Every now and then, we tend to look for quotable quotes to fill in the gaps and to make up for the lack of appropriate words to express our thoughts. But there are also many instances where great sayings are made where the author is unknown and yet their intended words carry a lot of weight. Whether you’re looking for a quote for your speech, your presentation, your card or your letter, I hope that this series of great quotes will help bring words to what you feel in a succinct way. If you Like This Article, You Might be interested on Inspiring Quotes To Change Your Thinking.

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It has been a symbol of beauty and purity in cultures and religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Our self-esteem soars whenever we gain recognition, driving us to work harder and be even more recognized. Its significance does not lie solely on its beauty but also on its ability to thrive in muddy water and bloom unstained by its surroundings.

Yet lurking beneath this need is the tendency to be a recognition addict, a person who does things for the hunger of being noticed. Although it may be beneficial in the workplace, it could easily turn us into insincere, attention-hungry individuals who are willing to cheat or lie just to feel special.

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