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The Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine will recommend the least invasive treatment option available for your condition and specific set of circumstances with an emphasis on well-rounded and comprehensive care.
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Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) infections usually affect the mouth and lips (oral herpes or HSV-1), causing painful blisters filled with fluid, cold sores, burning around the mouth and sometimes fever. Besides the antiviral medication used to treat oral herpes, there are also natural remedies that have been effective in limiting its nasty effects.
The difference between raw honey and the one usually found in the supermarket can be significant.
Spider veins are tiny red or bluish capillaries under the surface of the skin looking like spiderwebs or tree branches lines. Once they appear, there is no miraculous way to get rid of them completely, but there are natural remedies which can prevent, reduce and keep them under control.
SPINE OPTIONS has offered patients a medically supervised non-surgical back and neck pain treatment. Myofascial pain syndrome refers to a disorder affecting the fascia, or connective tissue that covers a muscle or muscle group. You may feel pain from both the injured soft tissue itself and the adjacent nerve, which can radiate through the back, buttocks, and posterior thighs. I am very confident that your products will get me back on the road again and I would love to do the Comrades ultra marathon in South Africa for the third time.
The rotator cuff is a shallow 'ball-and-socket' joint where the humerus (upper arm) meets the scapula (shoulder blade). 2-5% of the population will experience Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), most for no apparent reason. BFST® can greatly reduce the time it takes to move through the 3 stages of Frozen Shoulder. I am 67yo now and I have Arthritis, Lupus and fibromyalgia and I had bilat knee replacements in 2001.
I read your information and was expecting it to take at least 6weeks to see an improvement. Occasionally I start to feel a little ache and I put it back on before it becomes pain I have full range of motion when I could not brush my hair or fasten my bra. I would like to encourage others to try the products and see if they get the same remarkable results as I did.
Once your medical professional has diagnosed your condition, you can begin the most effective treatment that is appropriate for your rotator cuff injury.
Your initial treatment should involve decreasing any swelling, relieving any pain and stress on the rotator cuff, correcting any biomechanical dysfunction, and then restoring strength and mobility to your injured shoulder.
Allowing your shoulder to rest is recommended following injury, however, some careful shoulder movement is required to prevent the joint from freezing and losing range of motion. The trick to healing your rotator cuff injury and getting your shoulder back in the best possible condition you can is getting it to heal with minimal scar tissue - something our Inferno Wrap® Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ is great at!
To decrease inflammation and relieve pain for a chronic or diagnosed rotator cuff injury doctor's recommend cold compression therapy.
The Shoulder Freezie Wrap® is the cold compression tool you need treat your supraspinatus tendon, subacromial bursa, and other shoulder tissue in an effective and convenient way.
Cold Compression Therapy works by interrupting and slowing nerve and cell function in the injured area and reducing swelling that can block blood vessels. The deep cooling effect provided by the Shoulder Freezie Wrap slows cell metabolism thereby reducing cellular break-down and tissue damage. During the healing process and especially in surgery, scar tissue builds on the rotator cuff tissue. In addition, scar tissue can also bind the tendons and ligaments together within the joint capsule and surrounding the rotator cuff. Once the inflammation of your rotator cuff injury has been reduced, nourishing and strengthening the tendon tissue and surrounding area is recommended.
After severe inflammation and swelling is reduced you can begin to treat your rotator cuff tendon, bursa, labrum and other soft tissue with Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®). The rotator cuff naturally receives a limited blood supply and when you stop moving your shoulder because it hurts the blood flow is reduced even further, limiting your body's natural ability to heal itself.
By treating your rotator cuff with BFST® you can increase your body's blood supply to the shoulder and increase your body's natural healing power.

