DVS periodically communicates with donors and friends through e-newsletters and other mailings. Though it divided the Internet just last week, the dress is now the centerpiece of a new PSA.
The South African chapter of the Salvation Army created an ad campaign about domestic abuse using the white-gold version of the dress. Play The Future is a new social gaming platform that pits users against each other in entertaining predictive competitions.
Chromatic, the new wave art festival spearheaded by MassivArt has built its grounds in Montreal through the last seven years is finally taking its flair to Toronto for its first ever pop exhibition this month. Last week, we posted an excerpt of a video shot at a local Maxi & cie, which is a popular supermarket chain here in Canada. What happens when you get the opportunity to revive a very old building and give it a new breath of life?
Once called the tallest building in Montreal, and headquarters for the Royal Bank for a little over a decade, the main hall of the Royal Bank Tower, at 360 Saint-Jacques Ouest has been abandoned since 2010, up until this year, where the Crew collective has taken over. The Quebec rap artist has released a brand new music video for his hard-hitting single "Blacklights" - shot in a loft-style place, filled with slow-mo shots (and blacklights) which will give you the urge to join in on the fun. Montreal’s own NOMADIC MASSIVE are launching their brand new LP titled THE BIG BAND THEORY and we got first dibs for you. Montreal’s very own frame collective all in eyewear just dropped a collection catering to both women and men and we can’t get enough of it. Local model agency DULCEDO has pulled a move that's unprecedented, officially announcing the release of their very own collection.

Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Promoting gender equality for those that may be treated differently, yet there seems to be a little bit of a double standard in what could be such a great movement. It’s been about 3 years since we’ve heard from them, the Montreal 8-piece supergroup, and for good reason. There isn't much to make sense out of in their bio other than a beautiful story broken down into a long poem-like text. We interviewed them when they started the movement back in 2014, and have since watched them grow by claiming their spot in the frame industry. They fooled customers with the Skinny Skinny Jean in 2013 and American Beagle Outfitters in 2014. Can you predict how many times Obama will mention Trump during his White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech? She will be showing two animations and two painting during this year’s Chromatic Festival . There is hatred towards this non-specific entity called the patriarchy that seems to have made every single societal norm. Blending multiple mediums into an amalgam of cohesive line of work, she's definitely one to watch out for. The 90-minute program was traveling across major cities in North America, and has now added two new shorts to its rosters.
What I find funny, is that it seems like many of the woman that are so against the patriarchy blame many men for the problem with gender equality and gender norms.

As though women haven’t had a say in what they are willing to accept.Feminists make it seem like men are the big bad wolf’s of every situation, and that women are complacent beings that have always been the victim.
Yes there have been cases where men have influenced a women away from their true desires, but women have done it as well. The way I was introduced to feminism, made me feel as though it was nothing more than a gang of man-haters.
Continuing my search, I learned that there are many double standards against men that seem to pass as okay. I wouldn’t put it so far as to say that it’s insinuating rape or anything, but imagine if a woman was being led away my a man.
The other part is that the female m&m tricked the man into it, and he’s completely oblivious.
Consentual Sex with a Man = Rape?There are many extreme posts about consent being sexy, and that forcing a woman into sex is rape. DUH, but the amount of posts I have seen make is seem like any sexual act is being forced upon a woman. If a women is posing sexually in a magazine, it’s not her fault, she’s a victim of the patriarchy.

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