For those of you that don’t know, Mistresses is a thrilling drama about the scandalous lives of a sassy group of 4 friends, each on their own journey to self-discovery.
During our trip, we had the opportunity to meet with Roemehl Hawkins, the costume designer for Mistresses. The season finale of the first season was SO intense, I literally couldn’t handle it. After screening the finale of season 1 and the season 2 premiere, we actually got to go on a set tour with…. The cast of Mistresses will be live tweeting during the premiere, so you don’t want to miss it! Overall we got a pretty good premier here that is sure to lead into a twisting and turning season as this is to be the penultimate season of Dexter’s run. Christopher is self-billed as the World's Coolest Nerd (meaning he wears glasses and is clumsy, but he never earned good marks in school). SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 27,Smart Kid, Can't Read: Reading Expert Offers Sage Advice for Parents and Others Entrusted with Helping Children Who Struggle to Read Dr. There’s something about the beautiful Bud Light girls that promote our favorite beer in your local bar. You’ll have to make sure that every guy who sees you wants to drink a cool, refreshing Bud Light, and every girl who sees you wants to be just like you someday. These women find support, love, guidance and trust with each other as they are bound by the complex relationships they’ve created. It’s about friendship, love, betrayal, and the choices they make towards a better future. It was so fun chatting with her and we also got to see the outfits she put together for the premiere. My friend Dusty of As Mom Sees It was sitting next to me and she thought I was going to pass out because of how I was reacting. Deb is in such a state of shock that she initially buys Dexter’s explanation for killing Marshall and even helps Dex set up the scene to appear to be a suicide.

Her constant poking and prodding of Dexter throughout the episode only serves to unnerve him even more. He loves all things Star Wars and superhero related such as comics, books, cartoons and movies.
Here you can stay up to date on all the latest news, reviews, articles & information across all mediums from games to action figures. Becoming a Bud Light girl, one of the highest honors that any hot chick can achieve, is not for the faint at heart.
I didn’t think there could really be more to the show, so I was interested and curious to see what it was really about. The characters are each so different from each other, that they provide a nice balance a group of friends should have.
I will say that Mistresses is not a great title for it because none of them ARE Mistresses, lol – kind of like the other unfortunately-named show Cougar Town.
While watching this I was thinking, come one, Deb is way too smart to fall for Dex’s shaky explanations. Fair warning though Dexter writers, I’m pretty good at calling plots before they happen, so please try your best to keep me on my toes. He's a husband and father who somehow manages to keep up with his pastimes since his day job mainly consists of sitting around a store with not much to do. You’ll have to wear skimpy clothes, drink a ton of Bud Light, and pass out cheesy Bud Light Merch. We were able to watch the entire season 1 before our trip, and let me tell you that I got hooked after just the first episode!
The choices they make end in very serious consequences, but they learn to take responsibility for those choices.
I really loved all of the outfits she put together and I would personally style ALL of them, each for a different occasion.
You get to follow along the journeys of these four girls with this premiere and see the direction that the season is going in, which I think is great.

He's very outspoken and wants to share his opinions with the world, or at least his fellow nerds. I was even more excited about it after watching season 1 and could not wait to see what happens in season 2– premiering today at 10pm ET on ABC!
Their lives are really changed by these choices, so it’s nice to see how it all plays out during the season. My friend Choya had been ranting and raving about him all the while we were there, tweeting him back and forth, and then they had the most perfect meet and greet, it was super cute! Serving up this week a Russian mobster who killed a stripper and then a Good Samaritan in Mike Anderson. The leather jacket April wears is fabulous, the red dress that Karen styles is classic, and the black lace dress Savi wears is elegant. Jason George is actually a dad of twins and is happily married, so we loved learning more about his take on his character in the show. Earlier in the episode LaGuerta finds the blood slide Dexter took of Travis Marshall at the church, a blood slide Dexter lost in the hurry to cover up his kill.
LaGuerta is sure to be hot on Dexter’s heels never being fully convinced that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Once he grabs his prey he wheels him to a conveniently closed unclaimed luggage storage room.
After the kill Dexter secrets the body out of the airport using a convenient surf board bag.
I believe that Dexter will need Debra to help him dodge LaGuerta this season, but that’s just my opinion on how I think this season will play out.

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