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With the First Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil for Climate Deception Announced, What Do We Know About Its Risk from Climate Change Impacts?
At the end of the classic 1985 movie “Back to the Future”, our young heroes travel in a flying DeLorean to a distant time: October 21, 2015, to be precise. In our own version of 2015, we’re distinctly deficient in self-tying shoes, self-drying clothes, and hoverboards (maybe). And we, like a hacked DeLorean accelerating toward 88 MPH, just might be ready to take it to a whole new plane.
John Rogers is a senior energy analyst with expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and policies.

What Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker find is a world that is familiar in a lot of ways, but advanced in others. And (maybe more importantly) there’s a decided dearth of garbage-fed flux capacitors for flying cars. But don’t worry: more autonomous (and talking?) vehicles just might be in our (near) future.
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It turns out we still power a few too many of our cars and homes with fossil fuels (that’s so 20th century…).
But when it comes to some other aspects of energy and transportation, here are seven examples of how we’ve come a long way.

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