Anyway, I figured that perhaps its time to enlighten the masses on where exactly to find other people like ourselves.
I went to a poetry slam this past evening and as I looked over the crowd of mostly 20 – to 30-something pseudo professionals and professional college students I realized that this crowd is the very one that would more than likely read. I don’t know why the reading set loves Chrisette Michele and Bilal so much but they do.
This is public service week here at VSB, for those of you who know the very people everybody else is looking to meet, where is the best place to find people who read? I went to a Barnes & Noble on a Friday one time (I think I was just killing time before meeting a friend in Union Square) and there were mad intelligent-looking ninjas in there. Yeah, that was a huge lesson for me way back then (gotta love college for its life lessons). It was awesome… The Dude had just rolled into town and was mad tired but there was no way we were going to miss it… and the tickets were just $20 a pop! Agreed… I was able to meet up with a mostly black biking club by meeting another biker (black) on the trail! Speaking of meeting a like-minded VSS, Miss Patterson is coming to DC next weekend (oct 1-3) to work, play, and party.

While that might be a hyperbolic statement, one of the reasons that so many people venture here daily is that we’ve amassed a community of likeminded individuals with common interests and an unbridled belief in education.
Sure that sounds pretentious, but that Bishop Eddie Long (still trying to decide if I want to write about that) story sounds like a straight up shakedown to me but that doesn’t stop CNN from running with it. You see, like him or not, Kanye is the representative for our generation, whatever generation it is. He used to ship his frito to Tito in the District, but shipping prices increased so he moved there to save money. I was ticked I had to go meet up with my friend to do the standard lounge night instead of just hanging in there. I NEVER comment but I have to know who raps that song because those lyrics are funny as hell! We all judge books by their covers and how do you know somebody is like you unless you spend actual time talking to them and hanging. It’s like watching a piranha trying to play with a porcupine after a hurricane in August 2005 after the levees break. When he's not saving humanity with his words or making music with his mouth, you can find him at your mama's mama's house drinking her fine liquors.

I know he had substance and whatnot, but it’s just something about Lyfe that I cannot get with.
Also, very off topic, but I thought about Reading Rainbow when I saw reading ninjas in the tags.
Lol But question why did thrift shopping suck when you were a kid but it’s the bomb now?
Poetry slams are rife with people who are full of contradictions since by definition the best poets are the ones who are self aware enough to be able to analyze themselves honestly and openly. He dresses like a 12 year old little girl who wants to be a little boy but makes good music. Unfortunately Maxwell thinks he’s a martian so he only comes out on Tuesdays and off months. It’s a dichotomy that only Bill Clinton and Tupac Shakur could fully understand and embrace.

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