Ngu?n phim du?c t?ng h?p va t? d?ng c?p nh?t t? cac trang web luu tr? video mi?n phi nhu Youtube, Picasa, Dailymotion, Zing, It's the birth of another trio.Sin Se-kyeong,Park Shin-hye,Kang So-raand other actresses who were born in 1990 are taking over the drama scene. TheRain-Kim Tae Hee couple is in Jeju Island for a family vacation!An insider revealed that the couple was there on a 2-night 3-day vacation, along with family.

HenryandYewoninvitedVIXX'Nandf(x)'Amberover to their newlywed home on the May 16 episode of 'We Got Married'.Though they had their good friends over, Henry wasn't afraid to show Yewon as much affection as usual.
VIXXturned 3 years old today!The group debuted on May 24th, 2012, and to celebrate reaching 3 years, the boys had a little party to themselves. Get ready to go 'So Crazy' with the ladies of T-ara! The girls are back as sexy sailors in their new MV for their title track off their 11th mini album 'So Good'!

They are the solution to the '20s actress famine' and are rising to be the new central axis.

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