Here’s a harsh truth for all of the Instagramming, bathroom-selfie-taking, Snapchatting guys out there who have their cameraphone glued to their hands like a teenage girl: not all pictures are created equal. Obviously this methodology is imperfect, but at least it gives you a baseline from which you can optimize your pictures.
If you’re using another website or you don’t want to spend the time waiting for My Best Face to process your pictures (it doesn’t happen overnight, folks), I’m here to break down some of my shots and why they did (or didn’t) score very well so you don’t have to find a working photo-ranking website. There’s nothing creative, outdoorsy, adventurous, romantic or any of the other qualities that makes a top notch photo which you’ll see at the end.
While beautiful women do like to see you having fun with other beautiful women, there is a right way and a wrong way to express that in a picture.
Given what we know from the first shot, we can immediately identify a few problems with this picture.
Women are the experts as framing their face and cleavage well in a shot, concealing any insecurities they might have about the rest of their body.
Now that I know what women in the online dating community expect out of me, it’s easier and faster to pick good profile pictures in the future.
I know that women appreciate seeing me have fun with other people, but not if it raises their sleaze flags.
The important thing to remember here is that just because you think a photo looks nice doesn’t mean women will agree with you. Overview: Cupid is one of the many niche online dating websites owned and run by Cupid Plc.
Overview: Plenty of Fish (POF) was founded in 2003 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by Markus Frind.

A common issue with a smaller country population wise such as New Zealand is finding a dating site that has enough local members. What I’m talking about is something far worse than making a simple mistake that will fail you in photography class: I’m talking about choosing a picture for your online dating profile that turns women OFF. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some kind of service or app that could figure it out for you so you don’t have to spend weeks testing it out and missing out on those beautiful girls? OK Cupid puts them next to pictures of other users and shows the sets to women on the site. Based solely on the picture, with no other information provided, I got a whopping SEVENTY-SEVEN PERCENT approval rating. If it’s meant to show your personality, all it shows is that your personality is blank as a white wall. Only a minority of women are attracted to the “club guy,” and that’s what this picture looks like. The picture does receive some bonus points because it suggests that I’m a man of importance who can be called in front of a crowd, but on the whole it fails because I’m not clearly discernible. And I know that women want to see me doing something interesting or exciting that shows off my hobbies, talents, and personality. They are peculiar and picky creatures, but if you give them what they want, they’ll reward you handsomely. The Cupid Plc dating network of websites has more than 54 million users all over the world. We reviewed the topNew Zealand dating sites to provide singles with honest and factual information they need to make an educated decision about where to sign up.

Please fill out the comment section at the bottom of each review and provide a rating under our overall score.
Yes, your photo should focus on you, and on many sites you can be banned for using photos that don’t, but if you’re the only focal point, you’d better hope you have six-pack abs, baby blue eyes, and a smile that could set fire to a nun’s panties. To the rest of the female world, pictures of you in a club with beautiful women cropped out only serve to make you look like a player, not like a cool guy who knows a lot of women.
She has no idea who she is supposed to be looking at, and because the picture is both crowded and small, my face and physique are nor clearly defined.
Just changing out my profile picture to one that had been scientifically and empirically shown to be more attractive to women got me a HUGE increase in women responding to our test profiles. I’m not talking about pictures that look like the product of a parent letting a toddler play with their phone. OK Cupid collects the information, sends it your way, and you find out which one got more “yes” votes. I’m not even talking about the fact that you’re the master of the red-eye photo (okay, maybe a little).
But women in America have also been conditioned to look at Paris as the City of Love, and an image that clearly shows you there automatically implants romantic thoughts in her mind. The problem is that this is the kind of picture that PUAs like me use to attract new clients.

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