Here are 95 Beautiful Photoshop Website Templates that will help you to get started or inspired for a beautiful website. Molecule is a highly customisable theme that can be used for both personal and business websites. Universe is a clean unique news and magazine psd template include 15 PSD Files designed especially for you, It’s perfect for online magazines and personal blog as well. Shoploop is a modern and clean eCommerce PSD Template, it serve the purpose of all eCommerce websites since it’s full package.
Simplity is a simple but effective PSD theme with 7 pages and 2 color options (light and dark) making 14 PSD files in total.
Based on Bootstrap’s 12 column 1170px responsive grid, which is included in each PSD as layer and guides.
Adeline is elegant, clean and modern unique PSD theme that can be used for any kind of websites, from business, design studios, agencies, corporations to personal website. They are all layered and well organized in folder for easier use.Photos in the preview image are used just for display and are not included. This template is ideal for real estate companies that want to expand their business online, fully editable and customizable, organized, grouped and named layers. SkyDream is a perfect Premium PSD Template for your business, a creative agency or a portfolio! Smarty is a unique professional template, it comes with 15 PSD Files that can be used both for personal or business websites. Assez is a pretty and a classic 17 PSDs template including 6 colour options, 4 homepage slider styles based on 960 grid system. This stylish and minimal v-card template comes in three (3) different and versatile themes. Shante is a multi-purpose template ideal for Application development firms, With 4 color options (pink, green, blue and orange) and in 960 grid based.
Simplemente is a multipurpose template for corporations that are seeking a unique online presence, comes equipped with a slider and a trendy footer. Jungle is a clean Unique Multi Purpose PSD Template include 21 PSD Files designed especially for you, It’s perfect for personal portfolios as well. This is a website that allow users to create their own , with graphis, text and personal images. Spank is the perfect portfolio template to showcase your work, whether you are an artist, designer or craftsmen. This is a website that allow users to create their own T-Shirt, with graphis, text and personal images. Wealthz is a creative portfolio 17 PSDs template, With 4 homepage options, and in 960 grid based. Lil’Birds—multipurpose PSD Template for displaying gallery, portfolios, boutique, but it would suit for any art, craft or creative website. William Davis vCard PSD Template is clean, modern, unique and easy to customize psd template.This Personal Virtual Business Card can be used by developers, coders, designers, managers, etc. Sync is a minimalistic portfolio theme design for creatives who want to showcase their work along with social media from Instagram and Dribbble. Litho is a fullscreen portfolio theme design for visual enthusiasts who want to showcase their work in an eye-catching way. The design is inspiered by online gaming sites but can be used for presenting any other type of fabulous content. Centindu – clean and modern PSD Template good for your business and creative portfolio sites. Fact is a portfolio theme design for creative professionals who want to display their work in a bold fashion. A very minimalistic template for portfolio purposes, but, with some modifications, can be used for anything else. Eudora is a very clean and modern business oriented PSD template that you can use for your portfolio.
BlackBlue is a creative portfolio 11 PSDs template, With 3 homepage slider options, and in 960 grid based. This is a functional, clean, modern and easy to customize psd template with several design options and variations. Modern, clean and elegant PSD theme perfect for a restaurant, steakhouse, bar, bistro, cafe as well as any other type of business. Plenius template for Business Companies is great structured so you can easily move any blocks, fix text etc. Business News is a simple and clean professional template suitable for magazine or news portal.19 PSD files included! Seventy is a Corporate Portfolio PSD Template, But it’s also for multi-purpose use.
Pixmania is a photography template which provides a great way to show off your portfolio in form of photography or just regular art.
A beautiful and sweet theme for Cake Shops, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Shops or any other food related business (or any other business.
NOVUS a theme that combines minimal and perfect grid design with functionality and usability.1.

