A· Mingle, drink, and dance (Gangnam Style!) the night away with a panoramic view of NYC skyline on a 120-foot long, 2-deck event private yacht. Rain or shine boarding begins at 5:30pm and the boat takes off 6pm sharp and returns at 10pm. This is is group determined to single people, above 30 years old who are seriously looking for a relationship, find their soul mate and settle down.

It's the time to change yourself and get social and completely remove loneliness from your life.
If you guys are looking for any particular fun activity, Kindly let me know i will think about it, search a nice place and will schedule a meet up. Usually dating sites are really expensive and you can end up spending hours in front of a computer speaking to a person you have never met.

This group is free to join and we aim to run a lot of affordable speed dating events, combined with socialising, dinner, or sth else fun.

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