The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, was named after the primary deity in Roman mythology. This soft purple and metallic green color veers away from both our previous Hydrogenous Zone color and the planet's iconic Great Red Spot. Jupiter's colors will be with us during the entire Aquarius phase of the Zodiac calendar, so start your interplanetary journey off with this fortunate find! If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. 30 Dor is a vast, sprawling, and chaotic region located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf irregular galaxy that orbits our Milky Way. In fact, those young stars are so luminous and energetic they’re eating away the cloud from the inside out!
In fact, the folks at Chandra released a similar version of this image, except they added observations from that observatory, which detects X-rays (as well as an image using Spitzer which sees in infrared). In the big Hubble image, I think my favorite part is the pinkish-orange circle located just left of center (it’s easier to see in the bigger versions of the pictures). But once new instruments were installed and the focus fixed, people quickly forgot the problems.
So beauty, order, and magnificence can come from chaos, a lesson Hubble teaches us both through itself and what it observes. So how much shielding would a starship need for its human crew to safely fly through one of these things?
Besides several star clusters, emission, reflection and dark nebulae (including a few Bok globules), a supernova remnant, young stellar objects(YSOs), and a handful of background galaxies, this image also includes the star with the fastest known rotation rate, VFTS #102, and the “runaway” star 30 Dor #16 ejected from the massive cluster R 136 at the heart of the Tarantula Nebula! Zodiac is the name of four groups of fictional characters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics. The original Zodiac group debuts in the title the Avengers and is established as a criminal organization founded and funded by member Cornelius van Lunt (who adopts the identity of Taurus). Scorpio appears in the title Avengers, and after capturing the Avengers reveals to the heroes the entire Zodiac. The Zodiac reappear in the Avengers, with member Taurus attempting to extort local farmers for their land. In the title Avengers, van Lunt reunites the Zodiac (including recruiting a new Aries), and together they plan to attack New York City with a weapon called the Star Blazer. Zodiac member Aquarius appears in the third volume of title Ghost Rider, and after learning he has cancer attempts to make a bargain with a demon to save himself. A third, human version of the Zodiac briefly feature in the second volume of the title Alpha Flight. Several members of a mysterious fourth version of the Zodiac are mentioned in the title Young Avengers and appear in the fourth volume of the title New Warriors, and skirmish with heroes from the Initiative and New Warriors.
A solo character called Zodiac stars in a self-titled limited series as part of the Dark Reign storyline. Zodiac later makes plans for a series of impressive-sounding schemes to put into motion in the near future. It's considered to be the "planet of luck" that encourages thought and exploration - both in a sense of the self and the world around us!
It brings to mind the haunting colors of the planet's aurora displays as well as the hues associated with Aquarius and Pisces in the zodiac wheel - the two signs most associated with this mighty giant.

