Having lived through my twenties feeling like everything that I did pretty much turned to gold it added to the foundation I built in my teenage years. That really summed up what I believed about myself and the results I achieved in the first thirty years of my life. I walked into a personal development bootcamp,  in the fall of 2009, unsure of what to expect. I had completed a detailed questionnaire about my life, a lot of why and what type  of questions but was given very little information about what I could expect during the 5 day self sequestered seminar. As registration is completed, we are admitted into the main conference room and given a name tag that reflects our identity.
It is true that we will face a lot of exterior forces that try to crush our dreams and force us to conform. The current dogma of society is bringing our children through the education system unprepared for how the world has evolved and what they will have to face in their lives. Getting good grades, going to college and getting a good job is no longer the only option for those looking to create a career and make their mark on the world.
School is only a part of the greater education we require to thrive in the world and enjoy our lives. Young people, our children, are finally standing up against this outdated dogma and showing us that it is our differences that create our rewards in life, not our similarities. Today 90% of people think that Entrepreneurship is a mindset, not necessarily starting a company.
Entrepreneurship is not just my dream, it is my way of life, many don’t understand that it is woven into the fabric of who I am. Whatever your dream is, whether it is become an athlete, an artist, a doctor or a carpenter you need to go for it, develop your strengths and talents and beware that these exterior forces may simply lack an understanding of what you know to be true about yourself. The Family: There is no stronger force in the world than two or more people banded together working in unity with the same direction, the same purpose and the same goals.
The Friends: You may remember a time when collaboration with a great friend resulted in a rewarding experience.
When you find adversity around every corner, when it feels like doors are being slammed in your face and every road you turn onto is getting blocked, you are very close to a major breakthrough! When it begins to feel like the whole world is against you, your mind begins questioning your initiative and your body wants to quit, that is when you need to dig in, double down on resolve, unleash your burning desire and steer head on into it. Fight the forces of evil, burn all your bridges and destroy plan B, you are about to OVERCOME.
As it goes with this famous quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson so it goes with the Dream Killers.
Every great leader will tell you that they didn’t know how they were going to accomplish their goal.
Accept before you start that anything worth doing will require commitment, effort, action, hard work and often more time than you anticipate.
All to often when things aren’t developing or taking shape in the timeframe that we would like, we get distracted and look around at the results of others who move quickly and achieve seemingly instant results.
A duck swimming on the water appears to do so with grace and elegance, what we can’t see is how fast his legs are moving under the water, so it goes with those that are achieving what we are only dreaming about. Doubt: Consider this, the resources to achieve anything that you want in the world already exist.
Fear of Criticism: You just made a decision, you did your homework, it was the best decision for you and you are committed to pursuing your dreams. Write it all down, read it over and over, visualize it and spend time with that visualization each day – make it that important! Now picture where you are at right now or where you came from and all the things associated with that, all the things you want to change.

