A membership to Angie’s List gives you access to actual reviews from real people like you and not from anonymous users.
Keep in mind that companies also do not pay to be included in Angie’s List, thereby you can be assured that you are getting reviews that actually matter. A membership to Angie’s List also gives you access to exclusive discounts from top-rated businesses within your area. In cases wherein you need live help, you can call Angie’s List and talk to someone in their live call center to help you with any questions or assistance that you may need. Angie’s List also offers a 110% money back guarantee on all annual memberships in case you decide that this service is not for you. I like the fact that I can get some help from the Complaint Resolution Team in case something goes wrong. We tried to save every cent last year so that we can have a small pool built in our backyard. You mean to say, aside from this promo code we can still avail of other discounts as a member? Yes, Angie’s List also offers members discounts on some of its featured service providers.
Find quality contractors with Angie’s List and save money off membership with an Angie’s List promo code or even an Angie’s List Free Trial if it’s available in your area. Here's my experience with Angie's List - As a granite countertop fabricator and installer, I was approached by Angie's List over 12 years ago for what I thought was paid advertising or worse, a scam.
A company is listed and then other members and consumers review the contractor, their practices, and their reputation.
Better yet, as a member of Angie's,  you have access to reviews of not just home improvement contractors, but also auto mechanics, and even healthcare providers. When dealing with contractors of any kind, quality referrals are your best way to avoid the frustration and hassle. Even though I've been in the building trades for years, I use Angie's List myself, everything from car repair to medical providers. ProRinger touts itself as the only free open market in the US for homeowners and contractors to connect.
You can chat with contractors that are online at the time to get immediate answers or quotes.

The background check takes place at the time the contractor enrolls, and HomeAdvisor states they “cannot guarantee that profile and screening information is accurate or up-to-date”.
The Angie’s List mobile app offers access to Angie’s List verified ratings and reviews to anyone who has purchased a current Angie’s List subscription. Service companies will qualify their customers with requests for information that can seem invasive and even rude. At the time, I just viewed them as another advertising company trying to get me to spend money. Did you know granite colors determine whether your granite counter tops may crack easily or stain? Choosing the right color for your stone counters actually affects the performance and longevity of your granite countertops. Light granite countertops pros and consLight granite countertop colors like white granite and gold granite may have swirling or flowing patterns. It actually performs better than true granite, requires no sealing, and is very consistent.
The same great professional grade sealer and daily cleaner that we recommend, with the added benefit of major cost savings to you!
Unlike silicon sealers, MB-4 will not evaporate or go through any type of natural deterioration. MB-5 Marble Granite and More Spray Cleaner is your daily cleaner for natural stone including granite countertops. Each is designed to support the weight of stone counters, but styled to compliment your kitchen . This EXCLUSIVE Angies List promo code below should provide you with the initial savings you need to jumpstart your home improvement or home service needs. What has made Angie’s List increasingly popular over the years is the sense of community that the site offers homeowners. You will be able to search for any contractor and service provider within your location with just a few clicks of the mouse. Reviews on the site are also audited and confirmed by BPA Worldwide, one of the most trusted companies for verified audience data and media knowledge, to make sure that ratings and reviews on the site are authentic. They can also help you with disputes that you may have with a service provider in case a service that is being provided does not go well.

You might like to read my full review of Angie’s List if you would like to know more about this service.
Having a home gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment, especially since it is not easy to own and maintain one. First and foremost, the reviews help me a lot each time I’m on the lookout for a contractor. Aside from the discounts from the top rated service providers, the reviews posted by the other members are valuable sources of information. Instead they wanted to provide their members an honest evaluation of my company and others. See ratings for contractors in 720 unique services such as home repair, auto care, and health and medical services.
With Angie’s List, you can find detailed reviews and ratings from members on home repair services, roofers, plumbers, kitchen remodelers, and even doctors in your area.
The site provides ratings and reviews of over 720 home service and health care service categories. I was able to hire a contractor that could help me with my roof and as an Angie’s List member, I was given a good discount. I don’t exactly know where to start my search until a friend of mine told me about Angie’s List. So aside from the discount coupon upon signing up, there are also a couple of discounts offered to members.
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