Those big cavities you see are where the light and fierce winds of subatomic particles blown from the stars are slamming onto the gas, pushing it outwards.
X-rays are emitted from extremely hot gas, and as you can see in the image inset here (click to embiggen) the cavities are filled with X-ray emitting material (colored blue in the image). This is pretty clearly a Stromgren sphere, where a very hot star has illuminated a nice spherical shell around itself. Now, after 22 years, Hubble is still running strong, still returning amazing science and beautiful pictures of the Universe around us. How very cool that there are humans clever enough to figure out how to observe it like this. The group's identity is based on the zodiac from the discipline astrology, with each member adopting the persona of a sign of the zodiac, being twelve in all. At this time Aries is team leader, and takes control of the Zodiac Key and acknowledges that Scorpio has redeemed himself for failing to kill Nick Fury.
Aquarius; Capricorn and Sagittarius attempt to destroy Stark Industries by contracting assassin Spymaster to kill Tony Stark, the alter ego of Iron Man. The group encounter the Avengers once again, and after a near defeat Aries attempts to stage a coup and take power from Taurus. Aquarius then attempts to take revenge on van Lunt, but the character's soul is claimed before he can do so. This android Zodiac features in the first West Coast Avengers Annual, and are employed by former Avenger Quicksilver (under the control of the villain Maximus) to battle the Avengers. Their leader also calls himself Scorpio, and wields a weapon reminiscent of the original Zodiac Key.
When Egghead II is the only one that has not left the group, Zodiac recruits him into his villain army. Clockwise: Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, Pieces, Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius, Aries, and Taurus.
The reason it’s so bright is that this stellar nursery is churning out thousands of stars, and some of them are the massive, hot, and blue type. The edges of the cavities are bright because that’s where gas piles up, and shines more brightly.
It has gas, dust, young stars, old stars, stars on the edge of exploding, stars that already have exploded.
The group members share leadership of the organization, with the position rotating just as the astrological zodiac changes. The Avengers are freed by fellow members Yellowjacket and the Wasp, and Scorpio is revealed to be Nick Fury in disguise. The title Daredevil features a plan by Zodiac (who are not revealed as the instigators until reappearing in Avengers) to cause civil unrest by inciting a street gang to violence in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The attempt fails, and Spymaster is contracted to capture Daredevil in revenge for his past interference.
Aided by Zodiac member Libra, the Avengers successfully capture the other eleven members of the Zodiac. The second Aries makes a brief appearance in the title Captain America, and is used and killed by the alien invader Lucifer. The origin of this version of the Zodiac is revealed in the second volume of the title West Coast Avengers.

Hired by Department H, a division of the Canadian military, to test Alpha Flight in battle, the group are murdered by mutant task force Weapon X.
The villain Zodiac claims to have murdered all the members of this group and made their heads into hunting trophies.
I was part of a group that got some of the first observations from Hubble, and it didn’t take me long to see they were out of focus. The second version (android) first appear in Defenders #49 (July 1977) and were created by David Kraft and Keith Giffen. When not united as a group, the members of Zodiac are all based in different cities throughout the United States. The villains flee, and Fury reveals that after learning that the original Scorpio was his brother, Jake Fury, he adopted the identity to draw out the other Zodiac members. The plan is stopped by Daredevil and Avenger the Black Panther, with the two characters then featuring in title Avengers with the rest of the team to prevent a full scale attack by Zodiac on Manhattan. Scorpio is resurrected in android form by the Zodiac Key once again, and summons the remainder of the human Zodiac to a meeting at which they are slaughtered by another android version of the entire group.
It was a long, long two years before we got more observations, during which there were Congressional hearings, media frenzies, mocking editorials and cartoons. The third version (human) first appear in the second volume of Alpha Flight and were created by Steven T. Dedicated to economic and political domination of the world, the group uses any means to accomplish this, including subversion; extortion and mass murder. The Zodiac members then use the Zodiac Key to capture Nick Fury and Iron Man, and take all four captives to the Ankh dimension, where they hope to recharge the artifact. After creating an android version of the Zodiac, Scorpio kidnaps hero Nighthawk, hoping to ransom the character as his alter ego is Kyle Richmond, a wealthy entrepreneur. Taurus escapes, and seeks the protection of the West Coast Avengers, who have a series of skirmishes with the androids until the false Zodiac are transported to the Ankh dimension, where they are deactivated. This plan fails, and the heroes defeat and capture the Zodiac members, although Spymaster escapes.
Taurus, who had vowed to surrender to authorities once the threat was over, attempted to escape and was killed in a plane crash during a struggle with Avenger Moon Knight.
It is eventually revealed that this was still the original villain, but resurrected in a life model decoy body by the Zodiac Key.
Member Gemini features in the Savage in the City storyline in the title Astonshing Tales, and allies with villain the Plunderer in an attempt to steal the super soldier serum (the same serum that empowers the character Captain America), but is defeated by jungle hero Ka-Zar. Discovering that three of his created Zodiac did not survive the process, a distraught Scorpio commits suicide. Taurus reappears in the title Iron Man, and orders the second Aquarius and third Aries to kill Iron Man (James Rhodes), but both are defeated and incarcerated.

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