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With the rapid increase in the number of cancer cases, health experts are searching for new treatment options to prevent and treat the deadly disease.
Red clover flower could impair development of new blood vessels that supply nourishment to the cancer tumors, preventing their rapid growth and multiplication. Natural oil present in this culinary herb could obstruct growth of blood vessels that supply nutrients to the malignant tumor. Periwinkle, an easy to grow flower that grows throughout summer, is used in traditional Indian herbal medicine for treating certain types of cancers.
Laboratory studies have shown that ashwagandha, also known as Indian winter cherry, could inhibit growth of cancer cells. The active agents in this herb called ruscogenins have amazing anti-oestrogenic as well as tumor-shrinking capabilities. This particular herb, native to China, boosts the immune system and enhances production of interferon from the body.
This herb has amazing anti-neoplastic properties because of which it helps in preventing cancer tumors. This herb is widely known as a remedy for stomach cancer that is caused by Helicobacter pylori. It is anti-oestrogen and has been helpful in treating both breast cancer and prostate cancer. The sound of cancer can in itself be daunting and drains the individual of all the positive thoughts. At the initial stages and also somewhere farther into the condition, the natural therapies are known to have noted positive effects on the health and the concerned prognosis. Carrot juice is an excellent supplement which needs to be taken around thrice a day to boost up the defense mechanism related to the body. This is a natural concoction which has noted positive effects on the body in treating the issues related to cancerous cells effectively. Few tablespoons of tequila need to be added along to give stability and render effectiveness to the formed concoction. This is a highly used natural therapy having noted effects in curing cancer and killing the cells associated. The herbal supplement can be grafted in the form of pills or can be taken in solitary forms.
Another noted inclusion are the green tea extracts which have advantageous effects related to cancer.
This happens to a noted protocol which is highly natural yet beneficial in treating cancer and related symptoms. Liver cancer has become very common and is a result of liver disorders like hepatitis and cirrhosis which is caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol and getting exposed to toxins. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Lung Cancer is the form of cancer that emerges from lungs and may also spread to different parts of the body. Several treatment options are available for lung cancer patients; however, these treatments do not provide instantaneous relief as well as cause negative side-effects. This herb is known to display strong anti-oxidant properties, which help in boosting immune system in individuals suffering from lung cancer. This home remedy has been used extensively for treating skin infections, cardiovascular disease, as well as high cholesterol levels. You can find some effective conventional methods of treatment but they are bound to have side effects on you. Green tea is an effective herbal remedy that has antioxidant properties that can help treat skin cancer. Lemon balm may not be very popular but it is one of the best herbal remedies for curing skin cancer. You can regularly apply turmeric paste on the area affected with skin cancer to diminish its adverse effects and cure the person suffering from this deadly disease.
Aloe vera is a time tested herbal remedies that can help treat a number of ailments including skin cancer. You can extract fresh aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area to treat skin cancer. If you have oral cancer, you must try to induce sweating as it helps in eliminating toxins and cleansing the body.
The dentist checks the internal parts of the mouth to see if there are colored patches, lumps, sores and any other problem. In traditional medicines, herbs have played a major role in halting the growth of malignant cells. Tea prepared with red clover flower might flash out carcinogenic substances from the blood.
Studies have shown that rosemary contains terpene, a type of fatty acid, which might prevent growth of cancer cells. Ursolic acid and rosmarinic acid present in thymol, an essential oil present in thyme, enhance the body’s ability to fight cancer cells. The anti cancer compounds present in this herb could even kill the existing malignant cells.
There are various types of cancer but treatment methods are narrowed down to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.Although cancer can be treated alone with herbal remedies, it can be prevented and the side effects of the conventional therapies can be minimized by herbs.