An Inferno Wrap® is the tool you need to treat your sore shoulder because it speeds healing and relaxes the surrounding muscles. In addition, the improved blood flow whisks away dead cells and toxins that have built up from the injury. Physical therapy is a beneficial way to help decrease pain in the soft tissues, restore atrophied muscles and improve shoulder strength and mobility. Once your pain starts to diminish, a physiotherapist can set up an individualized rotator cuff strengthening and stretching exercise program for you to perform at home or in the gym. Individuals will often lift weights on their own, to try and build up their shoulder strength.
NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can be used if required to help manage your pain and inflammation. The use of a Shoulder Freezie Wrap® can greatly reduce, if not eliminate, the need for NSAIDs.
Once the initial swelling has decreased, you can provide pain relief and improve your arm function by using an Inferno Wrap® to increase the blood flow to the area.
The term "rotator cuff" refers to a group of four tendons that attach four shoulder muscles to the upper arm bone. Rotator cuff injuries are typically associated with motions that require repeated overhead motions or forceful pulling motions. Please be aware that this information is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If surgery does become necessary or is advised, we use the most advanced technological and surgical practices available today, in an effort to get you back on your feet and going about your life as soon as possible. The mouth can swell and the blisters look bad enough to ruin the day and the following few days.
Raw honey which has not been processed, heated or pasteurized has extraordinary healing properties. Different studies indicated that infected wounds become sterile in 3 to 10 days when using honey dressings.
I did have a knee operation about two years ago but there were no time to give it a decent recovery time. At the age of 53 it becomes real stress full and I also had to put away my running shoes, which was also a blow to me.
See your doctor or physical therapist for stretches that will not cause further injury to your rotator cuff. Even with optimum healing, there is always less elasticity in previously injured rotator cuff tendons, muscles and ligaments.
If you do opt for an injection, doctors usually recommend that you do not participate in strenuous activities for several weeks to reduce the risk of a rupture. For an acute trauma, cold compression therapy within the first 48 - 72 hours and after any strain or re-injury is important to limit the amount of damage done to your tissue. This is important because once blood vessels are blocked or damaged, they can no longer carry oxygenated blood through your tendon and tissue cells begin to break-down. Pain, lack of mobility, tendinosis, or a complete tendon rupture are some of the more common long term complications that can occur when rotator cuff tendinitis, tendon tears, and other injuries go untreated. This scar tissue can cause the tendon and bursa to thicken, decreasing the area in the subacromial space and increasing the chance of impingement.
The inflexible scar tissue limits the movement of these tendons and ligaments that were once elastic and allowed the shoulder its large range of motion. Using Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy will speed your recovery and heal your rotator cuff more completely preparing it for strengthening exercises.
BFST® increases the amount of blood that flows naturally to your shoulder to nourish your tendons, ligaments and muscles to speed healing.
When you stop moving your arm and shoulder due to shoulder pain, your muscles and other tissue can become weaker and dead cells and toxins in the area can cause further tissue deterioration - this can lead to atrophy. The more diligent you are with your treatment and rehabilitation, the faster you will see successful results! This will be based on your needs and abilities, and will help you return to performing your normal routines.
However, these aren't recommended for long term use, as they can cause gastrointestinal difficulties.
Cold compression therapy is a natural, less harmful way to reduce your pain and inflammation.

Gentle massage around the injured area or small shoulder movements (if not painful) will also help increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrients and will prevent stiffness. This is an injury that is very common in athletes, especially baseball pitchers, football players, weightlifters, rugby players, volleyball players, swimmers, boxers, tennis players, bowlers and cheerleaders. Not to mention how uncomfortable a herpes infection could be before a special event like a party or other special occasions.
Avoid activities that may have caused the injury or irritation and begin cold compression treatments as soon as possible.
However, if you heal your tissue properly and treat scar tissue build up, your chance of re-injury or chronic shoulder conditions later on is much lower than average. For chronic pain, cold compression therapy will relieve pain and swelling as needed and will reduce, or even eliminate, the need for NSAIDs. Without cold compression therapy cellular break-down and tissue damage continues as the cells do not get the oxygen they need to survive.
The Shoulder Freezie Wrap® uses a supercharged cooling gel pack, that chills in the fridge, not in the freezer like ice or other freezer packs, giving you deep cold therapy without the risk of 'cold burns' or cryoburn.
By treating your rotator cuff with these treatments, scar tissue becomes softer and the tendon and other tissue becomes stronger reducing the risk of chronic problems in the future. As a result, movement of the entire joint is limited making it difficult to lift your arm or to reach for objects. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist to find out which exercises are appropriate for your situation. Your body responds with a rapid increase in blood flow to the area, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to injured cells to promote healing.
It is extremely important to strengthen your muscles properly, as they may have weakened during the period of non-use. Some health professionals have also recommended natural supplements such as glucosamine, MSM or hyaluronic acid to help strengthen the injured tissue. To increase your comfort and prevent further damage, you may want to stabilize your arm by using a shoulder sling or brace to avoid unpredictable movements. Molan, referring to clinical reports and experimental studies about using honey to treat wounds. There are healing tools that can help treat your rotator cuff tendon, bursa, or other soft tissue and speed up the healing process so you can get back to a life without pain and risk of further injury. By limiting the amount of damage done to your tissue, you also limit the amount of healing that needs to occur.
The medical-grade wrap keeps the cold directly off your skin preventing cryoburn while delivering cold right where you need it.
If left untreated, the shoulder may 'freeze' (a condition called frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis) altogether making movement impossible. Our Shoulder Inferno Wrap® provides effective, non-invasive, non-addictive pain relief and healing with no side effects.
Keeping your upper arm, shoulder and rotator cuff tissue as healthy as possible throughout the healing process will allow you to improve shoulder strength again once your pain has gone and your injury has healed. The evidence which supports these articles proves that its healing properties are much more than folklore. Myofascial pain syndrome can be mistaken for a pinched nerve, but the treatment is different. The preliminary treatment for most of these conditions generally starts with non-operative options.
Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy (BFST®) will treat scar tissue and promote blood flow to heal your tendon faster and more completely than any other conservative home treatments currently available. This is a very important step to healyour injured tendon, bursa, muscle, labrum, or ligaments faster and with less pain!
At the very least, scar tissue leaves your tendon weaker than a healthy tendon, leaving your rotator cuff at greater risk of further deterioration and possible tearing.

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