Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe?
Although Apple is yet to provide official confirmation, developers are finding that they are now being allocated 100 promo codes per version of their apps. Developers use promo codes to distribute prerelease versions to review as well as offering giveaways to users for promotions. To celebrate all these new promo codes, here are 50 codes for the #1 iOS app for Latin students: SPQR. Noch heute online bestellen: Der von Apple entwickelte iPod Touch 16 GB Blue zeichnet sich durch eingebaute Wi-Fi-Unterstutzung aus.
Apple is fixing a problem with Mountain Lion promo codes that some users may have experienced earlier today.
Users who qualified for a free Mountain Lion promo code may have experienced an issue when they tried to redeem it this morning. The good news is that Apple is already fixing the problem and has begun sending out new codes.

People making a buck selling e-books through Apple’s iBookstore can now request promo codes from the Mac maker so that they can distribute free copies of their book to the press, or anyone else they believe deserves to receive the book for free. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t been specific about iBooks Textbooks getting their own promo codes.
In addition to allowing publishers to yield promo codes for their iBookstore titles, Apple is now offering the possibility to submit screenshots (1024 x 768 pixels) to better promote their books. The move is, again, replicated from the iTunes (iOS) App Store and Mac App Store where imagery is vital to promote an app. Last, but not least, publishers will now be able to announce pre-orders without submitting any assets to the iBookstore.
Users will be able to purchase any title at the time of announcement and download the book when Apple approves the finished binary. 100 promo codes per version gives developers more flexibility in how their promote their apps. Bitte aktualisiere deinen Browser oder aktiviere das Google Chrome Frame, um von einer verbesserten Darstellung auf Deal.ch profitieren zu konnen.

Generation hat Apple den ersten Digitalplayer mit integrierter Wi-Fi-Unterstutzung auf den Markt gebracht. According to reports, the issue was the result of the tool going live a couple of days before Mountain Lion was officially released. Dank der 16 GB Speicherkapazitat passen alle Lieblingsalben, Fotos und Videos auf den smarten Alltagsbegleiter.
However, website 9to5Mac received a re-issued code and reports that it worked perfectly for their system.

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