Many people question our decision to go from living together as a married couple in New York City to living in two separate cities, London and Geneva. Nine weeks later we can safely say that living in two cities, within an hour flight of each other, isn’t impossible. During our run together this morning we talked about what we’ve done to make the challenge easier.
Distance can be hard on a relationship, but I think it’s important to remind you how to be independent and to allow you time to do things that you really love that your husband may not enjoy.
I think it’s great that you two have taken such a great opportunity, and have made this a way to make your marriage stonger.
My husband and I were long distance for a long time (3ish years) when we were dating, and he lived in Zambia (I was in NYC) during our engagement. Click here to see all of my ClassPass reviews and if you're ready to sign up, click here to get $25 off your first month! The Muddy Matches Website uses Javascript technology but currently you have it switched off in your browser.
To continue using the Muddy Matches website, we recommend you upgrade your browser to the latest version or use a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Don't worry - it happens to the best of us!If you have forgotten your password, just enter your email address below and we will send you details of how to reset it. Dating tips and advice for men and women, from the people behind the UK and Ireland's most popular country dating website.
It may be tempting to dismiss someone due to their location, but sometimes the right person may not live round the corner, or even in the same county as you! If you are uncertain as to whether someone is worth traveling to meet, you can make the most of technology and get to know each other on the telephone or via video call services such as Skype.
Using Skype means that you will get to see each other’s mannerisms, which you may not be able to detect on the telephone. If you live a few hours apart, there are two options for meeting each other; you either arrange a venue in the middle, or one person goes to see the other. Meeting in the middle is the fairest way to do things, but it depends on you both being able to synchronise transport arrangements, work and childcare. However, if you are keen to travel and to explore new places you could always combine meeting your new date with a weekend away seeing friends or family nearby. Obviously a long distance relationship is hard work in the long run, so it’s important to think about whether you or your date would be willing to relocate in the future. After already having our processing date pushed back twice, I didn’t have any patience left for another delay with our application.
We were told to expect news on Monday February 2, but our inboxes and phones were disappointingly quiet. I tried not to be heartbroken and instead channeled my frustration into planning exactly how much hell I would give the National Visa Center when I called their hotline to follow up. Fortunately I didn’t have to make that call as the next day I received an email saying the pre-processing of my immigration visa application was complete! The next day I called to book my medical appointment and was fortunately able to get one within a week.
I didn’t know how much of a stickler this visa doctor would be, but everything turned out to be okay. Now for the best news of all: I was able to confirm with a US Customs Officer that I can visit my husband in the States! When my husband and I first started dating we were in a long distance relationship for over two years.

Little did I know that at 21 I would fall totally in love with the man I would eventually marry, and I can especially tell you that I didn’t expect him to be a US Marine who was stationed in North Carolina.
Fast forward to today: after living together for four years (and being married for two of them) somehow my husband and I find ourselves again in a long distance relationship as we wait for my US immigration visa to be approved. In all of this time of being apart from the one I love, I’ve grown to consider myself an unwilling expert in doing the long distance thing. The same way you’d schedule one in person, put aside a block of time for a virtual date night. This goal, to me, is imperative to figure out before you even agree to be in a long distance relationship because what’s the point if you can’t be together in the end? If you are a fan of electronic music (think deep-house and techno) and you are looking for the best parties of the summer, look no further.
In a busy, urban setting like New York City, it is extremely difficult, if not completely impossible, to find your own private world of paradise. In New York City, Memorial Day weekend commensurates the summer ritual of escaping the city for greener pastures, typically the Hamptons. Although it's been chilly and rainy lately, Spring is here in New York and the list of cool things to do is in full blast.
This is an example of a text widget that you can place to describe a particular product or service. We knew it wouldn’t be easy when we made the decision but we also knew that we would forever regret not giving it a try. Luckily, thanks to the time change, Bo is able to fly back to London Monday morning when he is in Geneva.
Hopefully our experience can help another couple who is going through something similar.  As always, if you have any questions, let us know!
It wasn’t the best timing, but it was a great opportunity for him and his career (plus it gave me an excuse to visit Africa). Each month, I provide a brief recap of my experience including the number of classes taken, average cost per class and a brief recap of the studios where I sweat that month. After all, it can be a good excuse to catch up with people that you haven’t seen in a while. If both of you are determined to stay put, then it would not be worth pursuing any further. I didn’t let myself get my hopes up that anything would be approved early, but am I foolish to admit there was a slight, tiny part of me that thought maybe this time things would at least move along on schedule?
I decided to wait until Tuesday so I wouldn’t accidentally tell off the person on the phone who might be able to give me some answers.
I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know what to expect or exactly how critical this doctor would be.
We met in the spring before my fourth year of university when I was a student in Ottawa, Canada. The distance from Ottawa to Camp Lejeune proved to be a challenge, but one that we were able to overcome.
M found out he was going to be deployed later that spring on a seven month anti-piracy mission.
Between packing your entire life into boxes and coordinating arrangements in two locations, the process is enough to keep you up at night. Searching on a platform like Craigslist for a deal may seem like a good idea, however, many of these companies and their offers are scams. While most of the beaches are overcrowded and full of activity, some are undiscovered gems.

A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. My thoughts and opinions change from time to time as I develop my understanding about the things and issues that I am blogging about.
Use it as a way to get your visitors interested, so they can click through and read more about it. While it isn’t ideal, it allowed us to not sacrifice either of our careers while still having the opportunity to live in Europe.
Having him here on Sunday night is such a blessing and something I will never take for granted again. The only problem I had was getting a $40 City of Toronto parking ticket during my appointment.
I was a dreamer who was finally able to become a planner and wanted to move abroad after I graduated.
If you usually talk on the phone, try to turn your video on for date night so you can actually see your partner’s cute face, funny mannerisms, etc.
Research companies and previous customer’s reviews, ensure they are BBB rated, and don’t be afraid to ask for a quote.
This blog just provides a snapshot of the knowledge, views, and opinions that I hold at a particular point of time and these might most probably change over a period of time. Many of our family friends and co-workers told us that they had said no to similar opportunities and always regretted it. My role allows me to work from London on Friday which means that each weekend, regardless of whether we are in London or Geneva, we are together three nights. If your partner is deployed, for example, and not able to interact this way, consider writing letters for him to open at a later date.
In addition, it is very important to ensure the movers you choose can provide a certificate of insurance.
Mostly Pointless by Kokonad Sinha is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. I reserve the right to evolve my knowledge, thoughts, and viewpoints over time and to change them without assigning any reason. Keeping in mind the fact that nothing has to be permanent and this is something we’re testing, we agreed to give it a try. I’ll be spending the next month in Tennessee, Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa then, if my interview goes well, road tripping back down to Tennessee at the beginning of April.
I have a stack of envelopes comparable to Allie’s in The Notebook from when M was deployed.
He replied that we had something special that was worth pursuing and he would do everything in his power to make that happen. Many buildings, especially in Manhattan, require this be presented to management in scheduling your move.
The excitement you get when you receive letters in the mail is pretty amazing, not to mention all those love notes are adorable to flip through in later years. An established, well-regarded company such as Shleppers will gladly provide this information. I am in no way responsible for the content of any other sites or any products or services that may be offered through other sites.

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