Winter is on its way out, but it did manage to drop off some excellent titles on the PSP before the snow melted.
Start with the shorter Travel Bus to learn your craft, progress to the longer City Bus and keep improving until you are ready to take on the super difficult Bendy Bus! Explore the HUGE new detailed seaside city, with real traffic, junctions and loads of Bus Routes and Parking Tasks to complete. From the creators of “The Best Parking Games on the App Store” (a comment given by many of our happy players!). Drive a wide variety of busses through the realistic city, stick to your schedule as close as you can and take your passengers from stop to stop safely and quickly! We've taken a look back at the biggest stories over the last 7 days from the world of mobile and apps, and hand-picked our faves to share with you. The Spring titles of 2007 look to continue its streak of great games, with titles like Crush and Cube presenting challenging 3D puzzles, RPGs like Aedis Eclipse and Dungeons and Dragons Tactics, and action titles like Prince of Persia: Rival Swords and Spider-Man 3.

The darkness is moving in on the three-tier world, and it's up to you to lead your captains to victory as things get worse and worse.
As you explore towns and maps, 2D battles will break out and leave you with a choice of eight formations - aggressive, surround, create-your-own, etc. If things get too difficult, three other friends can jump in and give you a hand in the four player ad hoc co-op mode. This will mark the first release of a dating simulator in the United States, so it'll be interesting to see the reaction to it.
The game is something like The Sims, except with a single character and plenty of mini-games. You need to manage school, work (should you opt to get a job) and more between your flirting, so there will be plenty of tasks to keep you on your toes. We're rather interesting in this one if only to see how Backbone has managed to port the dating simulation genre to the action-hungry US audience.

In Crush, you players assume the role of Dan, who has turned to hypnosis to solve his life's problems. You jump into Dan's head - a 3D environment - and try to decipher the way from your spot to the exit. You "crush" the environment with a powerful foot stomp and turn certain parts from 3D to 2D and work the world like a puzzle until you can make it out. If your crushing didn't make a ladder or activate a machine, you can uncrush and try it again.

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