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Insulated and lagged with a gas tight casing, the economizers will be structurally engineered to handle any loads transmitted through your duct work, stack, etc.
The cold sink may be either make-up water or a completely separate stream to be used elsewhere in your process or plant.
Boiler efficiencies reaching 95% may be obtained by adding a Condensing Economizer to your system.
Our Heat Recovery Products are a vital part of our sustainability initiative and a part of the many ways in which we provide innovative solutions to maximize waste heat recovery.
Kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS) are systems used in Formula 1 vehicles in order to recover kinetic energy for future use.

Click here to see the operation of a kinetic energy recovery system, and watch the video below to see KERS in action.
We carry this attitude forward as we work closely with our fabrication personnel and field technicians. The economizer is designed for economically optimum heat recovery with typical paybacks being in the months. In addition, CMM also designed and installed three production line wet-end enclosures featuring a collection hood fitted with low-cost disposable filter pads within each enclosure. It works by converting the energy of motion when the car decelerates into electrical energy which is stored in a battery, supercapacitor,[2] or as mechanical energy in a flywheel,[3] and would otherwise be lost as heat.[4] The driver can then press a button on their steering wheel, discharging the battery to motion of the drive shaft and giving their vehicle a boost of power.

In addition to providing innovative solutions to increase alternative energy production, we are constantly looking for ways to improve renewable energy technologies and maximize waste heat recovery processes. CMM also installed filter boxes above each production line to capture large particulates and provide high efficiency final filtration.To provide important energy savings, CMM installed an energy recovery system designed to utilize the RTO exhaust heat to preheat and supply air to the general production area by using the six make-up air units already in place.
The energy recovery system is designed to transfer over 6,000 BTU’s per hour by taking the 70,000 scfm exhaust from the RTO and routing it through a heat exchanger to heat the fresh- filtered air to a set-point temperature during the colder heating months.

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