But it has been found that milk thistle protects the liver while the cancer patient is on chemotherapy. Hence, it has come to be widely recognized as an effective herbal treatment for colon cancer and polyps.
Its antioxidant and anti-microbial properties makes it a good herbal remedy for breast cancer.
So, patients who are undergoing conventional treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy can use it. These bacteria find shelter in stomach’s mucus lining and hide from the destructive gastric acids. Apart from improving levels of oxygen in blood and tissue, it improves blood circulation in general. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Some issues resulting in this disease can be quite grave and proper medication becomes imperative. Getting the correct food combination alongside the best dietary supplements can help rectify some conditions associated with this disease.
Fat intake gradually worsens the situation by interacting with the malignant cells quite readily. Vitamin A has noted benefits on the positive effects related to curbing the growth of the cancer cells.
The application process remains simple and can be made by adding a pound of raw honey alongside few leaves of aloe-vera. This remedy needs to be taken in the oral form for ten days at a stretch to notice the slightest of improvements.
This can be made out of the oleander leaves and constitutes the properties related to immune building. This also has noted positive effects in curbing the side effects associated with the treatment of cancer. Aloe arborescence is one such noted herbal strain which deftly deals with several issues related to this life threatening disease. Tincture formed out of these is natural form of curing cancer and can be availed as protandim. Care should be taken that a doctor is consulted before taking herbs as medicines as they might interact with other medications.
The berry of the herb is used in treatment of liver cancer. It does not allow the cancer to spread. It is helpful in treatment of liver cancer as it reduces the dose of the chemicals that used during chemotherapy. Native to South and Central America, the medicinal properties of this herb have made it an excellent remedy for several conditions such as arthritis, cancer as well as infections. Skullcap is a part of the mint family and has been used extensively for treating cancer, atherosclerosis, hepatitis, insomnia, and inflammatory disorders. Ginger contains strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help destroying free radicals responsible for lung cancer. To make ginger tea at home, add small piece of ginger to a glass of water and boil this tea for 8-10 minutes.
Garlic exhibits strong antioxidant properties that help in destroying harmful free radicals.
There are a number of skin cancers that affect people but basal cell carcinoma is the most common types of skin cancers. To protect yourself from various side effects while curing skin cancer, you can opt for herbal remedies that can help cure skin cancer without causing any significant side effects. It helps protect the skin cells from harmful free radicals. The ultraviolet rays often lead to free radicals that eventually damage the healthy skin cells and cause skin cancer. This herb also has antioxidant properties that can save your skin from skin cancer. It can be taken regularly to get best results. This herbal remedy is also known to contain effective antioxidant properties that protect the skin from developing cancer cell. You need to apply this herbal remedy topically on the affected area for better results. You need to make a paste of this herb by mixing hoxsey drops, potassium iodide along with turmeric. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that can help thwart and destroy the melanoma cell growth. You can even mix turmeric to your food while cooking and get its benefits through your food. Applying this herb regularly to the affected skin directly can help treat the production of the cancerous cells. Smoking, tobacco use, excess alcohol intake, and sun exposure are some other causes of oral cancer. Eat foods like beans, cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, green tea, tomato, flax seed, berries, soy and grapes. Rosemary when taken alongside chemotherapy drugs might increase the effectiveness of the cancer therapy. It obstructs development of malignant cells by preventing cell damage caused by exposure to free radicals.
Liver toxicity is one of the worst side effects of chemotherapy and milk thistle reduces the risk of liver toxicity.

Its use has shown considerable decrease in the size of the tumor, especially in case of skin cancer. This is because these treatments diminish the levels of either red blood cells or white blood cells. As is known that oxygen is the arch enemy of cancer cells, wheatgrass can be taken regularly to keep cancer at bay. Being the most imperative aspect related to the well being, proper diet can go a long way in providing the body with an enhanced protection system.
The food products which are advisable to take are dairy products and whole grains coupled with vegetable and fruits. The beans contain potent phosphatidyl choline which repairs cell membranes and renews the cells. Mistletoe contains cytotoxins which cause necrosis of tumor and thus death of cancerous cells. When this herb is taken at the same time during chemotherapy it protects the cells from the harmful radiations and thus damage caused by them. Although lung cancer can affect individuals of any age, it mostly affects people older than 40 years of age. Health experts highly recommend the use of cats claw in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments. However, ginger also exhibits blood-thinning properties, therefore, it is advisable that you inform your doctor before consuming ginger. This is because fruits and vegetables contain high concentrations of vitamins that destroy free radicals. Some of the most effective herbal remedies for curing skin cancer include Green tea, aloe vera, ginkgo, milk thistle, lemon balm and turmeric.
But there are certain properties in the green tea that has the ability to neutralize the free radicals and prevent your skin from the cancerous tumors that can grow and harm you. Though this herbal remedy is not known to affect your body adversely, it may be better to consult the doctor before consuming this herb for treating skin cancer.
You can take this herb alone or combine it with some other herbal remedy to get fast relief from developing skin cancer. You can apply this paste at least twice a day on the affected skin and help cure skin cancer.
Therefore, you must keep the mouth healthy by brushing the teeth and using floss regularly. Avocado contains essential nutrients, folate and Vitamin E that helps in curing oral cancer. Researchers have found that coating turmeric paste inside the cheek of smokers could prevent oral cancer. Apart from these, it reduces side effects of conventional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  It should be used along with other herbs such as turmeric, astragalus and Echinacea for better results. Goldenseal has amazing anti-microbial properties and when used along with Bismuth mineral fights against stomach cancer. It has been found that when it is given to chemotherapy patients suffering from liver cancer it enhances the effects of the drugs thus helping in speedy recovery. Research studies have indicated that this herb exhibits anti-cancer properties due to presence of flavonoids.
Fruits and vegetables that possess highest amounts of vitamins include citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, kiwifruit, collard greens and bell peppers.
Some of the other skin cancer types include squamous cell carcinoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and malignant melanoma. Research has shown that the anthocyanins pigments derived from black raspberry help in preventing oral cancer. Black raspberries also contain other chemicals and antioxidants, which prevent cancer.
You can check if there are any lumps, colored patches, bleeding, tongue lesion, cracks and tenderness in the mouth. Liver cancer is sometimes characterised by gastrointestinal disorders which can be relieved by cinnamon. According to a research study conducted on human lung cancer cells, it was noted that skullcap induced death in cancerous cells. In addition to that, you should also consume fish as it contains high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, which help in destroying free radicals. You should try to stop the use of alcohol as it can increase the effectiveness of the cancer treatment. The dry black raspberry powder contains high amount of ellagic acid, thus helps in preventing the start of oral cancer and its spreading.
It can be taken in the form of tea by boiling the root in water and mixed with honey for taste. Mistletoe preparations stimulate immune system and recudes the number of cancerous cells, thus reducing the size of the tumor and further growth. Prior to using skullcap in the treatment of lung cancer, seek advice from your doctor regarding suitable dosage.
Other foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids include flaxseed, sunflower seeds, olive oil and nuts.

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