Ye it would be so cool to have something they have made especially one of the duct tape things. It was in reference to the thread topic subject in which the whiny OP said she was a sad little painting whose buttcracks not even duct couldn't hold together. Next thing your going to say is that Unicorns that fart rainbows out their ass don't exist! I know some people may not know what it is and if you don't look it up on youtube the duct tape specials are brilliant.
I did try to make myself the duct tape wallet but my skill compared to theirs is zero well actually probably minus numbers compared to them.

Things like repairing a boat then actually making a boat from duct tape that not only floated and worked briefly but they were on the water in it for hours I think. Using it to build a bridge, to help survive and escape a dessert island by making a water butt, making traps for animals, making clothing and tools from it then eventually using it to help construct a raft, it was also used to lift a car and i think the best was to fix a light aircraft. The bridge and boat stuff were slightly dangerous but there were loads of safety gadgets and harness then with the boat there was a safety boat and rescue swimmers but the plane was a stunt pilot on his own. I do think the show went downhill a bit when they got rid of the junior team as they were once called.
Then of course they ripped all the skin off the plane and replaced it with duct tape and it worked.

I know that is taking it to extremes but to be able to repair a soft skin light aircraft that had been ripped open by a bare in alaska is amazing.
I wonder if it made them rich or was it one of those things that the inventor got nothing from, like the bloke who invented cats eyes in England he got nothing from them.

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