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Traditional Chinese dancers wait to perform ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in Suphan Buri province, about 65.2 miles (105 km) north of Bangkok.
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Rice-grounds consist of neatly enclosed spaces, the clay banks surrounding them seldom exceeding two feet in height. Our engraving represents an early stage of the latter-the cleaning the cotton-wool, before it passes into the hands of the spinner. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The beautiful coastal lands of Colombia were first discovered in 1499, which was later followed by a Spanish occupation for 3 centuries.
The culture of Colombia has been influenced by Spanish, African, Caribbean, American, European and Middle Eastern countries. The traditional Columbian hat called the ‘Sombrero Vueltiao’ is an integral part of Columbian culture.

The traditional peasant women of Colombia are found wearing ‘panolones’ that are fringed shawls. The ‘polleras’ are made from cotton and wool depending on the season and are a one-piece skirt. Along with the dress, they have a headgear made of beads that are attached with a spring to make the beads bounce when the women move.
The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, begins on February 10 and marks the start of the Year of the Snake, according to the Chinese zodiac. It showcases the exciting work of our staff, offers tips in the craft, and highlights the emerging community of independent media makers.
As soon as the husbandman in China has got in his harvest-frequently on the very day that he concludes it,- he sows the seed of the cotton-plant.
This long occupation of Spain is the reason why there is a distinct influence of the Spanish culture to date in the culture and traditions of Columbia. Apart from them, the constant political changes, the globalization and urbanization have also brought about a number of changes in the culture. This hat is made from ‘Cana Flecha’ and was originally worn by the Columbian farmers for protection from the harsh sunlight, but later became a fashion accessory and is symbolic of Columbian culture.

During the festival time, the traditional dress worn by women is a round-neck blouse with laces on the edges teamed up with a long and flowery skirt called the ‘polleras’. Over the years, the polleras has evolved to be a piece of heirloom that is passed from one generation to another and is made with great extravagance. He does this by removing some of the soil with an iron rake, scattering the seed, and then raking the earth over it again. Thus, there is no separate culture prevailing in Colombia, instead they have accepted the Spanish culture and there are various regional cultures within Colombia. The hat was originally made by the Zenu tribe and can be seen worn by valleneto artists and cumbia dancers. During earlier times, the ruanas were made from un-dyed wool and were found only in the colour brown. The skirt generally has layers or ruffles and also has rich embroidery or floral patterns on it.

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