Whether you are planning to build a website for a travel company or a blog about your travels, having an attractive and easy-to-customize website template is very much welcome. To download and know more about each template, just click on the preview image and it will take you to the source page where you can test the template via a live demonstration.
A website templates for a tourism-themed website or for a travel agency and even for travel blog. This Free Travel Agency Website Template is ideal solution for travel agency website or tourism website development. A simple WordPress theme featuring a two-column layout with header specifically designed for a travel blog or website. This theme is compatible with latest WordPress versions, ready for threaded comments and tested on various major web browsers. This travel theme is compatible with latest WordPress versions, ready for threaded comments and tested on various major web browsers. This travel-themed template is compatible with latest WordPress versions and of course, backward compatible.
This Caribbean travel template is compatible with latest WordPress versions and of course, backward compatible.
This is a high quality  design template for blogger featuring two columns, right sidebar, vector design style, etc.
Very high quality design template fort Joomla 1.5 Version featuring 3 columns, nice top header banner, right Sidebars, etc. The source page also has the link to download the template , find instructions, licensing and other important details about the design.

It features a three-column layout to showcase different destinations and services being offered. You can get this free website template in two ways: with PSD source files included and without them. The amazing snowy background image and the soft blue colors mixed with the cool menu bar and content sections, just make this design look so clean. However you may also use it for travel blog and other websites related to travel, vacation and tours. It features a simple layout but has many options to showcase photos of tourist destinations or facilities of a resort. Comes with one column, Jquery technology, top header dynamic menu, silver gray background and a blog style layout. With the cool search form in the corner and the featured sections at the bottom, this template would fit right into any agencies plans. For better usability we integrated two nice functions into this theme – PageNavi and Quotable Commentary! Compatible with latest WordPress versions, this template is packed with threaded comments and all major browser-tested. Besides the integration of widely used function PageNavi, we add a brand new function to this theme – Quotable Commentary! Coming with threaded comments and a couple of other useful settings and tested on major web browsers. Here, you can use all of the templates (currently at 77 themes) by only paying a membership fee of $39.

Search more Hollywood Movies high Definition 1080p, 720p, Quality Free HD wallpapers, Widescreen Backgrounds, 3D Pictures, Computer Desktops, Mobile Wallpapers and Photos Images. If you need only HTML source files, download them from this post (just click on the image above and save the ZIP file). This template has a search form and lots of room for your travel content.Source files include PSD, XHTML, CSS and fonts. Ready for AdSense (placed between first and second post to get best click value.) You can replace the example with your own code from Google. With this function you can select any part of the article, quote it and reply, by just one click!This theme is also ready for ads.
Just add some Modules and plugins to make this Joomla website more attractive and flexible. To get the full package with PSD source files included visit the Template Monster Free Travel Website Template download page and type an email address that you want the free template package to be delivered to (make sure to un-check the newsletter subscription check box in case you’re already subscribed). You can replace the example picture, which is at the top of sidebar, with your own code from Google.

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