I bought these for my 12 he grew out of his old one90s these are a really good pad for players that are learning to close there butterfly or who want to be able to change the pads as they go. By Customer Service on March 26, 2015Answer:The biggest difference between the two is the materials used.
The Bauer Supreme One.9 LE hockey skate is an anatomically correct fit that maximizes the skaters stride.
If you’re looking for a pair of Bauer One.9 senior ice hockey skates, you’ve come to the right place. They can endure all levels of stress you put on them – even if that means taking them to the ice 7 days a week.

Instead, you can direct all of your focus on the puck and the game – reaching your full potential on the ice.
On top of that, we guarantee shipment to our customers on the East Coast within 3 business days — you’ll be out on the ice improving your mechanics in no time! Bauer Hockey is the current leader in the hockey skate industry and the anticipation for the new Bauer One.9 Supreme LE hockey skate has been off the chart. We’ll listen to your specific situation and work quickly to match any of our competitors’ prices. If your skates aren’t comfortable and don’t provide the right level of protection and agility, you’ll end up spending more time thinking about your ankles and feet than the game.

When you shop at Hockey Plus, you can be confident knowing you’re getting the best deals, no questions asked.

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