Get your FREE Subscription to American Baby Magazine – the January & February 2011 issues have a 20% off Amazon Diaper Coupon! You may receive a coupon for $10 off Your Next Amazon Diaper Purchase in the mail from Amazon after your first diaper purchase!
Go to your local Babies R Us and get a Free copy of American Baby Magazine {the January issue has a coupon!}. Pls I need urgen diapers…if any body know what magazines has amazon coupons pls let me know. They applied to all diapers…they were by amazon, not the manufacturer, but amazon has stopped issuing them now.
I’m willing to trade $10 codes for 20% off codes, or for your signing up with my link and making a qualified purchase on Ebates or joining Groupon Eversave, if anyone is interested. I USED SOME TODAY AND THEY WORKED BUT IF YOU USED A PREVIOUS COUPON ON SAME ACCOUNT THEY WILL NOT LET YOU STACK.
I ended up with 3 $10 coupons last month…I placed one order with my account, one order with my husbands account then made a new account with a newly made hotmail address. Sign up for amazon Moms.Do Subscribe and save (and turn it off after you get your diapers).

I subscribed to the magazines so hopefully I will be getting some coupons…went to Babies R Us today and they had BabyTalk there but when I asked if I could have a copy they said they were only for people who were starting a registry AND informed me that they already removed all the Amazon coupons!!!
You can still do the subscribe and save… i just looked it up and it brings it to 23 cents per diaper. I had one on my fridge and it has vanished ?Y™? My diapers just came back into stock so I wanted to get them while I can.
I have gotten coupons at all three, and with it being the beginning of the month you may still find some. Does anyone know if I can use one today and one tomorrow–since that would be different months?
I got a case of diapers for 7 cents using coupons that i got while i sat waiting anyway ?Y™‚ Also, you can get the free american baby and baby talk subscriptions. Use your $10 off coupon, and get two 20% coupons (on trade for your $10 coupons)and you should come out REALLY good. PLUS i just read that you can stack these coupons, i think you can use up to three coupons… amazing!!!
What has Amazon’s pattern been in the past, do they typically do away with them for 2 or 3 months then bring them back?

I’m going to the library tomorrow to see if I can get one there, but I would be incredibly appreciative.
I just subscribed to the magazines so hopefully next month I will be getting them in the mail. I think they did it because the Amazon deal is so amazing and they don’t like the competition.
However, I did want to note that the $1.50 coupon is not valid for Baby Dry, only for Swaddlers and Cruisers.
Please do understand though that I dont actually expect anyone to give me their coupons if they need them. I was able to save 50%, though, by joining Amazon Moms and subscribing to the diapers (and, after shipping, unsubscribe!).

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