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You’ll find all the potions and their duration, toxicity, and number of bottles (Qty) you can imbibe below. Black Blood (Enhanced)- Witcher's blood injures Vampires and Necrophages when they wound him. Golden Oriole (Superior)- Grants immunity to poisons, neutralizes the effects of poisons already in bloodstream.
I am not sure whether this is because of the patch, but I cannot find the White Raffard’s Decoction (Superior) in any of the mentioned places i.e.
This alchemist, located just outside the Oxenfurt Gate of Novigrad, is the only NPC that will buy your monster trophies for decent prices. The potion of clearance resets all of your skill points when you use it, allowing you to re-specialize your points however you want. You can also buy the clearance potion from Keira Metz while she is still in her hut in Velen (before you continue her quest line), and from Gremist in Skellige (after you finish his quest line). Zerrikanian Saddlebags are the best saddlebags in the game, and will increase your maximum weight capacity from 60 to 160 which is VERY helpful if you’re always looting everything you see.
The quartermaster at the Nilfgaardian Army Group Center Camp in the far south-east of Velen will be happy to play with you as well.
Novigrad is the biggest city in the game, so it’s only natural that the biggest number of Gwent players and card sellers can be found here.
If you buy 3 decoy cards from the innkeeper in White Orchard (sells one at a time, meditate for 4 days, will sell another), you can take his spy cards off the board, into your hand, and play them back against him.

Below is a list of decoctions, the recipe, and where I found the monster mutagen required for that decoction. There are decoction recipes which can be bought from merchants (mentioned below), and they can also be looted from chests throughout the game. Note that there is a slight chance that the mutagen might not drop from the said monster below. 1x Mandrake RootAncient Leshen quest - In The Heart of the Woods (You have to choose to kill the Leshen) (lv.22).
There's also another Archgriffin you'll encounter from "The creature from the Oxenfurt forest" contract (lv35). Basilisk DecoctionApplies a buff increasing the intensity of a randomly selected Sign at dusk and dawn. Earth Elemental DecoctionIncreases resistance to Vitality-depleting critical effects applied during combat.
Another Ekimmara you'll encounter is through the contract "The Mystery of the Byway Murders" (lv.22). There are also 2 other Leshens in the marked areas below in Velen, but mutagen drop is not guaranteed. Chests contents are kinda random so you might get the recipes, diagrams or other items from those chests.All the basic, enhanced and superior potions in the Witcher 3.
During Echoes of the Past Yolar is at the druid camp where you will meet Ermion and Yennifer, but you can’t speak to him yet.

There are several merchants that will sell it to you, but the easiest choice is the herbalist in Novigrad, near the St. You can either purchase them for 900 gold from a merchant in Novigrad’s Putrid Grove, or get them for free from a horse race on the main Skellige island. That happened to me too, I’m kind of a Gwent addict, and whenever I find a new player, I always challenge him (her). However, they might not sell exactly the same recipes depending on your level or the potions you already have unlocked. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Gwent players and card sellers across the world.
I mention the below the quest and its recommended level. However, if you do not want to be spoiled by what quest you need to do to get the monster mutagen, then just avoid looking at the last column. In the alchemy skill tree there are skills you can learn to increase your toxicity level allowing you to imbibe more than 1 decoctions at a time. So you might not get the exact contents of the chest but instead another recipe or something else.
I checked both when I was at level 5 and level 11 and the herbalist had some new recipes available and some gone.

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