Most of the Televisions in the lecture rooms have been upgraded to flatscreens TVs and come with Remote Controls.
We would really advice that you practice using the SmartBoard on your own before standing up in front of a class full of students if you want to avoid embarrassment.
Whether you're hosting a national convention or a regional conference, the Synergy Event Technology team will work with you to bring your ideas to reality with innovative audio visual solutions and stunning scenic designs.
From pre-show to post-show, you can expect complete production support from our expert technical staff. Constructed of scratch resistant teak laminate over a durable and moisture-resistant MDF core.

This AV cabinet is designed as an optional product specific addition to laptop and LCD projector carts # 02-27519 (sold separately) and may not work with other AV carts and presentation stands. Skills such as switching between the pen, mouse and eraser modes need to be mastered to ensure a smooth class. Where they are found, they are connected to Computers, VCR and DVD players via the auto-switch. Your Synergy project manager is your key connection to the production team, keeping planning well-organized with timely responses and follows ups on budgets, diagrams, timelines, renderings, and more. Audio visual equipment cabinets provide three adjustable shelves plus the cabinet floor for equipment storage, so it is easy to keep your presentation materials and equipment in one convenient location.

We will coordinate closely with your staff, the facility and others to produce a seamless event.

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