The leg pads utilitze a unique "MyFLEX 2.0" system - molded flex inserts that fit into pre-formed channels inside the foam body of the pads. By inserting the desired flex insert into the channels both above and below the knee, the goalie can achieve up to 4 different flex configurations for a personalized fit. The inside calf padding features a 1" thick low density foam pillow which has been sewn on to the inside edge calf wrap.

The pad takes up any negative space between the leg and the pad for quicker pad response, and it provides exceptional comfort when going into the butterfly. The boot strap can be placed in two different locations on the inner boot scoop, and the calf straps are easily replaceable as well.
The thigh straps and buckles are made of nylon webbing, and these can be moved to different strap locations both at and above the knee.

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