Remember when being irresistible to men that one of the most important qualities you can posses is confidence without being cocky. It's on the cover of every woman's magazine, splashed over television and women's programming and of course, on the Internet as well. Dont look for everyone else in the room to boost you up and make you feel good about yourself.
Many women go to great lengths to feel fabulous for men and don't realize that they become difficult to approach and even intimidating.
Nothing is more attractive than a woman who's willing to step out of her comfort zone and try something a little different.

If things don't go your way or you're upset, just say what you need to say and then let it go. Take time to learn the art of flirting and then try it out the next time you are at a party or social gathering.
It's ok to be assertive and to know what you want, but another thing to try to control someone else. Allow yourself to be yourself and have fun and it will show through as true happiness and confidence which attracts men. You want to be approachable, not intimidating but you want to show that you know very well what a beautiful, sexy and confident woman you are.

Besides, even if you manage to fool him, why do you want to be with a guy who thinks he's with someone else? Don't fish for compliments from your man but show that you know what a great woman you are. They don't want to be around the woman who's moping in the corner or complaining the whole night through.

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