In the 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, experts around the world provide authoritative coverage of the growing body of knowledge about ways to restore the planet. There is no shortage of information about environmental problems and no dearth of people calling themselves experts on sustainability. The Encyclopedia of Sustainability is a central resource for major universities as well as for regional high schools, small public libraries, community colleges, local government offices - and thus the starting point for a wide range of student research, expert cross-education, public presentation, and program planning.
The global range of coverage in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability makes it an exceptional tool for businesses focused on green opportunities around the world. Educators, researchers, and professionals in a number of sustainability-related fields should also keep an eye on the forthcoming Berkshire Essentials series. The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is extensively illustrated from museum and library archives and a wide variety of other sources, including the extensive collection of photographer and Chinese art specialist Joan Lebold Cohen. With its coverage of environmental issues, global economics, online communications, and the latest political developments, the five-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is truly a 21st-century work. Currently Lecturer in Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Management of Energy Sources, University of Salerno. Director of the Department of Business Studies and Management Research, Faculty of Economics, University of Salerno from 1996 to 2008. In our first podcast, publisher Karen Christensen talks to Kerry Brown, Editor in Chief of the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography (DCB), about how they started such a massive, ambitious project – the first of its kind in over a century!
While we’re busy finalizing a Berkshire Essential called Women and Leadership, I want to share something that Berkshire Publishing staffer Kara Lozier posted from Afghanistan, where she worked for two months this spring. The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography (1979-2015) provides a riveting new way to understand twenty-first-century China and a personal look at the changes that have taken place since the Reform and Opening Up era started in 1979. The authors map the paths taken by these individuals—some rocky, some meandering, some fateful—and in telling their stories give contemporary Chinese history a human face.

Like previous volumes of the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, this volume includes a range of appendices, including a pronunciation guide, a bibliography, and a timeline of key events.
Focused on solutions, this interdisciplinary print and online publication draws from the natural, physical, and social sciences - geophysics, engineering, and resource management, to name a few - and from philosophy and religion. In fact, there is all too much information, and strident voices with opposing claims and frightening predictions. Articles in the encyclopedia can also be purchased or licensed individually for use in classrooms and on company intranets, as background material in reports across disciplines, or in professional databases devoted to corporate training.
Berkshire takes readers beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (often maligned for having ulterior motives) to look at the biological, technical, and social challenges that need redirection in public policy, business enterprise, and scientific innovation. Each topic-specific book gathers articles that appeared within the volumes of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability - about environmental law or energy industries worldwide, for instance - to provide concentrated and custom-tailored coverage. While these volumes include many articles about China's earliest history - going back more than 5,000 years - the Encyclopedia of China is focused on the events, concepts, and people that matter today. Kara handles customer service for Berkshire Publishing, and working here is a great fit because her real passion is international education. One hundred key individuals from this period were selected by an international group of experts, and the stories were written by more than 70 authors in 14 countries. The editors have included—with the advice of myriad experts around the world—not only the life stories of politicians and government officials, who play a crucial role in the development of the country, but the stories of cultural figures including, film directors, activists, writers, and entrepreneurs from the mainland China, Hong Kong, and also from Taiwan. It is often contradictory, sometimes fractious, and always full of creative human complexity. The result is a unified, organized, and peer-reviewed resource on sustainability that connects academic research to real-world challenges and provides a balanced, trustworthy perspective on global environmental issues in the 21st century.
Now, however, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability solves the problem of information overload.

The authors of its 800 accessibly written and lavishly illustrated articles, which range from 600 to 6,000 words, are scholars at major Chinese and Western universities and research institutes.
The ten-volume set includes concise overviews from experts on an array of sustainability-related topics, compiled into thematic volumes.
Article titles appear in English and in Chinese with pinyin transliterations and tones to help those studying the language, while primary text sidebars add historical perspective. 1996 (NYU School of Law); attorney at law (1992), is the head of International Affairs Division in the Federal Office for the Environment and he is Switzerland’s lead negotiator and head of delegation in international environmental negotiations.
The reader will find solid research data, thorough analyses, and jargon-free discussion, effectively transforming a fast-developing research domain. McNeill, and contributions from leading scholars including Daniel Bell, Kerry Brown, John Howkins, Guo Liang, Cheng Li, Colin Mackerras, Jennifer Turner, and Nick Young. The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China provides unrivaled insight into China’s past, present, and future. Some figures come in for trenchant criticism, and others are celebrated with a sense of wonder and awe.
In addition, Franz Perrez teaches international environmental law at the University of Bern School of law.

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