the application till earache improves. Generally doctors prescribe painkillers to get instant relief from the acute pain, it is always better and wise to follow effective home remedies as it is a safer option to treat the ache successfully.

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