Sandler and Barrymore star in this romantic comedy, which will sure to have you laughing, and shedding a few tears. Another reason why 50 First Dates is so likeable is by the usage of sea animals in the movie.
I also enjoyed how this movie was filmed in Hawaii, and showcased many shots and music from the islands.
I was quite surprised that they were playing this movie at HIFF because it was such a well-known movie in the United States. By picking Sea Life Park as a constant setting, it allowed the sea animals to make cute appearances through out this film. It was quite funny to see the actors attempt to use pidgin, in order to make the movie seem more realistic.

This movie is filled with constant love, and you will go to sleep wishing one day you could meet someone like Sandler. HPU Media and Cinematic Arts Producers, Reporters, Writers, Photographers and Designers attend HIFF events and create stories, images, video reviews and tours, and post them here. One day while eating breakfast at the Hukilau Cafe, he meets a girl named Lucy, who instantly takes his breath away. I especially thought that the walrus use was amazing, as they were trained so well to act on accordingly.
From a local perspective it may have seemed a little forced, but to people not from Hawaii it may seem very believable. He soon learns that Lucy has a memory loss problem, where her short-term memory was severely damaged.

I found myself constantly laughing through out this movie, especially during parts where Henry’s friend Ulu (who is played by Rob Schneider) was a part of. On the quest for her heart, Henry does the unthinkable to make Lucy fall in love with him every day.

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