Modern clean Restaurant PSD template, With 10 PSD files, It’s a template for restaurant, food, recipe business for your own restaurant, shop.
Venus is a PSD template designed specifically for Spa, Health & Beauty related Businesses. Eloupps is a very clean and modern business oriented PSD template that you can use for your portfolio. This template is modern and very clean mixed with the a bit of retro style bringing together the old style with the modern.It is very organized in to groups and layers easy to export for developers.
It's a blog for graphic designer and front-end developer where i share cool new things in graphic & web design and development.
Well, you can take a shortcut in making your own website by downloading some of the free PSD (Photoshop Document) templates on the web.
Here we are sharing with you some free and premium PSD website templates that you can use for your projects.
Wattfolio psd website template is composed of 5 layered well organized PSD that can be used best for personal portfolio. This is a professional WordPress magazine theme template in that can be used as a coded WP CMS news theme for your next magazine blog.
The website design is a creative grunge style PSD template that can be sliced and coded for your cafe and restaurant websites. This template is a clean magazine style theme psd template that can be used in making WP design blog or magazine blog.
This PSD file comes with Photoshop full layers in folders, so you can make any necessary adjustments to your design needs. Sleeko is a clean and beautiful psd website template that you can use to create a single page professional website. Jillz Theme is a professional blog and business psd website template that you can use to make wordpress theme.
Granight is a PSD Web Template, where subtle textures and high contrast really lend their power to make your website stand out. Vision Design is design creative PSD template which is ideal as it is for business site and for the portfolio.
This Photoshop design is simple and suited to a site that is going to have beautiful photography. This is an easy modern to customize psd template, can be used in portfolios, companies or agencies, its clean and modern. This template is a PSD & editable Png file which can be used to create a Business Site.
These PSD files are fully layered and layers are well named and organized within folders to make them easily accessible and the PSDs easy to use. Corvius is simple, modern and unique template designed for business purpose, but can be used for anything. Through this tutorial, you will be able to design a professional, clean, elegant and simple minimalist web layout. This tutorial will tech you how to create a web layout with a sleek and modern look using Adobe Photoshop. In this tutorial we’re going to put together a quick, simple but effective layout and then create variations using backgrounds, photos and patterns. Put together a high-end Web design using a crisp, thin font, gorgeous background images, and clever use of space and layout. Nice collection of PSD web templates, a lot of them are excellent quality worthy of paying for. Most of these HTML5 Templates are free; you can use these to build your websites or to analyze HTML5 structure to develop more beautiful and usable website templates. HTML5 is the latest hot favorite web markup language for the web developers and it is another stepping stone to make the web experience more enjoyable and beautiful.
In this article we share cool jquery website templates with cool jquery slider and other jquery effect. HTML5 and CSS3 is one of the hottest topics of this year because they have so many interesting features that make your work or website more stylish and creative. In this post, we share with you cool and free HTML5 and CSS3 templates and we hope you will find them inspiring as well as useful.
Scroll through our wonderful collection and be inspired to create more attractive, trendy and stylish website or designs by means of these HTML5 and CSS3 templates. All of the files are grouped and named accordingly to make customization extremely simple, just like the theme.There are 2 different home pages which feature 2 different overlays for portfolio posts and 2 different sliders. It is best used for business and corporate websites or even for a personal portfolio as well. All PSD files are well-organized and layered so it’s very easy to change any detail. It’s clean Swiss style design is timeless, comes in a light and dark colour scheme, and is very simple to customise. This template is best suited for dealers, who need to do their business online via websites. Template has a clean & stylish layout designed to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site.

It has a perfect integration of all features that your website should have and all of them designed in simple and clear style.
You’ll find it incredibly easy to add what you want, how you want, and when you want. The PSD files were made in Adobe Photoshop CS3 , and should run in any other Photoshop version.
Comes with 9 Uniquely designed PSD files all of them fully layered and editable, properly named and organized into folders. This way, you don’t have to design the appearance of the website from scratch but only make some minor adjustments on the header, footer, navigation and etc. The template comes as a fully editable homepage design in Photoshop format with each section of the design organized in named folders. Each section of the source template is organized in named folders to help you make necessary changes to fit your your design need. The design is carefully crafted with cool yet crisp colors and design elements for your perfect ecommerce shopping cart website.
It does not have fancy layout and complex colors.  It is structured to the point with bold typography, and exhibits clean and simple design style.
It is clean and simple and will work for a great range of projects and applications from a corporate business site through to a designer or photography portfolio, or even a technology company such as a development agency. Designed in Photoshop with a modern look, its perfect for personal portfolios or creative agencies but can be used in any form. PSD files are well organized with shape layers for easy to change all elements of the design. With its unique combination of modern and rustical design it is suitable for every cozy, old stylish family restaurant as well as modern cafe. The main layout is based on the popular open source e-commerce system OpenCart and it’s features.
You’re going to build out a set of 4 PSD mockups of a website that eventually will become a WordPress theme. We’ll also look at how to make seamless tiled backgrounds out of a photo, methods for ending a single photo and simple ways to create pixel patterns.
These services companies do not just believe in beautifying the websites in terms of vibrant colors, fonts and graphics, rather they presume that the website have to be functional and that they should also be able to perform well and get the end result of fetching more customers to get business. These Template also fit for business corporate, portfolio, hosting, real estate, shopping  etc. HTML5 and CSS3 templates are very famous nowadays because they make your work easier as well as save your time. It is based on a 960 GS by Nathan Smith which is included as a layer and guides in Photoshop files. Ideal for photographers or artists who would like to spread their work on the Internet, hoping to receive comments or likes. Ideal for Hotels, but also can be very usefull for Spa & Wellnes, Tourist and Travel Business, Restaurants, even Insurance companies or Banks. Thus, you will have lots of time to code the HTML and CSS that will eventually control the positions and other elements of your website. Also, at the end, you will find some tutorials to help you make a PSD website template on your own, if you want to, and also some that you will help you with converting your PSD file into HMTL. Template is based on 960 grid system and provided with all necessary predesigned elements such as buttons, icons, separators, etc. The theme will be soon available as HTML template and heavily modified custom Opencart theme. In my personal life I spend time on photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.
For your business, it is necessary that your website should be up to date with the latest trend of the internet market and for that purpose; we have gathered some fresh and free HTML5 and CSS3 templates. Theme was made in Adobe Photoshop CS5 .There are four fonts used in this theme, which are all downloaded from google web fonts.
PSD files are well organized and named accordingly so its very easy to change any and all of the design.
After that, to make your design into something functional, will have to control your layout using HTML and CSS. That implies a great deal of time working on colors, textures, fonts, images and positioning in itself. Also using more specific solutions, such as themes with a portfolio style for WordPress, is a good way to set up an online portfolio.
A lot of creative artist does also use full screen website templates to build  cool online presentations.

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