When we are not careful about what our senses are absorbing into our mind, the output of our language can speak negativity over our lives. Imagination and visualization, as mentioned above, are very powerful tools that enable us to manifest whatever prominent thoughts we hold in our minds.
I love the last sentence in your comments – the realization that we each get to choose whether we feel defeated or not is an awakening that some never come to. The circumstances of our lives, the things that happen FOR US (not to us) are not meant to define who we are, so don’t let them. There are seeds of greatness within you Anna, ask for great things, expect great things and reach out and take them – the world is your Oyster!
One high school friend had described me as being great at pretty much whatever I tried to do. I believe personal development is going to become the key, not only for individual fulfillment and living a life of purpose but for creating the mindset and different way of thinking the world is going to need in order to solve the problems mankind has created. Unfortunately a large part of the human population resorts to ignoring, refuting and even disagreeing with events, situations and circumstances where they lack understanding.
The trouble here is we often look first to the people closest to us for support, encouragement and to share our dream with. When we become inspired, it is common to want to share that euphoria with others whom we have travelled that road with before. Politicians, leaders, business people taking advantage of their positions and exerting their control over their subordinates.
Take your time in making decisions, do the appropriate due diligence, seek the council of the people with the experience that can help you and once you make up your mind, never question your decision again. Look to these people for guidance but don’t just look at the result, examine what it has taken for them to get where they are. The money, the people, the connections, the books, the knowledge, it is all out there and it all exists in abundance. Here is what happens next, people come out of the woodwork to be critical of your decision, be prepared for it but here is how you crush it. Now settle on a very deep and real understanding that you can’t be in both of these places. When we get a new computer, we have to go ahead and program it with all of the information we require. When we push ourselves to read the right books, listen to audio that builds us and engage with people who encourage us to grow we are planting seeds of power, positivity and abundance. When our unconscious thought is in line with our goals and objectives, we speak powerfully over our lives and start attracting everything to us all that is required to achieve our goals and dreams. I want to inspire people and I try to write pieces that people will find targeted towards themselves and their circumstances.
I think sometimes writing it is like making a pact with ourselves and putting steps towards making them happen. I had to stop questioning myself and my abilities and turn my inner burning desire into an unstoppable belief in myself. Again, like family, these bonds are often strong and much weight is given again to the opinions of those closest to us.
Many in authority positions are threatened by dreamers, by people with ambition, by anyone who wants more for themselves than they currently have. Visualize your dream having been accomplished, picture yourself at a point in the future having achieved your dream. It is one or the other, we are constantly moving forward or backward, there is no neutral, if we aren’t growing we are receding.
Decide RIGHT NOW that your desire to go after your dream is greater than any fear (FEAR = False Emotions Appearing Real) you might face, that when criticism shows up you will simply remember WHY you are doing what you are doing, your vision is your future.

If we load our computer with software that doesn’t help us to accomplish our jobs, the output from the computer is not in line with our goals. I aim to encourage anyone willing to listen to break out from whatever self-imposed limitations are choking back their lives! It forces me to expand on thoughts that might otherwise be fleeting, so I find it a great tool for that.
More often than not our thinking, mindset and dreams differ substantially from our parents and siblings, they are unable to see the world through our glasses, the same as we are unable to clearly see their perspective on life. Friendships throughout our lives though have many different phases, our interests are changing, our strengths are emerging and as our talents are coming into focus we are growing in different directions. It’s a primitive instinct to protect yourself and unfortunately the world has evolved from working in community to competing for everything.
These people typically yield little influence unless you have held a tight bond for a long time.
Often it takes going through it several times to become familiar with how to navigate the course.
By the point in time that I have written something out, I guess it does become a bit like a pact. Then real hardships knocked on my door at 30, had to file for personal bankruptcy, start over by going back to school and it seems life can’t throw me enough curveballs. When the Dream Killers lack understanding of who you are and what you are made of they are quick to point to these inevitable setbacks and call them failures, almost saying I told you so, when in reality every failure is simply an opportunity to learn. These tight bonds give way to a higher level of thought, feelings and emotions towards one another and out of love we want so badly for these people to see the world, to see our circumstances from our point of view and they argue equally as hard to see it their way. Many managers and supervisors will be threatened by your dreams and out of jealousy and this primitive instinct act to suppress your desire for a more rewarding life.
Co workers with whom you have worked together for a decade, friends that are happy to settle someplace you want to keep moving through. I have found that putting things out there, forces myself to be a little more accountable about my thoughts, my goals, dreams and certainly keeps me on track.
When we once shared a tight bond and put heads together to complete a task with a friend, they may no longer see things the same as you because they are growing in a different direction. Not wanting to lose your friendship, they will exert what influence they do have to talk you out of reaching for your dreams. I was homeless for a short time in my 20s but I had the energy, or rather the will, to pick myself up the floor and move on.
Instead of seeking council from legitimate sources, we take the opinions and advice of family to heart, more often than not rational thinking is over ruled by emotions. Examine your past results, are you programmed to a lack mentality that has sabotaged you in the past?
It is simply a fact that if something is important enough to us we will find a way to do it, if not we will let excuses, the opinions of others and a million other obstacles and pitfalls kill our desire.
Read Psycho – Cybernetics, reprogram the image that you have of yourself and move on, it is that simple, end of story. I have new dreams, they can easily be turned into something real but I’m not that resilient anymore. Stumbling upon your post made me realize that I’m the one standing in the way of my success, I am MY own dream slayer.

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