With the growing popularity of the Internet as a medium that can help you grow your business with small investment, now everybody is interested in retaining traffic on their website because it is important to make profits. We are listing some of the best website design ideas that can not only increase traffic to your website, but can also increase the time visitors spend on your site. You should try to minimize sleazy elements on your website as they can affect the browser performance of your visitors. Some of the best website design ideas incorporate shortcuts to specific websites thereby reducing the amount of clicking required to reach the specific page. The World Cup is currently taking place in South Africa and people all over the world are glued to television sets at home, in bars and in town squares, to watch their country play. The World Cup is actually everywhere one looks – all over TV, the Internet and even supermarket products. A lot of interesting graphic design is coming out of the World Cup, so we’ve put together a compilation of some of the best designed World Cup 2010 websites. Drop us a comment and let us know which of these websites you like the best, and if you know of any other inspirational World Cup sites ones that we may have missed. EA Sports has a fantastic website to promote its new Fifa South Africa World Cup game on game consoles.
ITV has a really nice looking site providing live coverage of games, photos from matches and  scores.
The Sky Sports World Cup website has tons of information about the World Cup, and has a really nice background featuring some of the best football players of all time. Budweiser have a slick looking site where football fans can predict game scores and win prizes. This is the official Fifa website which features every last bit of information about the South Africa 2010 World Cup. A really nicely designed site with lots of information about all the football stadiums in South Africa, match schedules and travel information.

SBO Bet has a really well designed old school style site for their World Cup betting minisite.
Carlsberg has gone the extra mile and made a really great looking football site for England fans who love football, oh and of course Carlsberg. Carlsberg also has another minisite called 100% Football where fans can play games, get info and watch TV. Sense South Africa is a website that allows you to explore South Africa through touch, taste, sights, scents and sounds. Quite a mix of colors, but very well executed… Africa Budget Safaris allows users to find the perfect tour with heavy discounts. WDD staff are proud to be able to bring you this daily blog about web design and development.
Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! Six interactive minigames, and many interactive content and fun information about milk benefits.
For a business, online presence has become important today due to the Internet and allows you to have a wider reach. Analyzing your competition is the first step to figuring out what type of layout works best for your website.
When you’re starting out with your first Web site, you typically have no idea how to get traffic. However, many websites are not visually pleasant, and are loaded with features that irritate online visitors and they click off the moment they log onto such websites. Visitors are interested in the content of your website; a good design can be an added advantage for you. For instance, avoid automatic scrolling of text, audio loading, and animated gifs so that your visitors are in control on your website.

Though many people feel that visitors may get impressed with this feature, but in reality most of them get annoyed and may leave your site immediately. Aside from this menu should be included in all web pages to make the navigation process easy. We run usability tests for all the mini games, we got very interesting feedback especially from the eyetracking sessions.
Websites are inexpensive marketing tools to promote your businesses and provide customers avenues for purchasing your products and services. You may choose a professional Web designer or company and discuss your needs and select a proper layout and content that is appropriate to your business.
To run a DIY competitive website analysis, you’ll need to start checking out your competition through search engines and social networks, start taking notes of what’s working for them and what isn’t, and take plenty of screenshots to have on hand as examples. Try to restrict the advertisements on your website because large numbers of them create navigation issues for the visitors. Moreover, too much of pictures, and audio will tick off visitors that have Internet connections at slow speed.
You should also include your contact details on each and every page to enable visitors in getting touch with you without any problem. Andy freelances through his own design studio Authentic, and also co-founded a lightning fast UK hosting company called Pixeno.
They can get the detailed information about who you are, what you do, tenure in the market, your clients, etc..
Make sure the website has the right tools for navigation, graphics, photos, usability, etc.

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