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There is controversy about the prevalence, and accuracy of diagnosis, of what is called chronic lyme disease. If you scored between 21 and 45, you possibly have a tick-borne disorder and should see a health-care provider for further evaluation. Our LocationThe Tigard Holistic Health Clinic is located a few miles southwest of Portland in Tigard, Oregon at 11930 SW Greenburg Road, just off 99W. To request an appointment, click here, and we will phone you the next business day to schedule you. We respectfully ask that you resolve any outstanding marijuana-related legal issues before seeking endorsement through our clinic. When you become our patient, you're choosing the one practice in Michigan who will be here for you year after year, with confidential & compassionate care.
The Dorn MethodThe Dorn Method is a very gentle and safe manual therapy which was developed to focus on the causes of common Back and Joint pain.
HOLISTIC NEWSLETTERThe Holistic Clinic newsletter provides lots of tips for promoting a healthy lifestyle! Sending the tick in for testing for the presence of lyme disease is one way to determine exposure.
Some areas of the state seem to have a higher rate of occurrence such as Southern and Eastern Oregon. It originated in Germany some 40 years ago where it has become very popular due to its simplicity, the ease with which it can be learned, and its many success stories.
This is the time it helps to speak with someone who can help you experience your life and relationships from a new perspective. The epidemiology of what we call lyme disease has been traced back as far as the 1800’s. If symptoms occur after a tick bite, the best course of treatment is a 6-8 week antibiotic course. Using a holistic approach and the Amen Clinics Method of understanding how your brain uniquely works we will find the best solutions that work for you.
Lyme disease was recognized in this country after an outbreak in Lyme, Connecticut in 1975.

Flu like symptoms, high fever, and joint pain are also characteristic of an acute infection.
The most common symptoms are roaming joint pain, headaches, twitching, numbness in the body, weakness in muscles, Bell’s palsy, visual changes, light sensitivity, shortness of breath, night sweats, memory loss, confusion, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, extreme fatigue, swollen glands and unexplained fevers. Lab testing is suggested but is not always accurate in identifying the presence of lyme disease. Here the therapist uses gentle and safe techniques that guide joints back into thier correct place, and used to begin the process of helping the body to restore itself to its optimum state.Thirdly and importantly, Dorn also teaches a set of simple, easy to learn self-help exercises which are designed to be taken away and practised at home. He received a Bachelor of Science Degree at Acadia University and attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC). Steer discovered that the disease was being transmitted by the bite of the Ixodes dammini tick.
These exercises are designed to help continue what a Dorn Therapist started, helping maintain balance in the body and therefore aim for good health over the long term.
In addition, the immune system, inflammatory properties, symptom relief, endocrine imbalances, pre-existing diseases, toxic exposures, and co-infections are all addressed. A few minutes spent each day for example on a simple leg length correction exercise, can help to keep the hip joint in place, and the spine sitting straight.
This means that when the medical history and the clinic symptoms are most characteristic of Lyme disease, then Lyme disease is diagnosed..
Norton coaches his clients in their return to active healthy independent living through education and the recognition that our daily thoughts, actions, diet, and lifestyle choices influence most, if not all of the acute and chronic illnesses that are present today.
Cristoveanu had the opportunity to work at several Veterans Health Administration (VHA) health care centers in New York which gave him an excellent background practising within a multi-disciplinary environment.
Troy Sturtevant graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and holds a degree in biology from Bishop's University.
His professional certifications include Active Release Technique, medical acupuncture, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
Sturtevant has worked with many athletes of various skill levels including varsity, Olympic, and professional athletes and is a devoted attendee of seminars provided by the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine. Sturtevant's professional experience involves working as a member of the core medical team for the 2008 Canadian Olympic Wrestling Qualifications, the 2009 Canadian Grappling team and the strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian Ultimate Frisbee Team.

Rebecca Glennie studied physiology and kinesiology at the University of Toronto and worked in the field of Cardiac Rehabilitation prior to attending Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Glennie became an Active Release Techniques® (ART) Instructor and in 2009 a Certified SpiderTech Instructor. Her approach in the treatment and management of chronic overuse injuries has made her especially popular amongst swimmers, marathon runners, paddlers and triathaletes.
Glennie, an internationally experienced competitive swimmer and triathalete, strives to bring a love of fitness and the outdoors to her patients. MacDonald graduated from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College with an Honours degree in Plant Science prior to earning her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. MacDonald has experience in successfully treating a wide range of health ailments including digestive concerns, allergies, fertility and peri-natal care, anxiety and depression, skin problems, autoimmune diseases and integrative cancer care.
She then pursued a Master's Degree in Physiotherapy at l'Université d'Ottawa, graduating in 2010. She has taken courses in manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, sports rehabilitation, Mulligan concept and soft tissue release.
Elise prides herself on client education and advice to prevent re-occurrence of the injuries.
Heidi is licensed by the College of Massage Therapist of Ontario (CMTO) and is also a member of the Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario (RMTAO). Also being passionate about health and wellness, and the positive effects of massage therapy Heidi provides her clients of all ages with a program of massage and home care.
This includes strengthening and stretch activities to encourage her clients to be anactive participant in their healing process.

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