This body language means that there's something you need to apologize for, even if you don't know what you did. Jason Myers #2 celebrates with Bryan Anger #19 of the Jacksonville Jaguars after kicking a field goal during the second quarter of the game against the Tennessee Titans at EverBank Field on November 19, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida. When a cartoon character gets angry, steams comes out the ears, red creeps over the body from head to toe and there may even be an explosion or two.
Many cite the example of Phineas Gage to explain the importance of the frontal lobe in controlling our rage. If you're constantly being activated by triggers, however, then this state of response can start to cause damage. Anger's physical side effects explain why you frequently see studies about the damage that this emotion can do to our bodies.
For some of these effects, the key is tempering the triggers that set you off, so that you're not mad at every little thing. Invisible Anger – I was reading over a fellow Psych Central blog and this term was used.
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Miss M: There are a lot of people making money off of stifling the lives of these people, including myself. It's not as entertaining to watch in real life, but the state of anger causes physical effects in us as well.
It wants to do something, and the time between a trigger event and a response from the amygdala can be a quarter of a second [source: Ellison]. In 1848, Gage, a nice, dependable railroad worker suffered an accident in which a rod went through his skull, right above the left eye. In one study of almost 13,000 subjects, individuals with the highest levels of anger had twice the risk of coronary artery disease and three times the risk of heart attack, as compared to the subjects with the lowest levels of anger [source: Kam]. It got me thinking about my own invisible anger and how it would manifest itself.  The result was this Family Stew Mental Health Humor cartoon. The response varies from person to person, but some symptoms include teeth grinding, fists clenching, flushing, paling, prickly sensations, numbness, sweating, muscle tensions and temperature changes [source:A Tavris]. Either way, it's much like the fight-or-flight response; your body is gearing up for a fight to survive a wrong that's been perpetrated against you.

But at the same time, blood flow is increasing to the frontal lobe, specifically the part of the brain that's over the left eye. From then on, Gage was angry, irritable and unstable, and not just because he'd had a rod driven through his skull. They may not produce acetylcholine, a hormone which tempers the more severe effects of adrenaline.
Some scientists think that chronic anger may be more dangerous than smoking and obesity as a factor that will contribute to early death [source: Angier]. This area controls reasoning and is likely what's keeping you from hurling a vase across the room. Their nervous system is constantly working and can eventually become overexerted, leading to a weakened heart and stiffer arteries [source: Angier].

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