Fashion is par beyond age boundaries and everyone can be fashionable to keep up with the latest trends, styles and keep up even with much younger women. It’s a no-brainier that fashion trends change with time and they cater to different needs, age group and people. Learn how to dress with ageless style, with these fashionable clothing tips for women over 50.
Just avoid those tight outfits if possible as these dresses sometimes doesn’t look elegant on women over 50. You can wear tunic with sleeves and avoid flashy strapless, one shoulder and halter dresses. Do not opt for very low cuts, short or plunging neckline dresses as they may look very odd on woman over 50. Do not wear leather dresses like jackets, miniskirts, low waist jeans or Capri’s as these are for younger generation; it might not look cool on a woman over 50. There is a wide variety of eye shadow shimmers available in the market which aren’t creepy anymore. When you reach at 50 you enter into a different fashion world altogether so its better to stay in your world. There are various fashion role models for women over 50 who looks calm and classic with good looks. This article is so poorly written and has so many grammatical errors, I believe it was either translated from another language, or it’s author has english as a second language. Choose another vocation because writing is going to work for you.  Not only is your article full of errors, the entire message is so ridiculous that I had to re-read it to see if it was meant as a joke. I am a wome of 51, I wear jewel colors, and bold jewerly wit classic styles, I try to stay away from trends such as low rider jeans and short skirts, I have long legs so I find skirts that graze my knees work best. This does not appear to be written by a native English speaker; it is jumbled and condescending. The only thing in this article that I didn’t understand or agree with is when you suggested not to wear capri pants. Well I have to say that I am 53 with long blond hair and my face is in great condition, I look about 20 years younger than I really am, but I need to lose weight I’m at 153 right now, BUT I plan to buy some faux leather jeans, maybe in a silver metallic or just black! Sometimes clothes are just not enough for miserable older women, a doctor not shops should be sought.
Nice article, i have read comments of all the ladies; makes me wonder if they are trying to negate the age effect completely. Being a women over 50 myself i researched more and browsed few more topics, here is what i gathered from other popular sites. I agree that it depends on a woman to set her own style, but if we talk about majority i would suggest that you have covered many of these questions.
Helen Mirren, Ann Margaret, Susan Sarandon, Faye Dunaway or Diana Keaton – ARE ALL ALMOST, OR WELL INTO THEIR 70s!!! A lot of the nonsense she was spouting shows she does not have a clue what she is talking about. I so wanted to read this article but within the first two paragraphs there were spelling mistakes and I gave up. I cannot understand why just because you’re over 50,you have to dress like an old fashion frump!

I am going to be Cheryl Ladd in my 50’s not Aunt Bee, the person writing this article does not have a clue! This is harsh on older women; the writer is right that strapless and plunging dresses may look slutty on older women and that the svelte body of a younger woman may carry off a tight short look better than a fatter person but, lots of younger people look just as crap in these outfits and lots of older women look great in them.
Flying in the face of continuity, logic, and erudite sociological predictions, fashion in the 1950s, far from being revolutionary and progressive, bore strong nostalgic echoes of the past.
Well, as per studies women over 50 think they are tool old for fashion so they simply start opting dull clothes, apply very little or no makeup at all; there are exceptions too. 18 year old girl (with svelte body) can sport a look which may look pretty odd on a 50 year old woman and vice-versa.
Always keep in mind that there is a little girl hidden in every woman, so stay cool and keep looking stylish and trendy even after 50. For some occasions these dresses look cool but if that’s not your style you can simply avoid. Urban fashion for aged women includes trench coats, turtlenecks, A-line skirts, waist-length jackets, shirt dresses, eternal blue jeans, gowns with classy shrugs etc. Some wrap dresses (not all) are so low-cut that they make a woman look more slutty than sexy.
Moreover, to lift the face little up, simply apply highlighting colors above your jawline or bottom of the cheek. Just think about Helen Mirren, Ann Margaret, Susan Sarandon, Faye Dunaway or Diana Keaton for their casual, elegant and fashion sense.
Use little face powder or concealers on your lips before you apply lipstick, it helps lipstick stay on longer. Use damp makeup sponge for applying foundation, it doesn’t let the foundation look too heavy. I have leather pants(not tight), knee length leather skirt(I wear with tights, a button down shirt with a cardigan) I am petite 5′, 105lb and I am 57.
It was obviously written ( badly ) by a very young silly girl who think being 50 is past it.
And god forbid, I do still wear, leather jackets, leather trousers and shorts above my knees!!!! I spent most of my marriage being Mrs Frumpy and strongly resent anyone telling me what I should and should not wear.
I agree with them that you have presented the TRUTH in rather blunt manner but in the end truth is truth. I like textured clothing like tweeds and corduroy, pretty scarves and very small if any muted prints. I go by the beat of a different drum, what looks good on me, I’ll wear it even if it is juniors (as long as it fits).
How am I going to take advice about how I should look from someone who doesn’t even proofread what they wrote?
Most over-50 women I know would LOVE to buy fashionable clothing if they were reasonably priced and if they made the wearer look like neither a teen nor a frump! A whole society which, in the 1920s and '30s, had greatly believed in progress, was now much more circumspect.
In many countries even working women over 50 are seen wearing very light or no makeup at all, their clothing also sports very old and dull look.

When choosing clothes simply look for better fabrics, better cuts which makes a better fit. Life is tough enough when you get older; we do not need your depressing fashion diatribes for women over 50 to make it worse.
I have waist-lenth blond hair and have a very good figure, which is showing signs of aging. When I think of capri pants I think of, say, khakis that intentionally end below the knee to about mid-calf or so.
I do bodybuilding and I look good in a bikini, shorts, halter neck dresses and tank tops are my favourite, plus stiletos when going out, leather jackets, skinny tight low jeans and of course the LBD.
I have 5 children and 5 grandchildren who all appreciate the fact that I don’t wear a knit shawl and sit in a rocking chair.
Despite the fact that women had the right to vote, to work, and to drive their own cars, they chose to wear dresses made of opulent materials, with corseted waists and swirling skirts to mid-calf. If your legs have started showing aging signs why not opt for trendy pants which covers what you want to hide. I work out and also have defined shoulders and arms and look fabulous in tops and dresses that reveal them. As fashion looked to the past, haute couture experienced something of a revival and spawned a myriad of star designers who profited hugely from the rapid growth of the media. If your legs aren’t showing signs of aging you can try shorts (to the knee) skirt that shows off a great pair of legs. I am making the most of what I have while I have it, and just keep it very basic with maybe a stunning piece of jewelry. In fact, I’ve always thought they would be a good alternative to shorts for those of us whose legs have seen better days.
I like to wear skinny jeans with knee high boots, but I do not ever wear shirts that expose my tummy. I have great legs and will continue to wear mini skirts and dresses and will complete the outfit with a pair of killer heels! For some women these also helps in taking attention away from their shapeless middle part of their body. I also like to show cleavage at certain times as my breast have always and still arre full and spectacular!
While I don’t run arrends and grocery shop dressed sexy, there is a time and place for everything, I love dressing sexy. My tummy is very fat but I can hide it with longer looser shirts, but not so loose that it looks like I’m try to hid it!
Your artical would make a less confident woman feel like an old lady that should hide her body shamefully.

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